The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

Recently, NING has decided to charge for all its services. There is more information here:

The options NING is offering are at:  Because iPeace has more than 150 members, the only viable options for maintaining iPeace at NING are:

  1. NING PLUS which costs $19.95/month or $199.95/year, or
  2. NING PRO which costs $49.95/month or $499.95/year.

There is some related general discussion here: .

It is now up to the current active members of iPeace to determine NOW whether and how the iPeace network and its community are maintained. 

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YES, Maria! Thank you dear one, is also what I have been saying/writing HERE..and elsewhere..
ALL the questions,A small ADMIN team to keep ipeace humming along in the spirit of peace it was created you wrote my friend Maria...
"Here are people who are allowed to work and help only we need to know with whom and where."
It would aslo allow,help those of us willing & able to help with fund raising,to do so as Steph wrote...
"Are you saying that only 1000 dollars are needed to make iPeace exist for another year?
Can't you write that on HOMEPAGE and ask everyone to send in a dollar...That way iPeace can continue for MANY years.
If this is what is needed, can we together compose a nice inviting way to receive this money and then we put it on homepage?' What do you think?"

Since NO ONE but David has the post ,write compose, message for donations,On the HOMEPAGE ,it is hard for those of us "in the know" to do this,properly.
Yes, we can write and share this info. convey your message to others on many places on ipeace and facebook.
I am good at quickly Blasting out info. as I did yesterday,as I did on the "1 Day of ipeace closing"
I will be doing so today & days to come,to help as many ipeace members, be informed and understand what is happening & need for donations. As long as transparency and communications of money raised is continued to be updated and we know how much raised,how much needed still,etc..
We need a small Admin team and also at least 1 dedicated communicating loving person as that has ability to be the Admin with the "buttons"
Thank You David for your comment and letting us know,again, that you are following this discussion :)))
With Much love & Respect
Dear David,

Thank you for responding.

I do not think that iPeace needs 500 to 1000 dollars to continue to exist if it continues to be maintained by volunteers.

I think that NING PLUS which costs $19.95/month or $199.95/year and Domain registration and redirection that together cost about $10 a year is all that is needed.

That means less than US$250 per year.
Hi Paul,

one small point I want to add here, is that if we use Firefox with the "adblock plus" addon - both of which are free, then there is no need to pay the fee for removal of adverts on iPeace. This could be made clear on the front page for anyone who does not wish to see adverts.
Ads are not the issue.

Ning Mini only supports up to 150 members and has no groups.

Saving what is maybe a worthwhile goal for the sake of the currently active members. The iPeace brand has been harmed by friction between some people. Many good and active people have left or are just dormant. If what there is is saved then, but only then can we think about trying to rebuild the brand.

Alatform like this can only work IF it serves the WHOLE community, and is not dependant on any one person or inbred clique.
No problem Paul, like I said, it was just a small point with regard to the adverts.

I do not know much about the friction you mention, but its not unusual for there to be some on places like iPeace, as am sure you know, and often difficult to sort it out, but leaving differences aside, we all may be able to make some progress here.

I just noticed your last comment.

"Alatform like this can only work IF it serves the WHOLE community, and is not dependant on any one person or inbred clique."

couldn't agree more with this particular point, and would say that "cliques" are only self-serving and have no place on iPeace, but instead we need reasonable, democratic and free-thinking players to help manage, organise and maintain the network.
And I also agree 100% with your comment here Des!

"couldn't agree more with this particular point, and would say that "cliques" are only self-serving and have no place on iPeace, but instead we need reasonable, democratic and free-thinking players to help manage, organize and maintain the network!"
And not cuz I'm your wifey to be..but because is exactly how I feel, see things too!
Yes I agree Paul and understand,know of these issues you have raised ,So Thank YOU for writing this..
In my opinion Ipeace shouldnt need any money to survive.Its lost its way sad to say.I joined because there seemed to be a clear belief in a coming together of people internationally with a genuine spirit of oneness and a collective force of people giving something of themselves to a world cause of peace.I believe that there was a hidden agenda from certain individuals to profit or make some kind of business from a genuine cause for peace on our planet.Get some new blood iPeace...
Look how many good ideas and opinions that there are above. A lot of people are very well informed and that is important to a site like this.
Actually, when I read David's above message, his last one, I was quite surprised.
If only 500-1000 dollars were needed to keep the site going, David, why didn't you mention that small sum weeks ago, put it on homepage so that we dedicated members wouldn't have lost a lot of time discussing here!! However, not all are happy about paying a dollar, and I agree with Wang, that it isn't right to put the name next to each person and how much they offer. People are discreet, I for one, would not like to be shown for donating one dollar, but actually, with 20,000 members, that would be more than enough if all were to do so.
Or even 1/10th were to do so.
We are all going to have different opinions. But, as Maria states above, a lot of existing problems must be worked on first. We need logical thinking and problem solving to get ahead.
And I don't like the idea that people have already donated, and now you are saying that if 1000 dollars are not made, then maybe the site can't continue. It seems that things are being done in a backwards fashion.
people, create a blog buster...I just created two of them.
Get people interested to come to this discussion forum by getting them to read blog number one OR by creating a short blog that explains what we are discussing here. Even in other languages!!!
To start again, we don't need the Ning platform. Gordon has demonstrated that.

People have put a lot of work in iPeace on Ning. There may be some value in rescuing that.

One thing that must become clear first is whether any future iPeace belongs to one person or to its members.


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