Can we attain world peace without a unification of religion and belief systems?

Is it possible to attain world peace while Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and so forth exist side-by-side.

My idea of world peace is such that there is a global feeling of oneness, of connectedness. That none think higher of him/herself then of others. That every person has deep awe, respect and reverence for nature as a whole. If these things be found in reality it would automatically follow that mankind would give it her best to please every single person. To fulfill that desire at that moment only technical know-how and enough raw materials are needed.

World peace viewed in this sense, according to me, can never co-exist with the belief systems named above. I believe this because there'll always be a feeling of 'us and them' in a world where at least two different sets of belief systems reign.

I do agree that world peace shouldn't necessarily be viewed this way, if I alter my view of world peace in a view that focuses solely on the situational condition of man (does he have food, water, shelter, does he live in a safe and stable environment) and not as well on his sensation or experience of the world (his philosophical attitude to the world), then it is theoretically possible to attain world peace without a unification of religion and belief systems.

Any comments?

Peace and Love brothers and sisters

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Hello Yao...I do not believe that world peace will ever be achieved on earth as long as we, the one human family, practice and believe in so many different religions..The great crusades were fought because of religious differences...The thing is, religions have never been updated or upgraded!

We humans put our total trust in science and technology for our lively hood and well being in all aspects of our lives but one. That is how we came to be here, what our top priority in life should be while we are here, and what happens to us when our physical bodies break down at so-called death and their elements are recycled back into nature.

For our spiritual security and well being, we hold on to the religions practiced by the ancients from years long, long ago! These ancient religions and the language that powers them, are the root cause for the volatile state of human relations that exists around the world today!

Religious differences among other factors, keep us divided, separated, and at each others throats,... willing to wage terror and war against our fellow humans.

If we as a species don't update/upgrade our spirituality programs, we will never be able to establish a true and eternal peace on earth...

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