Here is a short video discussion of Ipeace member and specialist in Conflict Resolution, Marc Gopin with Aziz Abu Sarah at the George Mason Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. (

Isn't it our challenge, as members of Ipeace, to be Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israeli?

To be, perhaps critical of both "side" at times..but to remain empathetic to both and to see the criticism as a tool to bring better lives for both Israelis and Palesitnians.

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Hello Myron, I had a look at the video.

From my perspective, it looks as though you may be attempting to examine an effect, rather than the cause of the Israeli Palestine conflict.

I know it is the latest Israeli way of ‘searching for peace’: to say that the hatred and bigotry are 2 sided, but this attitude ignores a number of fundamental historical facts, that ought not to be swept aside, if you are serious about a permanent settlement, with long lasting peace.
Christine, Hi! This is cyclical i believe. The effect that you mention is further cause for discussions that do not lead to an atmosphere to openly deal with past misdeeds and mistaken approaches of both sides.

I don't think that the past should be "swept" aside at all. There is much debate about the past, but from your email i doubt i am mistaking to think that you are referring only to Israel's responsibility.

I believe that Israeli society has, in recent years, been more open to re-examining its past. Of course this process leads to reactionary responses from those trying to "save face" etc...but the output of studies, reports, films, etc dealing with past wars, violence, expulsion, etc does point out that there is a level of self-criticism.

The film stresses, rightfully, that dialogue for the future should be open and humanizing..not propagandist and just another tool on the Battlefield to gather points for the Victory of one side over the other.

One great danger is that people tend to convince themselves that reality is actually close to the demonic picture they paint.

Israel, of course, is as prone to fall into this trap as anyone else, as is evident from Israeli hyperbole, narrow vision, etc. On the other hand Jerusalem nearly erupted this past month due to flames lit and fanned by some of the Islamic leadership.

This effect in turn becomes a cause of future digging in and not dealing with real issues and excusing force as a means to the end..whether this end is independence or security. Israel's mistaken attitude towards the Goldstone commission grew out of this attitude.
I think it is our duty to stand with all the people who wants peace, who shows their commitment for this.
We can't take one side, otherwise we will just help the development of hate,


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