hi guys,
Its a very bad report that India's no.1 Financial Capital Mumbai "Bombay" was under terrorist attacks. Many Innocent peoples were died BUT The war on terror in Mumbai was finally wrapped up 60 hours after a band of terrorists struck at various locations on Wednesday night.

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Its indeed very heartbreaking and shocking,how can anyone be so callous and inhuman.I salute to the brave soldiers and the officers who sacrificed their lives in this terrorist attack..
I appreciate your Words Poonam.....But wat the best we can do is nothi'n except pray for those brave souls......
Hello, everyone. I felt compelled to reply to this discussion. I think the worst part of this incident is that the government got a specific warning about the time, place, and means to attack. (There is what is called "chatter" across the terriorist world and various people are in a position to "hear" the chatter and report it.) Even the people at the waterfront saw these guys arrive and didn't warn anyone. They came ashore and went their way. We, here in the USA got a warning too before 9/11, when terriorists set off a truck bomb in the garage of one of the world trade center buildings. We did not heed the warning with any changes in security. It took 3,000 people dead for us to create an Office of Homeland Security, and make necessary, permanent changes in how we act in this country. So, yes, we can pray, but we can be alert too to anything odd in our environment and take action. And we can demand that our government heed warnings and train to respond quickly. India is the new target for terriorist attacks; it's time to take back control, and let the terriorists know that you are now awake, and won't go to sleep again. In friendship and understanding, Anita Adams


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