China should set Free Tibet,else China's internal situation will be..

China should set Free Tibet,else China's internal situation will be worsen as Soviet Union Faced earlier-Dr.Mahesh Yadav

Bhopal MP India,8th nov.2008,Peace activist and President of
Rashtriya Janmat Party Dr.Mahesh Yadav has condemned the failure of
China-Tibet peace dialogue wit been the Representatives deputed by
H.H.dalai lama and Chinese officiates over Tibet issue.He blamed the
China Government and ruling Communist Party for its dictator policy
over Tibetans,he said if its is continue the atrocity of China over
Tibetans then it may be possible defiantly that China will also face
the situation of Civil War as the Soviet Union faced it some year's
ago.Dr.Yadav said that the Tibet was never a part of China nor
Tibetans have accepted Chinese Governance over them since last 50
year's of China atrocity.Peace activist and Gandhian Social worker
Dr.Mahesh yadav has written a letter in his own Blood to the Chinese
President Hon'ble Mr.Hu-Jintao he appealed him to express the vision
of China has a saviour of Human Rights and true supporter of World
Peace respect for democracy of other Nations.He wrote there is no
doubt that China is a powerful Country in this era of
Globalization, China has a very Strong culture there for if China
wises to be a well recognized and powerful Country of the World then
it should have to respect the freedom of every country hence it must
set free Tibet and the Tibetans to breathe in free air.

With Rgards
Dr Mahesh yadav
Cell no-09755990804, 09393116485

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Lets tell the WHOLE truth.
Tibet was a Theocracy and 99 percent of the population were fuedal slaves owned by the landowners and the monks. with NO rights and extreme brutal poverty . It was probably the most opreesive country on earth when China took over,. These are facts.
If you care to look them up.
When a goverment that has mobile exection vans rolling around and killing people in mock trials, is an Impovment that says alot about how bad it was before.
The Dali Lama is a Nice man.I went and saw him when he was in town and he has alot of nice things to say But a man who took lots and lots of cash from the CIA
LETS be honest here
lets tell the whole story
THis is a peace group and we cant have peace without the whole truth Propaganda and Half the truth only leads to more war.
Are the Tibetans better off now YES without a doubt. Can they be better off yes.
Are you typing your comments on a compuer made in China I bet you are. Lets be honest and NOT take sides lets walk in the shoes of both sides.
Asia has a long way to go. THE last thing we need is more division.

Well, Rich and Robert, you seem to know alot about the relationship between China and Tibet. The Tibetans revolted again this year as do the Chinese people about one thousand times every day over the whole country! Have the Tibetans killed about almost a third of the Chinese population? Did they enforce re-education on the Han chauvinist culture? Whatever Tibet has been, certainly not a shambhala, has everything and certainly nothing to do with the present situation. How many Tibetans are part of your daily life? Nothing but the truth! But who do you believe to create your truth? How much do you know and understand about the Chinese Communist Party? Do you know about the 156 operating concentation camps, where people are burned alive? Do you know about the operations of the 6-10 office, the Chinese gestapo, the organ harvesting, forced abortions and so on and so forth. Please inform yourselves before stating the whole truth!


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