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I have started this mainly for Les as he is the photographer amongst us, and this will be a place were we can all visit to see what he has snapped, rather than have then scattered about the group. My postings will mainly be what I have found on the web, I will mark the ones that were taken by either my son or daughter :) If you want to just post a photo, as many as you like, with no explanation that's fine, but if you want to let us know a little more about the image that would be great.

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I found this on photobucket this morning and I thought how beautiful

That is indeed a beauty! I like to take macro shots too but that is quite exceptional. Well found Sue!
Glad you like it, I won't be able to top this one will I, but hopefully I will find some just as good.

Another find on the web... this one conveys such happiness to me
Yes, it's full of energy isn't it! Pure joi de vivre.

Here's an exact opposite! A moody evening scene taken in the San Juan Islands, Pacific Northwest of the USA a few years back. We had chartered a boat and this was from one of our night anchorages.

That is very atmospheric, and seems to change from a blue to purple as you look at it.

I do have some photos that I have taken over the years, no masterpieces, but they are all film shots, so I would have to get them scanned and do all the things needed to be done to post them, and I can't do that, Ross is never too keen to do it for me, but he will if nagged enough!
That trip was pure magic. It was part of a journey we took with my sister and her husband in their RV from where they live in the Bay Area, California, to Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. We spent a week cruising the San Juans in a rather lovely boat and visited many beautiful places.

I can almost hear the twisting of arms as you 'persuade' Ross to crank up the scanner. Please, please Ross! We want to see your ma's pictures!
I missed this reply, sorry for not noticing.

That must have been a wonderful trip, got any more snaps?

Getting Ross to do anything is a very delicate process, it has to be done with great care....... he must be part donkey!

I will try to bring the subject up today and see if it is received well........ don't hold your breath though ;)
Yeah, Sue, it will/would be interesting to see through your eyes..!

Today was not the day to ask Ross to do anything, and I know tomorrow is not going to be a good one either...... so perhaps I will try Wednesday ;0)
Sue, I take my drawings and "snap" them and then use Microsoft Photo Program as a means to edit. I live on a meager income so I have to use my ingenuity to accomplish many of my tasks.



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