In Western science causality has perceived as the only possible link between different events .But the phenomena of modern quantum physics has led to some doubts whether all the events connected with each other are in a causal manner.

It was through own experiences as CG Jung came to believe that there are events that have a meaningful connection and which are not causally, that is, they are not linked under the law of cause and effect, but still hits the same, and it does not depend on chance

Some coincidences affect us so strongly that we can not wave them off as pure coincidence. We may not understand them but we know that they are meaningful. CG Jung called these events "synchronistical." The concept synchronicity has aroused great interest among philosophers, psychologists and scientists.

It was developed during an intensive exchange of ideas between CG Jung and quantum physicist and Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli. It all takes place through the subconscious that have various levels .. We have the personal unconscious, which completely belongs to the individuals themselves, but also the collective unconscious which is common to all mankind. At the collective level, the mind is untied and not personal. It is linked to the unconscious of other people and is not limited to the individual's own psyche.

Jung conception of synchronicity is a remarkable contribution to the human thought. The reality beyond our senses veils can look very different than today's scientific claims. This connection between us all can explain some of what you mean when you are talking a bout "We are One" bound together by the collective unconscious.

An exciting thought worthy of further research in I could give numerous examples of strange coincidences. I can sit here and write a about a very particularly topic and at the same time, it will open a debate on television on exactly the same subject, to take one small example.

What do you think? Chance/coincidence or meaningful connection/ synchronicity?

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I don't believe in coincidences..I believe everything happens for a reason,good,bad or indifferent. This is at times a difficult thing to maintain as a belief when such horrific things happen,to us,friends,family,animals,the planet,
all around the world,etc...
Also,every connection is "meaningful" even if may never know it,understand or "get it" -all has meaning..purpose. Even if it is but a very brief moment in time, can have great significance in our lives or that of someone's life we touched,ever so briefly.There is definitely much synchronicity happening also..much on iPeace,in our own lives & globally -in infinite ways.
Thanks for this very interesting and thought provoking discussion gunilla :))

PS..hope your computer & stomach troubles fixed very soon!!
Big warm hugss
I just say Amen to that Leah:) I do not believe in coincidences either..We are connected , for me on an unconscious and collective level where also every event is linked, so also history, present and future. I think that from this level, the meaning is created.
We do not always see it . Just now and then we get a glimpse of these links *smile*

Very much like the Internet, but here it is on a very conscious level :)
Yes Gunilla- all u wrote above is exactly as I have always believed too..with better understanding of it all as I've grown over the years. This is very good & I feel needed discussion,shame so few are commenting or reading it..smiles dear friend :)
There are so much one wish to discuss and hear others opinions about
But considering that this site is half dead ;) we can maybe not expect more activities...for the moment..
Yes true..I have noticed as MHippy Al has pointed out,with a smaller "active" membersip,it is easier to read blogs/discussions..rather than getting lost in all the activity & postings..I tend to agree with him. besides your/our groups I HAVE been able to read more of others postings..with groups though,it is different I think,to find & take time to read discussions as well as commenting..
Warm hug dear friend :)
I understand.
I have stopped to send greetings to others pages because the time I have i will use for blog and group discussions.
Since we all know that this site will not last, but I think if we create interesting blogs or groups, people will stay here a bit longer :)
But after a year...What then?
Even if I know that the time here is just a loan , I have started to reinstall my groups. I wonder what I'm up to...?
I do not know.... But I like to be here ...and want to do what I can to make people come and stay.
I so do wish Leah that you and someone else could take over, and make the future more secure..*'smile*
Well my friend as Hippy Al says "time will tell" and in the meantime we will carry on with groups/blogs/greetings..etc...for all the reasons you wrote above. Many of us wish to be here and share what we can,while we can..and the fact is we really don't know what the future of ipeace will be?
I so appreciate your words of confidence in me as someone you would like to have as one of people to 'take over" so future of ipeace be more secure..means a lot to me gunilla..:) Perhaps DC will allow a few good and dedicated people to continue on if/when he chooses not to??
I want ipeace to thrive & continue,but I don't think that anyone else would be allowed to continue this site without DC,if he decides again to close ipeace and no longer wishes to be the creator/admin. ?? Who knows really what the future will be? He might?
This site very well could continue on for many years to come & if it closes all that has been shared & created here will live on- within us is why I never left & will stay 'till the very :)
Just now I have sent a friend request to DC. It suddenly struck me that we are not even friends, and I have written here almost from the start, so many groups and so very active groups. Hm.. Now we will see...

Have you been feathered Leah, for all you have done for this page? I see new members coming from nowhere and suddenly are feathered.

I understand nothing...
Doesn't matter, that guy fascinates me. i told him so in my first comment to him today...:)

Have to take it for what it is...
No gunilla, I have never been featured..I have been 'friends" with DC since the beginning..also on facebook,where we used to chat,we sometimes emailed here too..during the lengthy discussion about ipeace remaining open by Paul R. I mentioned in a reply all this..about being FB friends & stuff,soon after he removed me as facebook friend,though still are on ipeace. I think?
I've chatted a bit also on the ipeace chat with DC,around Dec. '08..before he disappeared. I remember when he was upset by some comments/blogs during the time of the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts-the plight of the people in Gaza... was much activity/discussion here..some not so nice & I commented to ppl. that was not very peaceful dialog & playing the "blame game" wasn't going to help but only cause more negativity and fuel hatred not peace..
What DC wrote as ipeace was "closing" I wish he had done so in discussiobs/blogs or somehow while he was feeling that way,instead of leaving & disappointed in way he felt direction of ipeace going..etc..but was his choice and I guess he did what he felt was best for his own inner peace..
This I do understand..
Yes gunilla, I agree "we have to take it for what it is"..I read your comment just before I came here to see what u wrote.., I liked it..:))
But he didn't accept my friend request. I have to reflect upon that.
That was a bit too much.

No life is not fair. When I saw how you fought to keep this site alive, even lost your dearest friend in this history. And got all destroyed when it turned out the way it did. I feel so sad. I wish i could do something to make it up to you.
Yes really it hurt me when I saw how you used all your strength to make it survive, and you are not even feathered...
You are iPeace to me..

No life is not fair...

and with me he do not even want to be friend ;)
Oh gunilla..He probably doesn't even know u sent a friend request,here so rarely and one can only imagine how many emails,request,etc..he gets a day..I can barely keep up with mine.
I don't know what to say to you my dear friend..words fail honored that u see me as you more than honored but again right words fail me ..
It was my choice put in the energy & strength I did,as did others to try and save our peace net home.
I doubt DC had any idea just how much,so fast & so much going on at the time..?
I know at least some he did because he made few replies after some comments & made a few the changes we discussed,including giving me and few others some admin privileges,didn't last long but did as Paul suggested.
I know or at least I think that i am not one of the people he mentioned in why he did not close ipeace,I perhaps offended him? I do not know..?
I chose to leave all that negativity and hurt feelings behind me when I returned online & here. I decided I did not wish to "hold onto" it and I haven't. I am just doing as you are here now gunilla..writing,contributing where I can & in hope too that what we all do here will make some good in the world,even if only for a few & ourselves..
No my friend life is not fair,but is our choice what we chose to do with it..I chose peace,friendship,betterment of the world & for all upon Mother Earth..
Warmest hug & well u do know I respect & care so much for you..always :)
No I just wanted to tell you once and for all. I saw all you did and you are much to modest.
With that we leave it behind us....

There is no use to talk about it anymore. I just wanted you to know *smile*
You are a wonderful fighter...;) Never give up...


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