In writing a good thesis statement one should be extremely sure about what he/she is writing about and why. A thesis statement is an account that explicitly identifies the purpose of the research and previews the main ideas.
It’s a combination of a few essential elements that make a difference when we have to write thesis statement.
It should be contestable, proposing an argument with which people may reasonably disagree. Writing thesis statement one should make sure that a strong thesis statement has to be provocative; it should take a stand and justify the discussion the writer has to present.
Thesis statement outline should enable the reader about the subject of the thesis. In addition thesis statements should tackle a subject that could be adequately arguable.
Good thesis statement writing should be concise and focused. Some theses statements can be stated in opening sentences of the thesis; others may need a paragraph or two before the introduction some can’t be fully formulated until the end.
• A thesis statement should be one sentence in length, no matter how many sections it contains. Clarity in writing is more important than rules like these. Use two or three sentences if required. A complex argument may require a whole tightly-knit paragraph to make its initial statement of position. In a thesis statement.
• The first line of the thesis statement should be good to have a perfect thesis statement.
• Good statement thesis writing must give three points of support. It should highlight that the thesis will explain and give evidence for its assertion, but points don’t have to come in any specific number.
A master’s thesis statement must prove that the student is able to work in a scholarly manner and has good know how with the principal works published on the subject of the thesis. As much as possible, it must be an original contribution. A doctoral thesis statement must deliver a significant contribution to knowledge in the field of that subject and should embody the results of original investigation. So keeping in mind all the above points, one can easily and flawlessly write a thesis statement.

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middle east peace with all people living together". not just Jewish people but Palestinians and Jewish people a like Why is it that a government that could make up a coalition of governmental co-existence " stead of killing each other for wanting the land to have one to live on then many living together in the process. No one wants to share he land but to make turmoil ...defeating there self purpose of not living in peace but to kill there self of there hatred and bitterness ...So every one can out side take sides and spew against the other ...and have the media write more lies of both sides...

death is a lovely title for what we all want from them to make peace from there bitterness... I know bitterness is hard one to let forgive but to carry no peace in there hearts but to increase the violence and poverty to go on....

tell me if this could not be a dispute .. By Edward Church

middle east Land dispute
It is impossible for a being capable of partaking of the infinite life of the Originating Spirit to be a mere piece of mechanism, mechanically incapable of moving in more than one direction. For if they are to reproduce in their individuality that power of origination and initiative which must be the very essence of the Universal Mind's recognition of itself they must possess a corresponding liberty of choice as to the way in which they will use their powers. If they choose wrongly the inevitable law of cause and effect must produce the natural consequences of their choice. Universal Law can never be broken, and it can never be deceived. The fundamental nature of this wrong choice is in mistaking the sequence of Laws that naturally proceed from any creative act for the creative power itself. It is the error of looking upon "effects" or "secondary causes" as the "originating cause" and not seeing that they are themselves effects. These effects are predicated by something that works through them to the manifestation of the ultimate effect. This is the fundamental nature of "error" or "inversion". The Truth consists in connecting the ultimate effect intended "directly" with the intention of the originating intelligence, and from this point of view, excluding all consideration of the chain of intermediary causes that links these two extremes together.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
Do we ever actually see that which we are afraid of? I say, No we do not -- we see the form of our fears through the medium of our beliefs and we call it danger. We impress ourselves with some idea which we convincingly believe exists and we attach our fears to it. Then when we are exposed to this idea, we express our fear, thinking the danger is in the thing or idea we have convinced ourselves of, and here's why. ...


We have a sensation or excitement in our senses. If this sensation is sufficiently strong and unpleasant we often identify it as fear or danger. We then attach the presence of this sensation or feeling to some object or event or circumstance local to the sensation, and we then believe that we fear the thing or circumstance. Is the fear in the thing or circumstance? No. It is in your senses and is only perceived in your mind. The fear cannot be seen or touched; therefore it itself cannot actually be harmed. The body is not that which is afraid; it is the senses which are afraid. Suppose you see a Tiger lying down. As you approach him he rises and you do not know if he is loose or bound. You are afraid. If your senses are frightened, the senses must contain reason, for that which is matter or purely physical cannot reason. Therefore it must be your belief that is stimulating the sensation and thus feeding your fear.

A superior wisdom or higher knowing acts upon what we call animal matter or life-form, those forms which are animated above that of a plant or mineral, which is to say that this wisdom or intelligence controls them. If that which is wisdom, or the knowing behind the thinking, directs the action, then nothing is seen but the animal matter or life-form acting in accordance to the directives handed down to it from the wisdom or Spirit. Here is where the error often sets in. We associate the intelligence with matter itself and call them one, just as we put fear in the Tiger and call him dangerous. Now separate the fear from the thing feared and then we see that the fear contains no life or danger but is simply our ignorant apprehension of the animal matter whose spiritual self, by its very nature, is under our dominion. Therefore, the fear that we feel is in not knowing that every spiritual form is of one spirit and therefore cannot act against itself. The Tiger knows that you are its Lord, unless you are acting like its lunch, and it will always treat you in accordance with your actions. To the same degree which we first obey the Natural Laws of the Universe, they will obey us.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor


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