Each of us has our individual Life Journey to Awaken Our Heart&Soul of Great Spirit Again...

Here is a Man with a Beautiful story of his Life...

He has Awakened his Heart&Soul of Great Spirit thru his Awareness of the lessons/Experiences of his LIFE...

You should learn much from visiting his site...

Here is an e-mail I have sent him...

Why not compare your Life Journey and current Awareness of your Life Journey to His Life Journey and discuss what YOU SEE ABOUT YOUR SELF and your Soul's Predisposition (Your I AM)?

Tree Thunderchild
51, Male
semi-remote Alaska
United States
. .At 2:15pm on January 21, 2009, steve leach said… Tree Thunderchild of Great Spirit,

Good to see you on this site this morning, and to read you simple words of wisdom...bring tears to my eyes...
they bring tears to my eyes, because they remind me of the old ways of living on and respecting this planet we call Earth.

Each of us here is sharing our own story of life...

A story I remember, is of 13 people walking to the gate of a pasture of a dew covered field, as they looked back, they saw 13 paths had been etched in the dew, heading to the gate...

It is not important how many people we lead to the gate, it is important how each Individual Spirit/Soul understands his/her own journey, and the paths of others they may have crossed along the way, but in the end, only YOU can understand this journey we call life in English, one of the many languages we have created to comunicate what we have observed along the way of our Journey.

Time we created thru obsercvation. One spin of Earth is a day, divided into what we called 24 hours, emerging from caveman type consciousnes.

We observed the seasons, and gave them 4 names.

We invented things, like the telescope, and observed our journey around our Sun, and the 365 days/spins it took us to travel around our Sun, we call all this Time, and measure our lives by it, i am at 60 plus trips around the Sun, you are at 50 plus...But, if we lived on Mercury, we would be at 100 mercury years and 92, I have actual real number, just too lazy to look up...

But Time is in the Present moment always, and way beyond our observation of it...

Sensing things, and using our mind, we do so much...

Observe your breath throughout the day, and journey within, in you thoughts and feelings...

you have chosen a very beautiful Earthly path, mine has been more technological, being in the modern society, as an Industrial Engineer with an MBA, helping companies make more money and profits, then Awakening to Reincarnation, and life's journeys to teach our soul/spirit how to return to the Heart of Great Spirit, and leave our Human Free Spirit behind to follow the Heart&Soul of Great Spirit once again.

That is the ultimate lesson that is taught on Earth, and You get it thru observing, feeling sensing your inner Spirit Being.

That predisposition of Soul you were born with here on Earth, an you are the I AM of Heart&Soul of Great Spirit/God...

You feel it, you try to explain it in words, but, words can only come close, it is your individual feeling/sensing that explains the I AM to YOU, individually.

thank you for sharing you life journey/path with me...

It is a beatiful journey to the I AM...


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