Do You Think Now That Obama's President, Do You Think He Will Change The World?

Hmm... I Think It Depend's In The Future, He SHOULD Stop War, Hunger, Ect. What Do You Think? Will He Change The World Because He's President?

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President Obama is the President of the United States true enough, but he is in reality just one man. And no,...he can't change the world by himself ! It is a fact that the American President is in a unique position of power on earth just as all leaders of all other nations are, but without ideas and input from dedicated everyday people like you and I sharing positive ideas and concepts with the world leaders, World Leaders Can Do Nothing !

It is up to us here on iPeace, and other internet portals to get involved and help Change/Save our world!

Any and all data and information that speaks to changing and making our world a better and safer place must be injected into the global debate to preserve life on earth!
True enough....Obama is in reality just one man. He is not out there to change the world, but certainly he will play a major role in things to come. It is matter of fact he has made it to there in the most trying times. We cant harbour any hope of seeing changes overnight.

I agree with you, it is up to us to get involved if we seek any change. World Leaders are just normal beings, they have not got any mine of ideas. No doubt, some of them are corrupt to the core but not everyone. We can effect the change, let our bright ideas get to them and help them save our world.
Waiting on Obama to change the world is like waiting on a Messiah to save us all. But as it has been said so well, he is only a man. Obama became so popular by his words, saying what the people want to hear. But he lost 15% of his support in two weeks since most of his promises were not kept. Gitmo concentration and torture camp still operates, the war goes on in Irak, more troops are sent to Afghanistan, an extra $1.3 billion dollars are added to make wars and now that the conflict is spreading in Pakistan, where US drones have been bombing villagers for ten months, he plans on sending troops there. Same agenda with a different face...

Open your eyes people...
“No doubt, some of them are corrupt to the core but not everyone.”

We really see things in an almost diametrically contrary way. I feel that most leaders are evil and have nothing but there own selves in mind. Obama isn't different. He has a family and a wife. If he is a good guy, he doesn't want to get them killed. If he started being transparent and truthful he would get his ton of trouble. Surely a death as, once president, the threats have already been made.
"World Leaders Can Do Nothing !"

If we started with this premise, once we unit, which world leaders have made sure we don't, they will have to follow us. Lets start sooner than later.

Looks like a good site you linked us to Charlie.

I Think He's Just Saying Words, And NOT Meaning Them. I Agree, He Didn't Do Alot As He Promised. I Wish SOMEONE In This WORLD Would Do SOMETHING To Stop This War & Hunger! I Think It Will Be To Late To Save This World, From What Has Already Begining. I Wish We Could Do Something... Before It's Too Late. Peace ~ Renee
I heard a clip on the news saying that Obama said that the two state solution is the only one that will work for Palestine\Israel.
So he does research, he studies the situation and he has stated whta he thinks wil bring about peace in a really messed up /complicated area.

Will this bring peace? No one actually knows. Is this Obama's place? Is it America's?
Do I really care, as long as there is some good in it and peopl are no longer being killed?
If you are talking Zionists, there is no solution. If you are talking Jews, they have lived in peace with the Arabs for ever, until the Zionists and other Governments stirred things up. These people (Zionists - US and other world governments) do not want peace, that is my point. They want fear. To them Fear=Control. Not peaceful control, but if it was peaceful we wouldn't need them. They are nothing but a group of power hungry elitists, that like Hitler, just want to take over the world.

They have a very good chance of accomplishing this goal because the people don't know the game rules yet, and you can be sure these lizards won't tell anyone.

This report was commission by JFK:
It will take everyone creating peace within themselves before it will reach this dimension, me thinks.

Just Saying... I REALLY...Want Someone, Or Something, To Help Us Agenst War & Violance. Maybe We Can All Change The World Togeather... Hmm... But HOW? Maybe Help The Plants...Trees, Hmmm... Or Something... This Kinda Makes Me Think... I Like Planting Flowers. Hmmm...
Oh yes, good thinking! The power of the flower. The more people will get busy at planting flowers and trees and caring for them, the faster the world will look like a beautiful garden of Peace. And we can save the atmosphere as well by doing it... And teach our children about loving care and Mother Nature... And grow our food and medicines... And make sure the future generations will have forests to admire and enjoy...

But we will have to act more than we talk and leave the computer aside for a bit... even in this age of cyber...

Flower power for all... :-)
SunBôw this is great talk. We should have forums that tell us how to grow organic gardens, and make healthier food for our families, including treats. How to play in cooperation. I miss the messages of Sesame Street, I used to watch it with my son about 30 years ago.

We have to lose interest in money as our bottom line, and focus on healing. Then sustainable living for at least 7 generations, as was done by the indigenous people, who's ancestors of the present tyrants worked there genocide on. They tried to kill them all because of this sacred information that they possessed.

Is any of this making sense?



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