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This is a question I think so many of us have asked. Yes, when we open our hearts to Love others, we are risking having it crushed. Love is NOT just shiny words,it is the most important emotion we have.
Is Loving worth risking being hurt? I for one truly believe absolutely -Yes!
So what are your thoughts? Do you think we as Humans can feel Love without some pain? Can we have one emotion without the other? I think to truly give love to others can be at times painful,and it is worth having the pain too. But that does not mean that love SHOULD be painful,only that it can be at times,
I know many might disagree with me on this. So many here focus on LOVE. Bantering the words and pretty pictures and phrases around like a "Hello" Do you truly feel Love when you say" I love you" to a friend ?
I know I do. I do not say so if I do not "Feel" it. Sometimes and several times here on ipeace I have been hurt by people I gave my love to,but does the pain of it mean I no longer care? No. It doesn't. That's why it is painful. Because the Love is still present,even if the friend or person is not,or does not return it.
Which leads to my next thought or question.
As people discuss and debate unconditional love here and on these networks. Do you know what unconditional Love is?
To me it is to give Love freely without fear of pain or expectations of anything in return.
Of course to be loved in return certainly does make it more enjoyable :D

Just some thoughts that I have had rattling around in my head for a few days.....

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Oh, I just saw this comment gunilla..Thank You so much for caring words..Yes Des had go back on 2-16..i know,er hope that as you & your Frenchman we will have many many years together,as husband & wife :) perhaps not 30yrs as I am 48 now..course could live to be 70's ?if my much younger husband to be still wants an old lady for wife..? He says he does,always will and I know he believes this now with all his heart, as I say to him.."well my butt hasn't fallen to my knees yet",lol hahaha....so we will see. when I no longer look so much younger than my true age...if be together 4 ever..:)
I took a younger man too :) since they have a shorter lifetime then women. So then we get a chance to pass away together ;) ;)
aww..lol well gunilla i never thought of it that way, I like it.. is as good a reason as any :)
Now that's romantic........I will always be by my wife's side, through good and bad.....
Awww pout pout, all joni's replies,comments are gone. here.that sux! that when leave the network,or booted??
All traces of posts,comments are poof..just gone..:( I miss sum of your comments on my blogs too..when I 1st noticed sumthin was wrong, i freaked out a moment,went runnin to your page 2 see if u still here & that I was still "your friend" whew! what a relief,when both were a'okay:D Tho,so many places,like here ur wise ,loving and LOL joni ways comments..gone..lil sad to me ...luv you joni twista' Really..u know i do...xxx
But so irritating have comments disappeared? What does that mean? grr...
yes gunilla..all joni's comments..everywhere were lost,gone when she was briefly off ipeace,i do not know what happened,one day here next gone! then she was back on ipeace..do not know if she got removed or left ? This was some months ago. I 1st noticed when number of comments on my blogs were less,I looked & all joni's comments were gone..same in all discussions,groups,etc..I never asked her why? what happened? Why her membership on ipeace was short time gone? She was back on ipeace
quickly,so I didn't ask her what happened.
I miss sum of her comments :( why I wrote what I did here..
I think strong and passionated love hurts, since it is mixed with fear for loosing it, when is stops hurting it has turned into something else. *smile*
So do I..thanks Bro for adding your words & blog above,sharing HERE, I read after you posted above,but I got busy ..sorry I didn't come back sooner to leave You a reply..
big hugs & lots love big Bro :))
When Love Is Unknown For You

You Know What Is Happiness,

When You Know Love,

You Know What Is Pain,

When You Loose It

You Know What Is Life…

Every Person Around You Is
Going To Hurt U At Some Point Of Time..
But Its Up to U To Decide What Is Important..

THE Pain Or THE Person..! ...


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