The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

Recently, NING has decided to charge for all its services. There is more information here:

The options NING is offering are at:  Because iPeace has more than 150 members, the only viable options for maintaining iPeace at NING are:

  1. NING PLUS which costs $19.95/month or $199.95/year, or
  2. NING PRO which costs $49.95/month or $499.95/year.

There is some related general discussion here: .

It is now up to the current active members of iPeace to determine NOW whether and how the iPeace network and its community are maintained. 

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  • Rachel DuPre's profile photo
    +Bunto Skiffler Its a reference to Surah 97 and the promise

    That on this night God shall command his Angels and they shall come before all mankind with his instruction that we Be at Peace. That night is Layl al Qadr or the Night of Fate, the Night of Instruction, the Night of the Dream and is the 27th night in Ramadan. It is the only Instruction that all mankind receives direct from God through his Angels and is God's most important message to us therefore.

    A fact sadly forgotten by many Muslims, some of whom observe peace only on that night (the concept of limiting words to their least meaning that hounds much of Arab culture and leads to some Muslims just praying five times daily, just fasting for the minimum 12 hours, just giving 3% in charity, just doing Hajj once in their lives)

    Faith is like that, it splits between those whom see its guidance as defining the maximum one need do (minimalists) and those whom see it defining the minimum we should do (extentionists). The Quran then says for Sayidda such as myself that we must take the harder path and thus we are extentionists and whatever asked of us we attempt more or the most onerous definition or interpretation and so if Muslims are asked to be at peace we must be more at peace yet

    ISIL became apostate when they attacked the Hajj in Mecca on this night three years running, an act that proves according to the Quran that ISIL are non believers yet still some so called Muslims support them
  • Mikal De Valia's profile photo
    i totally ruined your thread.
    i ought to be sorry, but i am laughing.

    however, you present a very calm and orderly image of the faith that you profess as you see it.

    speaking as a Polytheist, the People of the Book direly need more rational champions of reason, peace and love such as you have repeatedly shown yourself to be online, here and elsewhere.

    and as a non-atheist, I can only say in general well done.
    we have differing philosophies, but co-existance and understanding that transcends mere grudging "tolerance" is going to be, I hope and pray, a rising trend as this century evolves.
  • Mikal De Valia's profile photo
    and politically...

    +Rachel DuPre
    There's something called the CIA in the United States.

    they are shit stirrers. over and over again they have agitated political situations out of perverse addiction to creating unnecessary and bloody wars. it disgusts me. and knowing, as most of the world will know soon, that automobiles and motors in general can be powered by water and sunlight, very soon the lucrativity of petrol warmongery will die.

    That will take a lot of pressure off of all three of the monotheist religions, and uplift its' sincere practitioners. and the insincere practitioners who sinply use scripture to create bloody conflict will become really obvious in their dishonesty and denial.

    that's what i see in the stars and planets for the next few years.

    all the negativity practically forces the monotheist religions to produce better examples of what they can be...
    The Japanese have invented a car that runs on water
  • Mikal De Valia's profile photo
    also, that headline is incorrect. the Japanese did not invent that technology.

    the automation and mass production of said technology is most advanced and developed in Japan. But Hydrogen combustion applications have been practical and functional since before Japan and the United States began waging war against each other in the's one of the most huge cover ups one could imagine!!
  • Mikal De Valia's profile photo
    when petroleum stops being an issue, these annoying and hypocritical Crusades will become less meaningful. I say this as one who abandoned Christianity for Wicca. It's appalling, and none of the killing, warmongering and brutality has anything to do with the Prince of Peace, no matter what any bloody worldling says or has said since before Muhammad was born.

    Waging wars is counter to Christ. Period.


Rachel DuPre+1
+Mikal De Valia
We have long had water engine technology and indeed the ability to create alcohol from water and to establish the inflammable OH molecule in alkenes from water, what technology is doing is making the process of doing so increasingly microsized and less and less expensive such that water conversion to alcohol groups can be achieved within an engine rather than requiring refining before being added as fuel. The problem is most engines are designed to fail unless lubricated by fuel and water does not also lubricate. This is being resolved by replacing the perishable and wearable parts with parts with much long life under friction and thus not requiring lubrication during combustion. It is also being addressed by electric engines where lubrication runs as a system separate from momentum generation ie you dont need a combustible fuel to double up as a lubricant

In one Grand Prix in Holland I was in the pits when we wound Coulthard up literally, He was on camera asking me how my Audi F1E 3000v mk1 worked and so the pit crew had set him up and we solemnly fetched out a large key which we inserted into the engine and wound it up. For a long moment he looked at us in disbelief seriously contemplating that our car was powered by a clockwork engine and then I handed him the key and said "You will be needing this ... for next time someone winds you up!" I guess he had the last laugh as our engine never competed the circuit that day ie we hadnt wound it up enough.

When petrol is no longer needed, it will indeed change the influence of the Middle east on the world scene but alas the real problem in Islam sits in Pakistan and with India and Indonesia, those three countries represent the majority of Muslims in the world and are on the verge of war. Then the real problem over population growth is the mismatch between resources and population size in Africa which is divided into three religious groups. Focus will shift, the Middle east will be yesterdays problem, Africa and Pakistan the new focus. China has already seen this and has established exceptional relationships with both controlling most of the trading infrastructure in both.



Mikal De Valia
+Rachel DuPre
What you've said is true, and will bear further reflection.
That being said, it's still true, isn't it, that the demonetization of petroleum will solve a lot of problems? Although it will cause problems for troublemakers and warmongers.

They deserve problems. Some more headaches for them, but more slack for the rest of the world is a truly good thing, in my view!

I visualize further the greening of desert regions.

I know, we both know that there are obdurate and arrogant State heads who will come up with dirty tricks and political deceptions to try and maintain the illusory value of petroleum. Aren't those sorts of people being considered hypocritical and fake from the perspective of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, anymore?

Maybe I am a little head of my time. But those of us who really seek a peaceful world MUST think beyond the short sighted strategies of those who imply that the only future is more war with false reasoning...and with these technological developments, petroleum is a false reason for war. It's a reason that stands as long as people don't know about the reality of water.

But people know about the reality of water. I dare to say that the warmongers are not the smartest heads in the situation, and those who seek to continue to contrive false reasons for cultural wars deserve to be embarassed in the public arena!



Mikal De Valia
+Rachel DuPre

YOU wrote:

When petrol is no longer needed, it will indeed change the influence of the Middle east on the world scene but alas the real problem in Islam sits in Pakistan and with India and Indonesia, those three countries represent the majority of Muslims in the world and are on the verge of war.

There's a call for theologians and philosophers, is there not.
Looking at "Pakistan" historically, and I mean in terms of the last three thousand years of history, there are some problems there that really need theologians and philosophers to address. and Honest theologians and philosophers.

But it would be unfair to call these "unsolveable" problems: there are a lot of situations...

...where there are historical key facts that are almost completely lost.

Someone said "blessed are the peacemakers." We need to use that bit of philosophy. But I also personally keep in mind the saying "Those who seek peace should prepare for war."

In the context I mean: those who have become unfairly fattened because of war's spoilage will use old, dirty tricks that the world has seen over and over again to sabotage peace processes.

but they are old tricks. we should be ready for them, and ready to counteract them...




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