Consistency is Your Key

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ April 04 – 11, 2014
Received by Julie Miller
April 04, 2014



When working on any goal or task regardless if it’s personal or work related in order for your efforts to be successful self-discipline and commitment become absolutely essential. We ask you, what do you feel about self-discipline? We know there are a few dear souls that tighten up and cringe whenever the word discipline is spoken. So many people that share your beautiful earthly home have misunderstood discipline with sacrifice and truly feel discipline is a form of punishment.


How you choose to think about self-discipline will greatly influence how you feel about it. So much stress comes your way when you have a task before you and you have no self-discipline, making every action you perform forced and uncomfortable and many times the outcome of the task is not what you envisioned. Even if you are filled with enthusiasm remember that this high octane energy is not long-lasting especially if your task becomes bigger and more difficult to manage. There are many who struggle with self-discipline but that doesn’t mean they cannot become more self-disciplined.


To minimize any discomfort felt when coming to the threshold of self-discipline the first thing that is needed dear ones is to change your perception towards self-discipline. If at any time you feel not very disciplined it could very well be that you assume the task before you will be dreadfully unpleasant. So what commonly happens when these feelings emerge? You end up putting them aside, possibly avoiding them for an indefinite amount of time…making excuses and fostering procrastination.


By changing your outlook about self-discipline and instead of becoming a procrastinator, you can mentally encourage yourself to get any task before you done as quickly as possible. Instead of dreading the task, how about thinking how wonderful it would be when the task is completed.


A great way to change your thinking and from refraining from becoming a regular procrastinator is to remind yourself how wonderful it feels when you reach the end of your task or goal. Focus on the finished product and while you are going through the various steps to complete your task remember the reason why you began and how important it is to complete the task…what it means to you.


Self-discipline cannot be gained all-at-once; it is best achieved gradually. Choose a task or activity that is relatively small that you can use just for practice. When choosing a task or activity for practice make it something easy that can be achieved each day, then commit to it. If you tend to be a forgetter because you are easily distracted, leave yourself a few notes throughout your home or office to encourage you and to remind you of the task you agreed and committed to do.


The task or activity that you have chosen as practice to bring in more self-discipline, if it is feasible try to get it completed as soon as possible, try to include this task as part of your morning ritual of preparing for the day. By making it a priority, the activity or task that you have chosen will quickly become an effortless exercise. You may find it necessary to break down the steps of this activity or task into smaller steps that make you feel more comfortable and the process that brings the task to an end each day becomes more manageable.


By breaking down the steps towards the completion of your task or activity, you often build up momentum and before you know it the task before is done. And before you know it you’ll likely to find yourself doing other things you chose to do without excuses or the need to procrastinate.


Commitment is essential to any task or activity that you have agreed to complete. If you are not fully committed to achieving any task or activity, definitely dear ones you may have a much more difficult time encouraging yourself to even work on them. Promise yourself that you will not deter from the task before you and that you will do whatever it takes to complete more of the steps that bring you to reaching the outcome you have envisioned each day. Create a list of action steps and make it your undertaking to do a couple of these steps daily. It is okay to reaffirm your commitment to yourself and to the successful outcome that you will experience when you stick to your plan of action and bring all your efforts into completion.


Try to understand dear ones; self-discipline really is the outcome of smaller choices that you make each day. Of course it is easier to give chase to things that have huge rewards that requires less to no effort from you. Have you ever chased a reward that required little effort? If you have, was the outcome what you expected? Try to remember dear ones, that any success that greets you is because of certain disciplines that you practiced every day…it is your actions and effort that brings you to your outcome and your outcome can be all that you have envisioned or it could be less. It truly is all up to you.


Put aside some time dear ones to reflect upon what you think about self-discipline and how it is related to success. And as you reflect upon this also consider how important behaviour is in regards to procrastination and excuse making. Think about areas that could use a bit more discipline and commitment from you and turn those thoughts into consistent actions until you are done.


This is your journey dear ones and we encourage you to always put your best foot forward and give as much pure genuine effort that you can possible give. We know life can become tiring, but remember how much you have to gain from all that you are doing. Allow yourself some time to feel peace and tranquility—empower yourself with love and appreciation for all that you are.


And so it is…


I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

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