CONDEMN the Israeli Attacks on Gaza and west bank

Israel is using a disproportionate force against Gazan civilians. After living under an Israeli siege for 18 months that deprived Gazans of basic necessities, Hamas fired homemade missiles and Israel responds by MASS PUNISHING Palestinians with F-16 raids. So far roughly 1400 Palestinians were brutaly murdered in 24 days, including 417 children & 108 women, 5340 injured.... whereas only 4 Israelis have died.

Palestinian kida can`t live normaly...For what? What it takes to live as all the world kids ?
I think they can`t because isreal want bigger place for his crime
Because they don`t leave thier country
Because they choosed honor
Because isreal wants allways to take from palestinians and never give them any thing.

Israel has done everything in its power to earn such a violent, disrespectful reputation worldwide. Right now, many Israelis are fighting back, side by side with other Palestinians who have nothing to do with any political party, which many visibly criticize. Now other Israelis have no real excuse to dismiss them, but most still ignore and abuse anyone who dares to speak out against the violence.
For decades Israeli PR has been trying to sell everyone and all the people around the world the idea that Israel has higher moral standards, that they’re fighting merely for their existence, that they’re the only “democracy” in the region when none are factually true.

Eye`s see whats going on on gaza and west bank for 60 years,
Ear`s hear the screem of the babies , womens and others
While the world looked elsewhere another week of DEATH ,SUFFERING AND MISERY

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I have faith too that the apartheid walls around Palestine will come down. I know and I have faith too that there are too many good, loving Israelis who have been duped by their own leaders of the truth. I am convinced that most Israelis are truly unaware of the extent of suffering experienced by Palestinians everyday of their lives.
I worry about my family in Palestine so much. I worry everyday about them.
It has been a very dry winter there this year and I fear that Israel will shut off their water supplies more than ever this summer.
When I was in Bethlehem last summer the water was randomly shut off for 10 days at a time at least 5 times in a two and a half month period. This is a place where most people do not have air conditioning and the heat is scorching. I suffered with my Palestinian family just that one summer. I experienced that insecure feeling of not knowing when we would run completely out of drinking water. We had to ration showers, mopping floors and washing clothes. I learned to wash dishes with very little water. I even now use this skill here since it is a good way to conserve. ANYWAY....
Thank God we could drink Sprite to feel cool when the water was off! hehehe
I mean this is just one small human rights violation, just one!
Imagine living in this kind of oppression all of your life? I was told stories of the IFD coming into town at times, demanding over loud speakers that everyone was to remain in their homes. When a seige is on in a city people are trapped with no way to get vital supplies for their families. You are at the mercy of this military force of which you know from many experiences will not be nice most of the time.
The really amazing thing to me overall is the warm, loving feeling I felt from every Palestinian I met while I was there. I never heard one negative remark or even a mention of the IDF or the Israeli government in daily converstaitons unless I asked about issues like this.
It was weeks before I even realized that the beautiful neighborhood on top of a hill in view of Bethlehem was a Jewish settlement where no Palestinian is allowed to enter. This settlement is inside the west bank that was supposed to be for the Palestinian people.
If I were Palestinian I would have been raving on and on to this American visitor about all of this but instead I was showered with love and invitations to come drink tea, coffee, go to wedding parties, family dinners, etc. It was a beautiful life full of warmth, love and compassion in spite of their ongoing suffering.
Justice equals peace
Oh, Tatiana I love this...."The purpose of life is to live, not dominate, or create human strife."
I am so happy that President Obama is unraveling the Bush Whitehouse!
I also hope that our newly appointed Middle East Emmisary, George Mitchell, makes a positive difference for all people in Israel/Palestine.
from US news...
"The Obama Administration announced that George Mitchell would be a special emissary for the Middle East, the Washington Post reports. Palestinian activists expressed pleasure over the selection of Mitchell, who is well remembered for firmly recommending an end to Israeli settlement activity in his 2001 report. "He was tough on the Palestinians but tough on the Israelis too," said a former adviser to the Palestinian Authority."
Until these horrible human rights violations against the Palestinian people cease not many Palestinians are going to be in the MOOD to talk peace.
***Justice equals peace.***
***No justice - no peace.***
I keep saying this time and time again. I hope people engrave this in their hearts and their minds. I hope to be able to feel proud of the US government again. I have faith in Barack Husein Obama.
What is going on with Israel not allowing relief groups such as the Red Cross into Gaza.....cold, heartless......
Ahmen, sister! Say it loud! Say it proud! I love you, sister, Ru!
I hope you guys are right, I hope everything is changing.

I hear many good things about the Muslim world as a whole believing in Obama's reached hand for peace - so now the struggle in the Muslim world is between extremists stating war supporting terrorism, and the people that want normal life with no hatred, just hope - I truly believe that good will prevail.

On the other end, from what I hear about the talks between Israel and the Hamas with Egypt as the mediator - looks like nothing is changing: While Egypt is suggesting a long term ceasefire, Ismail Raduan the Hamas spokesman states that a long ceasefire "will kill the resistance". Ehud Barak states that right now there are many weapons in Sinay (Egypt) waiting to be smuggled inside the Gaza strip.
Egypt is also trying to make Hamas in peace with the Palestinian authority rulling the West Bank, but Hamas expects them to freeze the peace discussions with Israel before they even talk with the authority. I want to believe that Egyptian and Palestinian efforts will bring the results we all hope for - stopping the cycles of violance and making way for talks ...

Thank you people for caring. as we have seen throughout the years, the easiest thing is to look the other way - until it blows up to your face (in our case, litterally).
Beautiful poem...
"After living under an Israeli siege for 18 months that deprived Gazans of basic necessities, Hamas fired homemade missiles and Israel responds by MASS PUNISHING Palestinians with F-16 raids ... "

This is the lead-in of your statement. I've heard something like this from another source (someone I merely ran into) but first we need to break it up into it's two parts:

"After living under an Israeli siege for 18 months that deprived Gazans of basic necessities, Hamas fired homemade missiles ..."

This is the first part that concerns me. We have not heard this on our news have we and I don't think the news has exactly been on Isreal's side lately. Or maybe I'm wrong but, understand, the news is much of what we have but how can we verify or find out to confirm this?

What we've heard is that Hamas is an Iranian backed group who has been hurling missles into Isreal.

Please answer this question: Has "all" of our News organizations not reported those in Gaza were deprived of necessities by Isreal? Most other sources would have some degree of hate suspected in their reporting. thank you
Avoid Fox? That was interesting because we just went through a multi-gazillion dollar election process and only Fox reported most of what was out there. I had never watched them before, except weeks before the election. News here has definitely gone political. Fox is probably more conservative/right but they make the attempt from time to time to be central but they know they're conservative. For the record, I'm probably more towards a much further right than Bush but I have some modifications that I think most will like, and not because I want to be liked but because it seems to be the thing to do to reach all.

Thank you for your response. I will most definitely tune into the url site you offered. It's appreciated.
Roro, Tatiana, you can shout all you want, but the world isn't buying your and Hamas' cynical propaganda. Again, you'd better focus your energy on finding ways to dialogue than on spreading hate.

EU: Hamas has 'overwhelming responsibility' for Gaza war

JABALIYA, Gaza Strip: Hamas bears overwhelming responsibility for the war in Gaza, a senior EU official said on Monday in the Palestinian
territory, labelling the Islamists "a terrorist movement."

"At this time we have to also recall the overwhelming responsibility of Hamas," Louis Michel, European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, told reporters in Gaza.

"I intentionally say this here -- Hamas is a terrorist movement and it has to be denounced as such," Michel said as he visited the town of Jabaliya in Gaza's north, one of the places that bore the brunt of the Israeli assault.

"Public opinion is fed up to see that we are paying over and over again -- be it the (European) commission, the member states or the major donors -- for infrastructure that will be systematically destroyed," he said.

So you agree that we should be trying to move forward...To stop occupation, right.

It means that a cease fire must be established, it means that both side must take active measures showing means that negotiations must get means the Palestinains must solve their internal friction (Fatah and Hamas..unless you want two different Palestinain states, one in the West Bank and one in Gaza)..

It means that there is much work to be done if Israel wants a minumum 18 month cease fire..and Egypt wants a number of years and Hamas leaderships says they are willing to give a maximum of 12 months and that Israel can dream if it will ever be recognized.

It means that besides condemning the past, a call must be made for the both sides. A call to opening border crossings, a stop of violence from both sides, declaration of intent for future negotiations.

I am sorry that i do not hear that here at all.

For me this is the end of the discussion. Not because my side "is right" but because too many people here are not willing to call on ALL SIDES to act! It seems that people here are stuck in the mindset of looking for the guilty one..

Who is not guilty? The chain of mistrust, fear, threat and counterthreat goes back to before the day i was born..and i ain't so young..You go figure who is the egg and who is the hen.

It is about time to change the titles of our discussions from "STOP the WAR"..."CONDEMN whoever it is you want to condemn" to START A CEASE FIRE NOW!
Very well spoken.

But I think a lot of American's anyway, need to know what was going on the day before Isreal stated that they had, had enough.

I mean, if the news doesn't report it, then film it any way. Someone in America will show it, understand?

Doesn't matter who is President, American's will have to have the facts. For instance, I heard on the news today, pirates took over a ship filled with missels headed they think for area's around Isreal and from Iran.

This in not good. Not good at all. I still don't know what else was going on before Isreal said, we've had enough.

Here's what I think but I honestly don't know and want to verify it some how. Thus far, I can only deduct Isreal is just HATED, for being there. I'm just being honest, ok.

But even with that, I'm seeking to find out, why were those missles being launched into Isreal? Can you help me in this regard? Thank you for your time.
God Bless you, Tatiana.


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