CONDEMN the Israeli Attacks on Gaza and west bank

Israel is using a disproportionate force against Gazan civilians. After living under an Israeli siege for 18 months that deprived Gazans of basic necessities, Hamas fired homemade missiles and Israel responds by MASS PUNISHING Palestinians with F-16 raids. So far roughly 1400 Palestinians were brutaly murdered in 24 days, including 417 children & 108 women, 5340 injured.... whereas only 4 Israelis have died.

Palestinian kida can`t live normaly...For what? What it takes to live as all the world kids ?
I think they can`t because isreal want bigger place for his crime
Because they don`t leave thier country
Because they choosed honor
Because isreal wants allways to take from palestinians and never give them any thing.

Israel has done everything in its power to earn such a violent, disrespectful reputation worldwide. Right now, many Israelis are fighting back, side by side with other Palestinians who have nothing to do with any political party, which many visibly criticize. Now other Israelis have no real excuse to dismiss them, but most still ignore and abuse anyone who dares to speak out against the violence.
For decades Israeli PR has been trying to sell everyone and all the people around the world the idea that Israel has higher moral standards, that they’re fighting merely for their existence, that they’re the only “democracy” in the region when none are factually true.

Eye`s see whats going on on gaza and west bank for 60 years,
Ear`s hear the screem of the babies , womens and others
While the world looked elsewhere another week of DEATH ,SUFFERING AND MISERY

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Dear David,
A friend of mine is bend.
She does not know why and by whome.
She was not creating hatred at all. She does not hate the Jews nor the palestinians.
Can you tell her why she is bend? It hurts because she does not understand it.
Punished and not knowing what you did wrong. She cannot make it right. Her friends will mis her and they do not know she is bend. She is hurt deeply.
I think you made a mistake by bending her.Cannot you give her the benefit of the doubt.
Let Ipeace become peace for all. For all men of Good Will. Making mistakes is Human.
We are Human, not perfect gods and that is why there have to be forgiveness and understanding.

We have to learn to make peace. People need time to learn and to grow in it and bending stops
the proces. From mistakes we learn. Not from thrown out and be dead. Silenced as a criminal.
Do you know how many innocent people are in prison?
"Dear David,
A friend of mine is bend.
She does not know why and by whome.

I suppose you mean "banned" (as in, refused access to ipeace).

I don't know what this is about, but i can attest that being banned - especially without even being told why - can be quite painful.
It being painful follows unavoidably from being part of a community that one is banned from. Unfortunately it seems that many a community leader is not sensitive to that fact.
Tatiana A. Kostanian

I have gone through every one of your post here at ipeace and at no time have I ever seen you protest the actions of real evil people around the world all I have noticed is your blind support of the Palestinians and what I describe as a hatred of everything Jewish and Israeli. I could be wrong about my assessment of your attitude towards Israel and Jews.

At no time have I claimed that Israel was innocent of all things. I believe that their blockade on Gaza is wrong and I believe that all Palestinians should have complete freedom of movement within Gaza and the West Bank. I further believe that their movement between gaza and the west bank should also be unimpeded along one road. I also believe that Palestinian movement into Israel should be restricted to what ever level Israel wants it to be. The Palestinians do not claim Israeli citizenship thus should not be given free access to Israel or Jerusalem. This is hte same as in any country even the United States where we promote our freedoms. We as a free nation do not allow whom ever wants to enter our country. Israel should have the same ability. I also believe that Israel should declare an independent state of Palestine along the green line period, maintaining Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel. No, trading of land for those cities that cross the green line. If the Jews that live in what would become Palestine do not like it they can move. Once the independant state of Palestine has been created it will be the responsibility of the world to ensure that this fledgling nation does not restrict water supplies to Israel nor attack Israel.

Tatiana A. Kostanian just because we disagree on how things need to be done in the Middle East and Israel does not mean I am brow beating anyone. This is only my 19th post at ipeace I have not brow beat anyone. I have pointed out your hypocrisy and maybe that has upset you. A peacemaker which is something you and Ruach has said I was not being is interested in peace around the world and they bemoan and mourn over human rights violations everywhere. I do not see you shedding a tear for anyone other than the Palestinians, and it is not so sure that the Palestinians are not killing their own to blame on Israel.

I post here because I was invited to post here by David, and to provide balance. I am interested in finding a true and just peace in the middle east. One that both the Jews and Palestinians would be satisfied with. That is why my own site is called truth and justice. I find no honesty in your debate because it only criticizes Israel. You say that the Israeli people deserve better leadership. You are right the leadership of Israel is corrupt and in less then 2 weeks Israel will have new leadership. Maybe a leadership that will bring a comprehensive peace to the area. I would also say that the Palestinians need new leadership. A leadership that recognizes Israels right to exist and one that is willing to allow Israel to live in peace. A leadership that will bring peace to the Palestinian people. I do not see this happening with Hamas in power.

Where is your objectivity? You attack Israel and anyone whom you deem a supporter of Israel. I support peace. What do you support?

John, just to make things clearer here. I might have invited you to join iPeace, but I have NEVER asked you to post your posts here 'for balance'. Please read what iPeace is all about. It clearly does not need your kind of balance now. We are all about looking ahead, hoping for a dialogue that will bring the two people together, not farther apart.
You, Tatiana and others have missed that point. iPeace isn't about blaming and finding who to accuse. There are plenty of sites for that (maybe your own network too). We are not interested in that. Please respect what iPeace is for.
Sorry David, guess I forgot to put a comma between your invitation and to provide balance. You are correct you never invited me to provide balance you invited me to be a part of your network. I post in my opinion to provide a balance that is lacking here with Rauch and Tatiana.

I do not notice if you notice that they did not address my plan for peace. They did not try to discuss it. They picked out 18 words of over 300 to say I am hateful. My comment was a question and posed as a question something to discuss, as part of a larger discussion, that was not read not addressed.

My network is about finding truth. Sometimes truth hurts, even when a persons own impressions are challenged, it hurts. The sole purpose in life should not be condemning Israel and the Jews every chance you get the purpose in life should be to find truth. If that truth is that Hamas started the hostilities that is truth. If Israel ignored the gesture of peace provided by Hamas then that is the truth.
White phosphorus weapons are 155mm artillery shells containing 116 white phosphorus wedges. When the shell explodes it spreads the wedges over several hundred square metres. They ignite on contact with the air and burn at more than 800C. When they touch human skin they burn to the bone, causing terrible injuries and forcing doctors to excise large areas of flesh to prevent the burn spreading.

Using white phosphorous is not illegal. It can be used as an incendiary weapon, to set fire to military targets, to mark military targets, or to spread smoke. However, its use is strictly limited under UN conventions and international humanitarian law.

Fundamental rules stipulate civilians must be protected, and that attacks must not cause "disproportionate" damage to civilians and civilian objects. Particular care must be taken when using white phosphorus weapons and they cannot be used as an incendiary weapon against a military target that is not clearly separated from civilian areas.

If Israel targeted civilians purposefully, then Israel was wrong, and should be punished. If the military fighters of Hamas were hiding among the civilians then Hamas was wrong. If a mortar station is in a home then it is no longer a home but a military outpost. If that family is still there then the family needs to say not in my house.

But yes using WP as a weapon on civilians is wrong. Making your enemy fight among civilians is also wrong.
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It seems that all 'constructive' arguments have been depleted on this discussion. It is closed now :)


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