The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

Recently, NING has decided to charge for all its services. There is more information here:

The options NING is offering are at:  Because iPeace has more than 150 members, the only viable options for maintaining iPeace at NING are:

  1. NING PLUS which costs $19.95/month or $199.95/year, or
  2. NING PRO which costs $49.95/month or $499.95/year.

There is some related general discussion here: .

It is now up to the current active members of iPeace to determine NOW whether and how the iPeace network and its community are maintained. 

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Hi Stepahnie,

I've been freaking out because of ning since their first anouncement through other nets I belong to and we haven't found a solution for the problem yet.

I strongly believe that we should and ought to sue ning for all the series of crimes they are committing and I do believe that if we loose here and now, all internet users will loose from now on.

I do hope that money does not relax ipeacers' minds too much and that we still find strength to do the right thing and properly fight for our rights.

We all count on each one fo us.
Hi Beatriz
don't know what others may say about this. Lawsuits.....very complicated considering we are spread out all over the place. I can't imagine it being something very easy or even something people will dedicate time to.
They hardly had time to come to this forum to read what was going on, and lately people do not converse as they did in the beginning of this site. I am curious to hear others.
Thanks for your concern.
Hi Beatriz,

Ning was and is a business.

Many things on the internet are free to many users. As users, that is NOT our right. It is just an opportunity. Someone must pay. In this case clearly Ning was clearly not generating enough revenue from the advertisements on the 'free sites.

As I see things:

  1. Ning owes us free users nothing. If anything, we the free users have some (moral) obligations towards Ning.
  2. On this site because David was paying for some extras that iPeace may or may not have needed, we the free users of iPeace have some (moral) obligations towards David.

The bottom line: NING and/or David are NOT obligated to provide us with a playground.
LMAO..tooooo !!! Hardy Harrharhar..
laughed out loud on this one!!
Hi Wang,

Many sites were. are, and will remain free. Why? Their owners had to and have found ways to make them business propositions without charging ordinary users.

Facebook is one such example. So is the google stable. The emotive crack analogy also could apply to them, and may do so in future.
In many ways Wang, I see where you are coming from. My points are in part emotional, because that is the primary way I express myself....

As far as reducing the issues to the details and facts, I have not had time, like yourself, to digest the undoubted varying viewpoints on this issue from the wide range of network creators and members out there.
You rock Wang!
Thanx so much Wang.
OK, i respect your points Paul but respectfully disagree!

Am sure there are a minority of peace promoting people on non-profit sites like iPeace who agree that the capitalist model is working?

Its the users that built - without them the businesspeople would have nothing.
Its the users that built iPeace - without them there would be no iPeace.

I go with the vast majority of people around me, who see and feel in their hearts that there is something fundamentally wrong with what Ning is doing, especially in the case of non-profit networks, teaching college networks and other "free" users who are committed to good causes.

The whole thing stinks! Get the kids hooked, then charge them an arm and a leg to keep their "playground" - very cynical and hypocritical I feel.

I am sure that there are many here would disagree that this place is nothing more than a playground. For most of the people I know and communicate on here, it is an organic, living breathing network where people learn from each other through communication, sharing of pictures, music, and a whole plethora of other types of interactions, including play, that make up the whole organic network of iPeace.

Respectfully Paul,
I couldn't have said it BETTER my dear Des!! LOl and a bit of what you wrote like ipeace being a living breathing Community,entity.."For most of the people I know and communicate on here, it is an organic, living breathing network" were my words in our communications,though I didn't use word organic,:))
Thank YOU for your comment. Now, I don't have to reply to Paul,using almost same words typed....:)
And a little playground amidst all the seriousness,in getting to know people around the world that, in some cases do not speak English well enough for comments,communicating BUT can convey what want to say,in images..videos,etc..could be viewed by others as a "playground".
Laughter is vital in communicating,learning,loving,caring,connecting..with so many Globally & good for relief of tensions and GOOD for the soul! imho..
ju st a thought
are we too few on this group, discussing?
is it important that people know what we are talking about?
is it just important that the few discussing, knowing English well and being strong believers in comunicating, lead the way for the whole 21,000 of us?
like I said...just a thought


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