The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

Recently, NING has decided to charge for all its services. There is more information here:

The options NING is offering are at:  Because iPeace has more than 150 members, the only viable options for maintaining iPeace at NING are:

  1. NING PLUS which costs $19.95/month or $199.95/year, or
  2. NING PRO which costs $49.95/month or $499.95/year.

There is some related general discussion here: .

It is now up to the current active members of iPeace to determine NOW whether and how the iPeace network and its community are maintained. 

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I think, as Ijust wrote to Paul, that all the possible solutions are listed, EVERY possible solution to keeping iPeace going, or to keep people together if iPeace doesn't keep going.
Something simple and easy that all nationalities, even if English is not that good, and all ages can easily grasp. The simplier, the clearer the better. If the idea is to get to the people, even that, is a problem here...with so many blogs, and not everyone knowing just what ning means, and not being attracted even to read because they don't understand. All to be taken into consideration.
The cost is for the WHOLE iPeace network.

That means that if one person pays the amount, the whole network stays alive.

That is why David asked for donations at the top of the front page ( whether anyone other than him was willing to support with money the existence of the iPeace network.
I just wondered, has there been enough donations to meet the yearly cost of the network? I sent some money a few days ago, but have no idea how much is needed or how much has been donated so far?
@Des: Have you received acknowledgement from David that the money has been received?
Hi Paul,

I'm not quite sure Paul - I got a donations receipt from PayPal, but not a PayPal acknowledgement that it was accepted, so it could be sitting there in PayPal, waiting....

If someone asks for money, shouldn't people know how much is needed as Des says?
And shouldn't there be some comunication?
I know the answer to these questions, the answers we have been getting. The answer is right here below on this rectangle. Right here.......
Yes, Stephanie, I think that sounds pretty reasonable. Unless there is better communication of money donated, money required and how it is used then there is no transparency. If that level of information was not provided on any international non-profit organization website, it seems far less likely that people would press the donate button, and that includes me!
Yes, I am in complete agreement & way I see it exactly as stated by both Stephanie & Des what both wrote above...
I think as my wise wife-to-be, Leah said to me today, if we can all come together on this and try to connect with David (who done a great job in starting iPeace), and try to move forward with diplomacy and emphasize how much this place means to all of us, then am sure there will be an iPeace for many years to come!
Ahhh Diplomacy, not one of attributes at this point of My iPeace experience, especially with David, that has never personally communicated with Me diplomatically or not. "Sorry" this is not how an Administrator to Me should act.
Yes, I Thank Him so much for starting this, but I personally feel the iPeace Family should be running iPeace now, seeing that David is not. This is just My honest opinion and the sooner the better, because We as a Family communicate very well with each other and We are here for each other. Lovin You. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing" I know We can Make it a Home again for so many that have left. I Believe in You All. Namaste, Al
Helloo my hippy friend...yes, i was feeling particularly diplomatic there....although I am also hoping that we do somehow get to run iPeace - nudge nudge Al, I think you would be awesome at running iPeace...
Happy Trails backatcha Al! Namaste, Des.
Well Al my friend, My communications with david basicly ended on facebook as we were getting ipeace going & growing. yes, I joined in the beginning..have been here ever since and 1 of many that helped it grow so quickly. I remember the days of daily updates on facebook of how many members reached..I was and am still facebook friends with David. In early '09, when ipeace was very busy and the group chat ,busy busy..David did reply to me on a comment I made that I had heard on the news,about Israel & Palestine,during the ongoing conflict/war...Also, I wrote David about a disruptive person on chat and how he best felt should deal with the issue,he wrote me back. Twice I think on another message I sent him.
So, David was active on discussions,responded to emails at one time. Then Gordon took over not only as co-creator but as admin. David has well,since then seems to for whatever his personal reasons are? moved on.??
With Gordon gone, we are all very aware that As You wrote Al, it perhaps is time to " that the ipeace family should be running ipeace now" Yes, I think so. As Des wrote of what I said to him today, I think the way to do that is with "diplomacy" any way We ALL can, let David Know what ipeace means to us & that if he no longer wishes to run ipeace,be involved then PLEASE turn it over to Those that Do and can. Re create a small group of admins,as we once had. The burden should not all be on Paul & the Welcome team! This is unfair..and a lot of responsibility.
Al, I do agree with so much of what you wrote & especially this your words..
"We as a Family communicate very well with each other and We are here for each other.... I know We can Make it a Home again for so many that have left. I Believe in You All."
Yes, I believe in all of you and all of Us too!
Love & Peace,they are Not just words!


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