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Every day is a wonderful day to be living in. Each day is unlike any other day that has ever been known. The closest era that you could say that we have ever had to this era is the first appearance of the expanded self-recognition of the highest human personality in Man -- "Perfected Man". It is a man unlike any other man that creation has ever known. It manifested not only the expanded self-recognition of the highest human personality humanity has known; but It also manifested the fullness of what God, or the Universal, is in Itself. Today we are beginning to have glimpses of another form of man who is the fullness of all that God, or the Universal, is. We are beginning to see another man appear in this day as the manifestation of the Truth or the Word. However, this man is not simply "Perfected Man"; this man is "Spiritual Man".

The self-aware and introspective Man (Perfected Man) is a man who finally possesses the capacity to realize that he is the fullness of the Universal in Individual form. Today we are beginning to awaken to the reality of the fullness of the Universal that is manifested in each of us. Some people misunderstand what is being said today, and they say, "Many preachers of the new thought movement and some others are running all over the country telling people that we are God". The truth is that, physically, we are nothing in ourselves, simply points of operation. However, we have within us the substance, the being, the essence and the expression of all that the Universal is, but we are not all there is of the Universal. Consider the ocean, which from the point of view of a thimble seems infinite. You can take and fill that thimble with water from the ocean, and in that thimble you have, in miniature, all that the ocean is. Its substance is the same in like and kind as the ocean, you have the chemicals, and you have the elements. The essence of the ocean is in that thimble, but that thimble, with the substance that it contains, is not all that is the ocean. It is the Microcosm to the Macrocosm.

I am not saying that as "Individuals" we are the almighty which has created the Universe. That is not the point at all. What I am saying is, we are Individualizations or reflections of the Universal in the sense that everything that It is, Its very substance, Its life, Its nature, Its character, everything that It is, is now reflected in us and emanating from our being. We are beginning to see the Universal with the Spiritual eyes within us, rather than from a human, external carnal understanding of the Universal that had previously been accepted. We are not the Infinite and we are not the Creator we are manifestations of the Universal Mind. We are the Spiritual self expression which is the very essence of the Universal Mind's recognition of itself.

The book of Revelation, as you may well know, is a revelation of the Universal. If you want to understand not only the book of Revelation, but the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, you have to understand that it is a revelation of the Universal in all things, not just the end book of Revelation, but the beginning, middle and end. From Genesis to Revelation, the whole book is about, Creation, the unveiling of the Life-In-Itself, which is also the unveiling of the true nature of Man. Now if you want to really have an understanding and an unveiling of the Universal Mind, you have to know where It is to be found. If you never discover where It is to be found, where It has Its essence, you will never be able to grasp what the simple Truth of Life is all about. You will end up basing your understand on a carnal conception of spiritual things. If you want to have an unveiling of the Unity of the Spirit and the Universal Mind, you have to know where It is.

It is dwelling "in" US. It is not some distant external God. We have to give up this idea of such a limited concept of that humanized God. You see, Christianity has taken the essence of God and reduced it to a single Man and they worship Him, and they sing songs to Him, and there is nothing wrong with that in their minds. But they have lifted their Jesus up in their consciousness to the level of an idol, and worship Him as a graven image up on the cross, not really even knowing what He represented, and what this Life is all about. They put Jesus in a manger at Christmas time and they put Him on a cross at Passover and they resurrect Him at Easter. They sing to Him and they worship Him, and everything that they do is external.

They have to realize that they must give up that Jesus, not what He represented, but the concept that He is something that we are not. You must give up the concept that Jesus is something to be worshiped separate and apart from who and what you are, because that whole message was, I have come to show you that you also experience the same life that flows through me.

The message and revelation of the Universal, from Genesis to Revelation is that same Truth, that same essence of being that is expressed in the Universal, is also expressed in the Individual. And you see, that's why the story says, "I have to go away". The disciples were told, "It is expedient, it is necessary, and it is absolutely mandatory for me to go away". Yet the concept in the Jewish mind was that when the Messiah comes, he would "destroy" all of their "enemies". He would set up His Kingdom on the earth, and we would all live happily ever after. That was the main reason the Jesus story was rejected by the Jewish people, because the Life-In-Itself cannot act against itself in any manner, and thus would not (could not) "destroy" anyone.

The story proclaims, I have not come to condemn; I have come to "give" you life. I have not come to condemn the sinner; I am here to make them realize that they too have this Life within them. So to really have an unveiling of this Truth, we have to have our concepts changed as drastically as the Jewish people did when this Messiah would not crush their enemies, because that old carnal understanding is bound by its ignorance of the Law.

Just as the Jews were waiting for a Messiah to come and destroy all of their enemies and set up His kingdom on the earth, most Christians today are waiting for the same thing to happen again, because they say, "There is this great day of His second coming. When He will come He will hold all of His good people up, and pour out His judgments on the sinners, and then He will "destroy" all of our "enemies". He will set up His kingdom in Jerusalem on the earth, and all of us will live happily every after." It didn't happen for the Jews and it won't happen for the Christians. You see, they've lost sight - the overwhelming majority of Christendom has never really had a great insight into the purpose of the Jesus story, and its teachings. Judgment and damnation and evil of any sort exist only in the minds of man, and have no source in the Spirit. That which is the source of the Life cannot also be the source of death lest all should perish, and there be a stalemate of the two opposing forces. Thus that which is the Life-In-Itself knows no death, and so, creates no death; this is entirely the workings of error within the Individual Mind.

The meaning behind the reason that Jesus had to go away is to take "away" that old thinking, that old mental idea of your self being alienated and separated from the Universal - that is what can be called, "the life sacrificed". You have to take that identity that you thought you were, that false image of yourself, which some call "reality"; that old idea of you being an individual that has alienated and separated you from the Truth, and release it in order to accept the new Life in the Spirit, or birth that has no Mother or Father. The Life that is God or Truth is the Life that is in you, or as it is put in the story, "He that is among you shall be in you". He was talking about the Infinite, the Life-In-Itself.

He said, "He that is among you, when I go away, shall be in you." Well what does that mean? That means the one Power, the one Presence, the one Life-In-Itself that you would have stay with you so It could feed you, nourish you and take care of your concerns, remove the very need for any enemies or battles; that very essence when your old life goes away will return to you as the new life and enter into you and become your life renewed in the Spirit. The so-called mystery of Godliness is simply the Universal manifested in the Individual. The negative of that is the mystery of iniquity or inversion, which is not some man called the "antichrist" that someday is going to come on the scene, but the mystery of iniquity is that individual who is alienated and separated from Truth in their consciousness. Those that have mistaken the chain of cause and effect that proceed from any creative act as the creative power itself; that is the antichrist. Most Christians are antichrists, not ever realizing it. It seems such a mystery, but yet it is quite simple with a little revelation from the Spirit of Truth.

Antichrist is that "psychological self" ego that sits in the place of the Universal declaring himself to be the source of the creative power, rather than its distributor, simply because of their acceptance of a savior. That is what Christians have been doing for many years. You see because of religious teachings, they try to take this idea they have of themselves as fallen human beings, that by effort, by prayer, by reading the Bible, by study, and many other things, that they can make this image of themselves like their God. This is "the abomination of desolation" their scripture speaks of.

The human personality that is alienated and separated from Truth in their minds will always, especially after subsequent regenerations, be trying to take that image of themselves and force it to be like their concept of God, or the Universal, because that is the desire in their heart. Yet that image of ones self, that concept of ones self as being alienated and separated from God is precisely what keeps us from seeing the error of our ways. Once we realize that the old image we have of our self is no longer existing in reality, you are free to accept that the life you are now living is the essence of the Universal; the Life-In-Itself.

>> It is described in Gal. 2:20 -

"I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me".

>> Translation -

"I am infused with the Truth: my old life over, no longer am I that old separate person, but now I live as one with the Universal, I now recognize it as the life in me: The Life which animates my flesh is the one and only Life, the Love of God, which gave itself to me that I may live in it, and it in me, hereafter".

"We" (the Individualizations of the Universal) are the only begotten Son of God, but we are not expressing that in its fullness. And to express that in its fullness is not by learning, it's not by studying scripture, it's not by fasting, it's not by prayer. There is only one thing that is needful for you to begin to have an unveiling of the Universal within you. The Universal has to reveal this to you - personally -- this I cannot provide.

When the Universal gives you this revelation you must be prepared to act, and live it. Have no fear, as there will be no doubt as to when this message comes and to its meaning. You will realize by experience that the Truth is within you, then you will feel it not as robbery to be equal with God, because you will have lost that sense of your old psychological ego. You will have lost that sense of self who is separated and alienated from God, and now you have become one with the reality of the essence, the substance, the expression of the Divine within you.

Then you will begin to live out that expression of your new identity. This is the "Spiritual Man". That is what I mean when I refer to "mistaken identity"; if you are not living as a "Christ" on this earth by being able to love those who persecute you, and having that kind of love and compassion flow from the depths of your being, then you don't fully know who you are. You are still living, at least to some degree, in a mistaken identity of being an individual, separate and alienated from the Unity of the Spirit the oneness of the Universal.

To know the Spirit in reality is to have It living through you, loving through you and reconciling through you. It is so simple! And some today are fighting this concept of mistaken identity. Most are unwilling to give up that image that they have worshiped for so many years. You are not who you think you are unless you are living in the identity of being "Christ" on the earth. Most will say, "Oh, I am a part of the body of Christ but I am not Christ". That is because they still think of Christ as a person rather than the Life-In-Itself, rather than the Truth or the Word.

What I am saying is that if you cannot, in full conviction, say that Christ is the very Life that is expressing through you, this temple of God on the earth, then you have to be living in a mistaken identity. This mistaken identity can be very real and difficult to shake off. What makes this difficult is when you begin to have this revelation, you still focus on that old identity that is still there in your unrenewed mind. The new identity, or the new you is learning how to live out of the expression of Truth and the more you do this, the more the Truth in you begins to push out that old image of yourself. You then begin to walk in all the beautiful things of the Kingdom of Paradise.

When you begin to really have an unveiling of the Universal, and the expression of the Divine inside of you, then you begin to see others as Truth sees them and you begin to respond out of your spiritual nature and identity rather than your carnal ego. You begin to realize that as people may persecute you, as people may begin to speak against you, as people may begin to spread all kinds of evil rumors about you, you have such a yearning in your being that cries out for Truth to bring them an understanding of this Life in them. Then they will cease to commit error and begin to do good. You must simply continue to know that this is already the outcome, that perfection is already here, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

What is so beautiful about this revelation of Truth in you is that you drop all of the requirements for everybody to believe like you do, or be like you, in order to be accepted. You see, you don't have to believe like I do for me to accept you and find kinship with you. I do not require you to understand according to my concepts, because the Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you. There must be all kinds and sorts of personalities, there must be every kind of dream, lest we all be reduced to the mere state of automatons or robots, knowing no free will. For Love to be Love at all, it must be given freely, spontaneously and without coercion or condition.

You can be in a false concept of God, yet if your heart is pure, and you are seeking after Truth, I will sense that. I don't care if you are bowing before an image of a false God, or a statue. Christians are doing that all time. Christians as well as Hindus, and Buddhists, and all of the religions of the world are simply a means and a method of man trying to regain his fellowship with the Universal. Every religion in the world is based on man's hunger for the knowledge of Truth. Every person in any religion or in any culture whatsoever who is reaching out from their being for the knowledge and the awareness of our essential nature will begin to live that life of expressing God, perhaps without even knowing that they are doing it. Eventually the Truth will come to all, in its proper order and in its due time.

We are beginning to enter into that day of paradise, that eternal day where we begin to see all of creation as the Universal Mind sees it. There is the substance of God, (Spirit) in every man. In all of humanity there lies the seed of Truth. What is that seed of Truth? It is the human Spirit that is ONE with all that exists. You see, your spirit is that which was created in the beginning in Its image after Its likeness. You were not created in the beginning as a physical being. You were created a spiritual being. Yes, we were created in the very beginning in the image and likeness of God. We are the song of creation that the Universal is forever singing to the Universe.

-- Victor
I am a Muslim who preaches sermons in churches about the history and relevance of fasting and am invited to teach the basics of Islam to students in a Synagogue. It is not about one religion but about respect for all humanity. The Quran says "I created you as tribes and races that you might get to know one another (not despise one another)". I will be taking part in an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service in a Catholic Church together with many groups of Christians and Jews. There will be readings from all the Holy Books including the Noble Quran and the Muslim Call to Prayer will be one of the Calls to Prayer inviting the congregation to contemplate the many thanks we owe to God.
Praise to you and that for which you stand ... I give in advance my Thanks(giving), that all will be fruit of the true nature of that perfection that resides at the back of all Creation and all of the Manifestations through which it expresses itself. I wish for you the greatest and most United Success in your every endeavor.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
Yes I agree respect for all humanity begins with HARMONY. What is absolute harmony?


Hi Victor, for those seeking Absolute Truth - are we winning the War?


Our weapon is Truth - Tactics of our warfare

cheers for Peace on Earth! ;)
miracles! i think the the biggest miracle is us and if you find miracles around you then i petty you!
The miracle is in "It's all about the Food"


cheers :)


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