Hypertension is a common disease. The symptoms of hypertension is different for different people. Early stage the symptoms may be asymptomatic or not obvious. Only after exertion, mental stress and mood swings situation will occur high blood pressure, and return to the normal value after having a rest. With the extended duration, blood pressure continues to rise significantly, and there will be a variety of symptoms gradually. At this time it is called chronic hypertension disease. Common clinical symptoms of chronic hypertension disease include headache, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, numbness, increased nocturia, palpitation, chest tightness, fatigue, etc. When blood pressure suddenly increased to a certain extent even severe headache, vomiting, palpitations, dizziness and other symptoms. 
Confusion, convulsions will happen when hypertension is severe. It belongs to the accelerated hypertension and high blood pressure in critically ill patients. In the short term, it will lead to severe heart, brain, kidney and other organ damage and disease. Such as stroke, myocardial infarction, renal failure, etc.

According to the survey, Korean ginseng can treat hypertension. Korean ginseng has nourishing vitality, nourishing strong, stopping thirst, mental relaxation and other effects. It is for palpitation insomnia, physically weak persons, heart failure and cardiogenic shock. Korean ginseng can regulate blood pressure. Korean ginseng has the dilation of blood vessels and improving blood circulation effect. Saponins from Korean ginseng can lower blood pressure by promoting the vascular endothelial cells release of nitric oxide. Korean ginseng is good for the treatment of hypertension. But not only rely on eating Korean ginseng, but also with the treatment of hospital. Hypertensive patients need to be careful to eat Korean ginseng.

Changbai Mountain Korean ginseng is the best. Changbai Mountain Korean ginseng is the major export varieties of Chinese herbal medicines. Changbai Mountain, with its unique geographical environment and natural conditions, be a natural Korean ginseng area. The people lived in Changbai Mountain based on the Korean ginseng’s growth characteristics and the local natural environment to do the artificial cultivation. From the 1950s, Jilin Province made a breakthrough in the Korean ginseng comprehensive cultivation technology, Korean ginseng breeding, re-utilization of the old Korean ginseng field, carry out scientific research and applied research. So 
Changbai Mountain Korean ginseng is the best.Korean ginseng on ihealbox all come from Changbai Mountain. They are all natural and wild, and have a stronger effect. Ihealbox welcome you to choose and buy our Korean ginseng. If you have any other questions, you can email to us. Our E-mail is: service@ihealbox.com. Ihealbox welcome you!

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