As the horrific mumbai terrorist killing are a reminder, jihadis will stop at nothing. Terrorism is a national problem and it is time not to hide behind the letter of the constitution and treat like a state subject . while on the one hand there is no centralised body to deal with terror, and on the other hand the NSG which is the force to deal with such situations, is centralised and located only in Delhi. could more lives have been saved in Mumbai if we as the citizen of the nation have come together.Being the citizen of the nation we should not forfeit all our resposibilites to the govt. after bringing him to power.fighting against violence of any form is not the sole responsibility of cops or the people in uniform only but we (youth) should also come in front to raise voice and come into action.

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u have righly said that we should too come forward and raise our voice against violence.but do u think this will solve any problem.i think if youth of whole of india come forward like happnd. in period of mandal period than sleeping govt. can be waken.
We should now stop the blame game and come into action, a policeman's life is just as important as those of others to whom they are trying to save and it is the dutyvof the state to do all the needfull in order to ensure their saftey. If we can spend hundreds of crores sending unmanned vehicle to the moon then surely we cqan afford to buy the best equipments available in the world for our police force. If we are serious about tackling terrorism, then it's not just the strength of the law but our ability to respond to terror which will define success or failure.
What I am viewing is that the people who are committing the terrorist acts are pawns in the globalization renewal. These wars are started for something, but the truth is never told. Everything is blamed on hatred. The majority of the people respect each other religion, respect each other families, and feel pain when suffering is presented. What is the underlying message of terrorism. Is it Greed? Is it economical stability? Is it education? Is it mental illness? We must address these issues, because the majority of people are brain washed into thinking that the issues are hatred. We must begin to communicate and not alienate one another. This is what terrorist is about producing hatred to another culture to divide and conquer. Same old tactics and they win when you fall into this deception. When a person is suffering, we must help. We can no longer afford to me selfish and only think of ourselves or be in a greed mode. Let us be as one globally no matter color or class, and let us help one another at all cost!
There are many more things we need to do before we nail down to terrrorism. There is no doubt abt the fact that we are the soft target for terrorists to strike. They have created their base in our house, till past it was almost based in the neighbor country. The question is how come they have succeeded in garnering local support for them. Why people here feel so alienated towards their own countrymen. Our politicians feed on the politics of minority and majority. They themselves create a rift between people so that they can accomplish their ulterior motives. First we need to do away with this dirty politics then we need to focuss on the issues such as poverty, education and employment. No agency can save us form this terrorism but we ourselves combat this terrorism as terrorists are not aliens but the alienated people.
as far as security measures are concerned yes the govt. has to take the responsibility in order to improve India's security and intelligence bureau, as now after the Mumbai havoc govt. has planned to est. 4 new NSG centres,if the same decision would have taken earlier I m sure this won't have happened. But stiill by forfeiting the responsibility to the govt. won't solve the problem of common man and the issue of Terrorism , at our own level we should make an effort to root out terror by creating awareness about various anti terror programmes,by bringing into power the right leader whose developmental work the common mem can see and fell as because in a country like India most of the issues should be seen from a common men's point of view.

Warm regards
Bhawana, teach me about why you feel only youths should combat this problem of terrorist. What could the youth bring to make a great difference. Are you speaking on the youths that are in college. What have you learned about the U.S. citizens and how do you feel about us? Also, if there are any questions you need to know about us, please do not hesitate to ask. I am an African American. I am willing to share.

Peace Vanessa
Hi Vanessa,

India is one of the nation with the largest youth population all across the globe. Today the avg. age of India's population is below 25 yrs. Approximately 77 cr. of our people or about 70% of our population falls below the age of 35. It is an important part upon the youth of our country to prepare themselves for the responsibilities that lie ahead and to look at the challenges facing the nation. The youth have a role to play in addressing social issues, including eliminating evil social customs, contributing to India's economic development, participating in its political life.The youth will have to inculcate in themselves a sense of discipline, a spirit of tolerence, a quest for knowledge, a positive mind and respect for fellow human beings. as it says that

A great country is not one which merely has a great past, but out of that past must arise a glorious future.

are u a student or a professiona ???????/

take care!!!!!!!!

Hi Amit may all us who are compassionate in our dreams for peace in the world, may this spread to as many as we can, even though so many adverseries try to trip us up, may we continue to get up and speak over and over forever and ever. A tibetan prayer flag for your site, may its prayers for compassion and tolerance blow in the wind forever.


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