The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

Recently, NING has decided to charge for all its services. There is more information here:

The options NING is offering are at:  Because iPeace has more than 150 members, the only viable options for maintaining iPeace at NING are:

  1. NING PLUS which costs $19.95/month or $199.95/year, or
  2. NING PRO which costs $49.95/month or $499.95/year.

There is some related general discussion here: .

It is now up to the current active members of iPeace to determine NOW whether and how the iPeace network and its community are maintained. 

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Ah, I didn't think so..Yes,is on this blog/discussion..I left copy for u on your page..and YES you are correct in all you just wrote..this is a problem. I do stay "in the know" as much as I can. I seem to spend much time, directing ppl to such things as this and explaining,discussing,communicating ...a lot! For others do not see/read All ,or even know where to find.
I agree completely about should be" clear,crystal clear.." not told by me..or other members.
We can only continue the communicating..with hopes is reaching where/who needs to..Hmm I think I feel a blog by You or Me or both or???
Needs a very very good TITLE,as this 1 has!
hugs x
Hi, and smiles once again to you!!!
I know exactly how to get people's attention!!! I came up with the idea just a week or so ago.
It is called BLOG BOMBING...
just write the same blog over and over with different titles:
"This just received by DAVID CALIFA"
"Words we were waiting for"
Don't pass this one up
Words from David

The thing I don't agree on in this letter though, the one you just sent to me, is that there are no facts and figures attached to this particular one. And that is not the way asking for money should be. There would have to be a lot more explaining. I am not satisfied with this kind of comunication, it is better than nothing, but not explicit. I personally would never write such a request without being crystal clear about what I needed and expected, and then, once I got it, would be sure that everyone understood. Down to the very last person who might not even know English! Meaning, on a site of this kind, there is a lot of explaining that should be done...if the idea is, as the name of the site says, peace.
LOl, I had same idea..on the BLOGS Bombing, and I sent out the idea to lots..The facts & figures are on right side of the pages ...just under the Donate button & message by David about donations..on side of each page of ipeace..look there for the names and figures,ok
Look on pg. 3 HERE ..on this discussion, reply/comment is there...
The Home page YES needs be more, after the day of closing David said,when opened again it would be has more now,but You are right!
Thank you Maria!
Your English was very clear indeed, and your message was good and valuable!
You are definitely right....comunication must be ongoing,, and a phrase or two is not enough.
There could be numbered questions and answers. Something has to change here, that is without a doubt.
The fact that in a site that consists of over 20,000 people, if only seven people contributed, that is a clear statement that asking for contributions in this way was not the correct way. Think "Crystal clear" international website must get to ALL people, understanding what it wants in the first place and then, how to succeed in getting it!
What is lacking here is extremely clear....the lack of comunication. If one is not good in comunicating, then one needs to get people who are!
Thank you very much for your input,comments here Star Wise/Celine!
No, there has been NO email broadcasts from David,other than the main page post & his 1 comment here,no communication at all. This is why those of us that LOVE this site & wish to see it thrive & continue are writing HERE & other places,communicating with each other. Steph is correct that few even know this thread,discussion exists or that the possibility of ipeace closing is very real! Those who have started new free sites are not one's trying to "steal" members,only wanting to keep our family together. They have done so out of Love of Peace & our community. As I wrote before,the problem is TOO many have created new platforms,sites and are blasting out to come join them. This is NOT good,as yes it scatters our community,far to many places. Your suggestion and info. is quite good. However the cost for a site like this is actually going up to either..

Ning Pro:The ideal solution for building a comprehensive social experience, including additional features, integration, support and bandwidth

Unlimited members
or $499.95/year* (save 17%)

Ning Plus: The tools and features you need to build and grow a branded social network with high engagement – an incredible value at a great price

Unlimited members
or $199.95/year* (save 16%)
depending on which best suits ipeace. More likely to be the $ 49.95 a month.
Raising this amount a month could easily be done,with proper communications !
The lack of communication,or ability to communicate with the creator of iPeace,David Califa..makes it very difficult to come together for solutions for keeping THIS site humming along in the spirit of peace it was created .
Maria,Stephanie's last comments here are so very right in all they wrote. I agree with your words Star Wise "No need to panic. What we focus on grows. Everything will work out as it should. "
I think most active members here wish to do what ever is needed to keep this site open and continue as it is. I think with "blog blasting" as wise Stephanie has suggested is great idea. I suggested similar a few weeks ago. Along with blasting out the link to this blog/discussion too! With so many members here,many that do not speak English,so many blogs & discussions on ipeace is hard for people to SEE this,or even know what is going on with ning and with ipeace. I feel it is up to those of us who do,to get the message out. Continue attempts to communicate with David.
Maria & Steph, No, the way donations have been asked for,placed on main page and Donate button added ,does not convey to all who love this site the understanding that it is in trouble! As a fund raiser for non profits for many years, I know how vital it is to ask for donations with clear ,concise,message that conveys the need along with an EMOTIONAL response. This is so very easy to do,with the right "words" .. why I offered to lend my experience and expertise in this area.
It would be so simple to raise all funds needed, for many years to come,put to members in the right way & followed up by communication by the creator David Califa!
Peace, Namste' & lotsa' Love
Leah, remember how succesful and super fun the 25 things about me was?
why isn't that used again now?
Like....25 things to get ipeace rolling and keep it alive.
I still like the blog blasting idea....many people pass thru homepage. if it is not there, it will be read only by a few.
I feel that David must say exactly what his plans are. What does he want. What he is willing to do. Who will be the administrators. Does he have any ideas that he feels will work the best.
Does he want someone to take his role.
What exactly does he want???
I personally don't like the idea of talking to a wall.....he may have written a comment here, but it is not like the rest of us, and it is called comunication.
I have a personal life story regarding that....comunication. I never brought it is extremely personal. I thought I would write it on the story group but....then iPeace started to slow down and I thought "why tell this personal thing to people who aren't listening". And this is how I am feeling now. Upset that a certain person is not comunicating. That is my passion.....and I feel upset that here, exactly where the world is meeting in a most modern fascinating extraordinary place....that the creator of the site just seemed to walk out the door.....and we only hear from him on occasion....and for a slight moment.
I am disillusioned. And it is not like me, anyone who has read anything I have written in the almost two years onboard.
My Dearest Stephanie, I also am disillusioned.
Why doesn't David do something, instead of just trying to raise money. I know as We of the iPeace Family can support this, but We need an Administrator/Administrators that are active & evolved in making iPeace be what it can be.
When I first joined, iPeace was My Oasis, among All the craziness going on. I finally met fellow Human Beings, that felt as I and We have lost so many of Our Family and I must say it's David's fault, with His lack of evolvement & communications.
As Always I "Thanked David" for starting iPeace, but now He is letting it die a slow death and it hurts Me and I will be here to the end or to help resurrect iPeace, as I know We can.
Loving You All, for Your concern of Our Mother iPeace.
"Happy Trails" & "Happier iPeaceing".

Motorcycle Hippy Al
yes Steph, I remember & you are brilliant!! !! Awesome idea(s)
The ranks of the disillusioned has been growing a while now, Now reaching the people who like you say "it is not like me" I have had so many write this to me and here and....well I was too. I am a bit still. Focusing on all I have already written, here & other places. Not allowing the feeling take over or affect how I go about "happy ipeacing" ...
Please promote this discussion to all your friends and please list all sites started by potential refugees in case this site closes.

Please also see David's!/pages/iPeace/33022447649?ref=ts

And also see David's which lists some substantial relatively recent donations and $8,357 as the total of all donations received by iPeace via Facebook.
I, for one and for sure not the only one, had no idea that iPeace received over 8,000 dollars via Facebook. All this info should be on homepage! I don't understand all this work of the members without the creator of iPeace Mr. D, making it super clear to all on......h o m e p a g e. Is it really all that difficult to do?


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