What do we do when we feel we have nothing to look forward to,become kind of bored with our routine life and feel a strange kind of helplessness creeping in our life.

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I think that it's a good opportunity to sit and do a little meditation at this point. When bored, I find that the mind is in a more relaxed state already thus conducive to sitting quietly. Meditation brings one back to what is important in life and uplifts the spirit.

Give it a shot. If you do, let me know how it goes...

you are most probably under 30 years old. you have to realize that life is primarily composed of mundane, routine tasks and experiences. when you get older you will most likely have more responsibilities and you will find time going much quicker. i ran a clothing store for twelve years many years ago and time went very slowly. now, that i am much older time seems to go faster as i am busier and have more interests. you also have to try to find new things that are of interest to you. maybe you could plan some sort of trip or vacation to a place where you and your partner would enjoy visiting. i know that when i was young and had more money and everything was much cheaper than now, i traveled a great deal. i guess it broke the monotony of day to day living. good luck! ps. try to find enjoyment in the here and now.
well..Im much more older and have a grown up son too,hes gone into college and thats why i feel kind of bored and nothing to do much but i have got into writing now,also do meditation and yoga and try to keep myself busy.I love to travel and have started taking vacations,but have to come back to the same routine...sometimes boredom creeps in and life becomes monotonous but im trying my best to re discover myself,which i never did in the past..
How about doing some volunteer work? Where do you live? I bet that there are all sorts of opportunities that would interest you. This way you can keep yourself busy while helping others. I find that this is the most satifying way to stay busy!

Take care,

Then we must try to find "The small close things" in life which are always around us even if we do not recognize them .
Appreciating them is appreciating life...*smile*


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