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Please check out this article and let me know what you think. http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/arts_entertainment/film_tv/sk...


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Greetings, a sad story. Peace related? not really but also yes, it is in the first place a discrimination which not only the non-white skin people is facing but also vice versa. For the kid very painful, why being treated like that how can a kid with still innocent feelings understand that, for the parents another story again. The world is cruel and tough out there, there are many similar cases and on the other side the arrogance, just simply being mean, racists, prejudice you name it.
In school kids are not allowed to play with a slightly handicapped kid or a kid from another country. Pain all over the place, leaving imprints on the further growing up into an adult etc etc.

Can we really help here with showing patience and tolerance and compassion. Some people is simply mean, they like to be mean, of course we can in the long run change them but not in the individual case and not when it is not very suitable to have such a patience.

There should be a website where all those individuals, organization shops, government bodies etc etc should be listed with their bad deeds. I don't think anybody tried that before. We all talk about "the smile is the best weapon" but if somebody is out to be mean our smile will not have any meaning.

I couldn't continue watching after the middle. It is disgusting. I can't watch such disgisting apartheid stupidities.
And I am not a masochist also. I just feel so weird, to notice that human beings can be so dumb and weird. I feel awkward to participate of such an undecent society, therefore I am a sannyasin, and from Osho.
Osho was arrested and after his liberation he came to us and had let us know that most most most of the people who were arrested with him were blacks.
It is such a disgisting situation. Many of these arrested people, black people, were there without a warrant (how do you call that?) they did not grant a bail for Osho also, and these blacks arrested , plenty of them did not know when they could be judged and/or liberated...
Actually, legaly, they were not there! This is such an ashaming situation. Really a shame. And less and less we really know how to manage and what to do. I meditate because, the very fact you meditate can at least keep you intact from the guilt one can feel for participating on such a vast scale stupidity.
APARTHEID? No! I say No! to this.
Love anand TAZA Brasil
Besides that, also, I stare at YOUR face, and I love you.


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