its said beauty is the magic of Bengal,money is the almighty god of today,s world.they are both compatibale,both have power in their own spheres,money can buy beauty and beauty can attract money,so which one is more powerful beauty or money?

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Greetings, beauty is a matter of taste and opinion, while creating beauty of course you also create ugliness.
There is always a counterpart. Beauty doesn't last long. Money could wisely spent last longer but anyway although money an do a lot you cannot by happiness, you can buy a watch but not time, buy a book but not knowledge, buy sex but not love, guess you know that.
Both beauty and money you are referring to should not be of interest to us. Money for our hard and honest work and some savings also based on honesty that's ok and if we can share something of that the better. Beauty, don't know I rely on inner beauty which is more important.


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