The iPeace network now works and relies on the NING platform.  Until now, basic services were free and advanced services were not. David Califa established iPeace and used to pay directly for some NING services.  We are all grateful to David for that. 

Recently, NING has decided to charge for all its services. There is more information here:

The options NING is offering are at:  Because iPeace has more than 150 members, the only viable options for maintaining iPeace at NING are:

  1. NING PLUS which costs $19.95/month or $199.95/year, or
  2. NING PRO which costs $49.95/month or $499.95/year.

There is some related general discussion here: .

It is now up to the current active members of iPeace to determine NOW whether and how the iPeace network and its community are maintained. 

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Who are YOU to stablish and impose YOUR red lines on others? What kind of notion of Peace do you have? This is only authritarian cyber bullying, sir. Why don't you chase the men who come over here just to collect girls? There are lots of them at this site. Go, go fecth'em.
lol..Paul..that's a good guard doggy..go getz 'em :)

Grrrruff, I right beside you.. tail waggin' goin after those pesky buggers,
spammers slammers ...ARE needed on ipeace ning,so all you lovely peace luvin peeps aren't getting slammed by spam!
Lovin you & lovin ipeace
As dear spammer slammer guard Motorcycle Hippy Al says..Happy ipeacing
I'm going to do just to get sum peace & love over on ...well All over ipeace
See ya All around.. smiles & Hugs xxx
I think I'll go to "That's what Friends Are For" & soak up sum positive vibes & LOVE or over to "Wisdom" and share some ideas & wisdom with lotsa Love & peace peeps/Family or...hmm so many peaceful loving places to go enjoy..on this special ipeace ning Community..

I think I'll go play, anyone got a ball I can fetch? or a frisbee maybe? a stick will do nicely too :D
How bout sum treats? treats are very nice & good people share them..not nice peeps that makes rude comments about good lovely pitbulls...getz bit in the azz for a

We Are All One , even when we don't agree, that is my input here today..with a smile and a..
woof woof...

That cat must be one of those Spammers or one of those "who come over here just to collect girls?" as They fear no evil of those who are trying to guard iPeace and Hopefully that will be done more effectively, with more Slammers.

"Happy Slammin" & "Happy iPeaceing"

This dog, (must be a trans-dog, it is a boy in a dress of all things!!!) just signed up for iPeace!!! This is what he/she wrote:
"Looking for fun, a roll in the grass. Will dress anyway you want, dress, tights, highheels....anyone interested? Love pitbulls the most for their aggressiveness....will even be put in a cage if you like. Anything I repeat I will do anything........for peace, however. No spammers, no dog-haters. All breeds accepted. RRUUUFFFF!!! Just as I like 'em!" Suzy-Q....cellphone "callmeiamhot"

Click Here For Images &
Laughing Pictures
Hearty LOL so hard I LMAOROTF .....Thanks Al & Thanks Steph for the great laughs,
I think most helpful & needed to "lighten up" a bit here...
Yes, Steph..and Al,I would like a special code made up just for red flagging the "sex & porn" type spammers we have been getting A LOT of on ipeace,many keep coming back,with small changes to name or IP address..they are getting smarter & fool some members by the look like a friend and messages plastered all over peoples profiles, those are hard to get off fast enough! Hopefully as Al & Paul have said..
A step in right direction so more than 1 person can quickly act to ban/boot & remove these pesky spam- bots...As Paul can't be here 24/ one can.
We can catch & report them but can't remove. We need help & we need several people with the ban button to get them off ipeace quickly!
give yourself a hug for me, would ya Al?
luv ya!
wonderful picture taken at a militar police headquarters here in sao paulo. this is the way you ought to behave yourself reti.

the cat is no spammer. it is just the ruler.
As the Flames grow Higher & Higher from the "Flamer" or is that just the "Ruler?"

LOL Flame on..Fire-soul..Hippy Al :)))) xxx
oh and Al,yes i did understand your comment of "Flamer" was not YOU, but I made a giggle of it and added the Swedish phrase dear gunilla taught us English speaking peeps..Fire-Soul..As U are,I am,kenneth,Steph, many HERE is a compliment :D..
Or I can invite you all to my new group The anger management class :) There we have no restrictions. Just go for it.
Where else can we dump our aggressions in this blessing company ?*smile* I know a good container where no one expect us to shine :) :)
Just to be human... and anger is a part of it. Then you can go back here and find a solution.
But now i think you need to laugh and joke a little, after all... my God... this is not the end of the world... it`s the beginning of something new. That`s good
Keep the distance..:)
I´m not so good at my profession, but I promise I do my very best :) :)


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