The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

Recently, NING has decided to charge for all its services. There is more information here:

The options NING is offering are at:  Because iPeace has more than 150 members, the only viable options for maintaining iPeace at NING are:

  1. NING PLUS which costs $19.95/month or $199.95/year, or
  2. NING PRO which costs $49.95/month or $499.95/year.

There is some related general discussion here: .

It is now up to the current active members of iPeace to determine NOW whether and how the iPeace network and its community are maintained. 

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Very well said Leah!!
Quickly, one of the things that just isn't right, is that these good words said, about iPeace organization and all, aren't reaching enough people on iPeace I believe.
WHERE does one post the very most ijmportant things that MAY keep iPeace alive and going? There are literally thousands of people that don't realize that iPeace may actually....stop. If a blogpost has a title that is SO strong, that is SO honest and open, is that right too?
But if here, on this particular post, there are only 5, or 10 or even 50 or 100 people posting, that is certainly not the 20,000 people on iPeace.
WHERE and HOW can the big problems really be solved?
The leader of iPeace, HOMEPAGE of iPeace really should be discussing all these important things. And NOT displaying featured members for the last, what....2-3 months?
VEry well said Al!
Comunicators are comunicators and those who are not, are not.
It is impossible to take a comunicator and get him to not talk, and vice versa!!
And so??
There can be no comunication between the two.
And knowing this, where DOES one go to?
Adults, when they chose to freeze up, don't want to be told by other adults to open up.
The only thing that can change them is.....TIME
But, I think that the time is chosen by the silent ones....NOT the ones who comunicate...they can't tell the silent ones to answer questions, but they have to just wait and wait....hoping that time doesn't run out.
It is terribly unfair, but that is why being silent is so wrong.
me too!
lol, me too !!
Hello Maria! I think the fees for Ning networks are met by the Network Creator. Members do not pay anything, unless there was a separate arrangement between the network creator and the members, or the site is turned into a subscription site.

@Stephanie, I really hope iPeace stays alive on here, on Ning, as the other platforms are nowhere near as good as Ning...
Thank you for the information
What ipeace decide is fine with me ok
much love and peace
Clicia Pavan
Paul would tell whether it is the total amount --- x = split numbers of menbros ok
OK Paul I noticed it
" 1. NING PLUS which costs $19.95/month or $199.95/year, or
2. NING PRO which costs $49.95/month or $499.95/year. "
only I don't understand if the cost are for all i PEACE Network or for site
of every members of iPeace Network.
--- Division as to how many ????????? and advertisements?? be paid??
menbros - x divided by x = x amount?
Creation of the board of directors meets menbros ---
If everyone pays, everyone has rights and duties
Pablo le diría si se trata de la cantidad total --- x = número de división puede menbros
Aceptar Pablo I se dio cuenta
"1. NING PLUS que cuesta $ o $ 19.95/month 199.95/year, o
2. NING PRO que cuesta $ o $ 49.95/month 499.95/year. "
sólo que no entiendo si el costo son para toda la red i paz o de sitio
de todos los miembros de la Red iPeace.
--- División de cómo muchas ????????? y los anuncios? va a pagar??
menbros - x dividido por x = x cantidad?
Creación de la junta directiva se reúne menbros ---
Si todos pagan, todos tienen derechos y deberes
Regarding the money, see

The rest depends on negotiations with David.
ok Paul---thank you!
ipeace is my home,my family, my Serenity...This kind of sums up how I feel..
about This community,our Global family here and also the question of the future of ipeace & lack of any communication from David...
I need ipeace, I need Serenity..

Hey need not be anxious gives everything goes right, I'm sure
Let's help as we can, our group presence, it makes a difference in the net
much love and peace!
I think Everyone knows what iPeace means to Me, if not, what it means to Me is that it is My Mother Peace Internet Network. I have seen so many of it's children Peace networks that were born because of iPeace and if You need someone to pay the whole amount I'll gladly do it, but I would have to be able to be able to have a say in keeping Our Mother iPeace alive and I would be there for all of it's members, unfortunately the creator of it doesn't feel as I do and that would have to change and Yes, I have donated monetarily already, with never a response to My donation or any other matter that concerns iPeace. "Happy Trails" & a "Happy iPeace" , Lovin You All, Motorcycle Hippy Al


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