Choose Love Over Fear
Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ January 30 – February 06, 2014

Received by Julie Miller
January 30, 2014



The beautiful light that seeks each dear soul in order to expand their consciousness knows already it must move through any lingering darkness that has caused separation to occur instead of unity and togetherness. Understand Beautiful Bright Hearts the divine and loving light cannot help to create bridges of unity if peace and love is not felt not just within the dear soul’s heart but throughout their total body – the divine and healing light will help to remove all that is not of your true and divine nature, what is impure and unloving – this divine light will help guide you and raise your consciousness to become a person of compassionate action whose motives are only peace and love.


For every growth period there is always a transition – a period of adjustment to the new changes, growth and energy. One of the greatest oppositions to your ability to share your love and peace to all other dear souls is unresolved conflicts, and not just conflict between yourself and another dear soul but conflicts that are occurring with your other brothers and sisters of God. We observe so many good-intentioned dear souls, going out of their way each and every day, spreading peace and love, but there are still so many other dear souls still stuck within the vice grip-like force of disunity, where they only know how to express themselves through hostility, hatred and fear, often forgetting the ones they are fighting also have dreams for peace and of love.


We know you are reading the written work found in your newspapers, and you are tuning in for newscast updates on the latest wars and turbulence that is occurring in many places around this planet. Conflicts are even happening right in the place you call home, maybe even next door to you. Yet within all these conflicts are people, dear souls that have dreams and hopes for peace, for love and acceptance. This beautiful divine light that is seeking to bring an end to your darkness as mentioned before knows already it must pass through all discordant and disharmonic energy and it will.


The divine light that is moving all around you is subtle, yet loving and kind as it is from the very heart of God Himself. His divine light will help bring an end to any separateness by bringing light to where there was darkness in your heart, mind, body and soul. Understand Beautiful Bright Hearts this sacred light that is coming to you from God cannot bring light without removing any lingering darkness. Once you open yourself to receive His gift of Light, then the darkness will begin to dissolve and your consciousness becomes expanded and your awareness begins to shine with newness and you are able to see love and God in all things.


Even with situations that will arise today, possibly tomorrow or ones that occurred yesterday will have you feeling a little out-of-sorts, possibly carrying the need to blame others with justifiable excuses, but understand when you start blaming other dear souls, you are not creating a productive atmosphere. What you are in fact doing Beautiful Bright Hearts is creating a deeper gap of separation that becomes filled with discouragement and misery. Try to comprehend where blame comes from. It is born from your ego, and it is part of the ego’s way to protect itself from the feeling of helplessness. The feeling or need to blame others usually comes forth during situations where you are frustrated, and instead of allowing yourself to feel sorrowful that is healing, blame is created and becomes an active element of your feelings – where you truly begin to feel that there is something you can do in regards to the distressing situation through the use of other dear souls. There are many dear souls that firmly believe by their actions of casting blame, they truly believe they are taking active and productive steps to make others change to their preferences or to incur some kind of twisted justice.


It is vital for you to understand Beautiful Bright Hearts that the dear souls that blame others for their disappointments and discouragements often feel deprived and this feeling often leads to anger. This negative energy instead of being used productively ends up clouding your own personal judgment and perception. If you would just allow yourself to open up and to willingly trust and to align yourself with what is positive instead of focusing on the pain of disappointment then you can begin sending out good and positive signals to others that you have everything under control and you are able to move forward even if you are just taking baby steps. Believe in yourself Beautiful Bright Hearts, have faith that the peace and love you wish to see in your life will come from your own making and if you want it bad enough you will bring in all the necessary changes to make your goal of peace and love a success.


We know how difficult it can be for many dear souls to move forward with a positive manner especially when circumstances of difficulty just presented themselves. It is when you wallow in your own pain and despair Beautiful Bright Hearts that you become saddened and discouraged. If a certain conclusion didn’t meet your satisfaction then there are lessons there for the next time around. Just because a plan didn’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean all is lost because there is still so much to gain from the experience. It is hard to see the bigger picture when you are busying yourself with negativity and sadness, but if you can feel even the slightest glimmer of hope, then you are giving room for God’s Divine Light to come forth and illuminate a path that is just right for you – a path that will help guide you out of your current darkness and back onto the path that is adorned with His love for you to bask in, to absorb and to share in every aspect of your being, creating peace everywhere you go.


As you allow your beautiful hearts to expand in order to let in more of God’s Brilliant Light, any amount of suffering you were feeling begins to wan and you feel a compelling force to share this light and love energy with each dear soul that crosses your path. There will be no need to blame, as you have no room for such dark and negative actions, you will have only time to share your love through your peaceful actions and words derived from your peaceful thoughts, and feelings. Allowing God’s light to infiltrate your total self and to guide you from within is no way a submissive or passive way of living or being. What you are then demonstrating is your faith in His Light and Love and that you are willing to share His presence through good actions everywhere you go and from everything you touch. Your actions of goodness, peace and love will not only benefit you, but will be beneficial to others.


When you choose blame instead of rising above the ego’s need to protect itself you are using up precious energy and your attention becomes limited – you will be unable to contribute as wholly while carrying such negative energy and actions. We have observed how the negative action of blaming affects many dear souls ability to make critical decisions, and affects the planning and the creation of new plans and goals. While holding onto negative energies, your wish to bring peace and love becomes disrupted until you are able let go of your frustrations and allow them to leave your over-thinking mind and replace these heavy feelings with love. Where there is pure and genuine love, the ego will not rise.


Take the time Beautiful Bright Hearts to understand that peace is found through the liberation found from choosing which emotions and feelings you will allow into your emotional body and which ones you are willing to let go. If you are truly seeking peace, you also must learn of the necessity to let go of the need to attract anything that would create conflict with this goal. Your mind dear ones may not be aware or know what is needed, but trust in your heart as it always knows the Right way to go. As you begin to create peace in your life begin by creating peace with your own precious heart. Put away your need to fight everyone and everything that comes your way, learn to live through your heart and from your heart that is blame-free. When you have reached a peaceful place with your heart, trust your soul will discover creative ways to teach your mind to accommodate new ways to think, how to overcome sudden flash emotions and move towards the path of peace that will be progressive and productive.


The best way to counter any frustration or when you feel yourself wanting to blame another dear soul is to be willing to choose love over fear. Love will always value unity, compassion, and respect for all dear souls. Love does not ever discriminate – it helps bring people together, not further apart. It is well understood that there may other forces at work that are trying very hard to prevent you from demonstrating your goodness and love for all people and we continue to encourage you to not yield to these negative forces and love what is not visible and love what is visible…simply be love in all you do. Have love in your thoughts, in your feelings, in your words, have love in your actions and in your choices. Love is a choice and we urge you to choose love each time.


Conflicts will come, some will stay awhile before them move off. It is important Beautiful Bright Hearts to be able to learn not just from the negatives found within conflict but also learn from the positives; they are there to help you grow from and to be used to look back upon when new situations present themselves. How you react and respond to any situation dear ones does have a great influence and impact not just to those that are closest to you but affects everyone. You may feel you are one small person, but in truth you are very important and how you interpret your situations, how you react, how you treat yourself and your brothers and sisters does effect the world, starting with your own. We know you want changes to come and for them to stay, but each of you must be willing to work hard, not just occasionally to bring peace and love into your life but every day so that your efforts become an positive influence for all.


For the dear souls that are truly open to receive God’s love and light will eagerly embrace His presence in full understanding, without any spoken word that they are to reciprocate His intentions to love more and to be more compassionate, accepting and more respectful to every single person that they encounter. God’s penetrating light is working on one dear heart at a time, helping to dissolve any darkness that is found in order to raise their consciousness and vibration in order for them to return being a vital and essential demonstration of love and peace in action.


This time where we are, where you are is indeed blessed. As you move through your current transition, take a moment to feel God’s Light and Love working through you. It is not the first time you have allowed change to happen or God’s Light and Love to work through you and it will not be the last. Let us end today’s transmission with a prayer: May all dear souls on the path of peace quickly come to realize that all knowledge they are seeking of themselves already rests within their own heart just waiting to be discovered – may they find this peace and share it with every ounce of love they have from their whole heart with every dear soul they meet and greet, either in person or through social spaces found within their computers. May they always know God is always with them, adding the brightest light imaginable to their path.


And so it is…


I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller 

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