Each Relationship is A Gift from God
Message from Ascended Master, Lady Nada
Received by Julie Miller
May 18, 2013


Precious Hearts how pleasing it is to be with you through your Divine sister on this magnificent day.


All relationships are important and we are not only speaking of romantic ones, but even all the interactions you have each day from the most basic of interaction between two people that are merely passing each other, to relationships between parent and child, friendships, professional relationships, etc. Each precious soul you meet is considered a divine encounter. With each person you come across you are provided with the opportunity to see your Self within him or her. Through each interaction you are presented with the opportunity to communicate and how you react and respond is also an indication on how you will treat yourself. How you treat others does have a major impact on how you treat yourself. By choosing to express from your heart, you will always demonstrate the pureness of your whole Self each and every time.


One of the most fundamental of divine principles in regards to relationships is the ability to discover yourself in others, what it is within each precious soul that you find endearing and recognize what you consider to be unappealing. And this simple understanding appears in all relationships dear ones. Each relationship, even if it is between a salesperson and customer has the potential of providing you with the great spiritual growth that is productive and has the power to affect many areas of your life. It is from the Egoic stance that many dear souls continue to seek power and glory for themselves when each relationship, each interaction is a gift from the God, provided to each of you to teach you who you and what you can become. Even though you walk your journey alone, it is through others you discover your whole self.


When you only look at just yourself you cannot find your whole self. It is true you will discover much of who you are through meditation and from going within, but it is through your relationships that you really begin to understand and see your Self. When you are on the search to know thyself you will learn best when you include other dear souls, as they are your brothers and sisters as you are all children of God. Remember precious hearts, each person you meet and interact with is a part of you and you are a part of them.


Try to comprehend Precious Hearts; your true Self is not isolated as you may think. You are interconnected with ALL. Your true self dear ones is shared through this interconnection. If you are only looking at yourself, with Egoic eyes you will not see this Precious Hearts, just as you will not be able to recognize the ocean by looking at its drop of water under a microscope. Each person you meet is your chance to look beyond the normal appearance of two separate people and discover the common Self that both of you equally share. This describes a relationship that is blessed and divine. But those relationships that are ungodly will still have the two people but they will remain separate because they will compete and/or bargain with the other for their own personal and selfish advantage. Remember dear ones each of you holds a piece of the fragment that is part of the ALL that Is, part of the universe and all that includes. No one’s piece is larger than another, each of you hold an important piece that is essential for your whole evolution.


It has been a long time precious hearts since you have unveiled your magnificent self. For too long you have hidden your sacred self, buried your ability to see beyond selfish ways and see that your role here and NOW is not alone but connected. Each passing person, each interaction is your mirror. It is your own Ego dear ones that will cause you to send away the truth of your Self through the relationships you have. It is important to see and learn from the positive and negative effects from all interactions. By denying your Self to learn your whole self through the many dear souls that cross your path, you are also blocking your total awareness of them – you are in a simple yet profound way denying yourself to become the person, the being you are meant to be. Balance is essential for your journey precious hearts. You will not be completely happy and content if you only look for the light. You are combined of polarities, light and dark, masculine and feminine. Being able to learn from both sides and balance what you learn will propel you further along your journey that just focusing on one aspect.


The path of your journey is filled with many challenges and each one you must face before you can begin the next phase. Yes you must walk your own journey and choose your own decisions, but each step you take is the product of certain interactions that have either encouraged and inspired you or demotivated you. Learn to recognize your truth through your relationships. When you look for yourself in others dear ones, it’s important to be honest and self-honesty can be incredibly painful because it means you must drop all false pretenses and truly see with eyes fully opened. When you look back at previous encounters, recognize how judgemental or critical you may have been, and learn why this negative reaction occurred without passing blame. Look honestly. And when you discover the truth of this interaction you can learn how to improve your interrelationship skills, and how to interact with others without causing harm. All communications that you have reflects how you feel about yourself. If you are feeling happy and joyful you will express this way to others, but if you are feeling ill, upset or out-of-sorts you will also express this in your interactions. Even if you do not say a word, your energy will be felt.


Grievances come into your life dear ones and they hold valuable information that pertains to your own growth and development. It is important dear ones to learn to let go of all past grievances as they will only prevent you from loving completely, the changes you bring even if they are positive will not be as complete. What you perceive dear ones, negative or positive of another person you have interacted with is only a projection of your own thoughts of your Self. We remind you that your thoughts, feelings, words even if they are written, and action all holds powerful energy and this energy you are each accountable for. You may not be able to determine how another will react but what comes from you is your responsibility.


We encourage each of you to make your relationships productive and from them become aware once again of your negative thought forms and turn any self-destructive thoughts into goals to achieve and to become positive. You can turn your negative thoughts and actions into positive ones by merely wanting to. The change must begin with you and becoming aware that your own Ego has created certain measures to prevent you from succeeding in many of your goals. Through your Ego dear ones you discover your separateness, instead of your interconnectedness. Remember precious hearts your Ego knows nothing. It is your responsibility to learn by looking at your Ego and what it is trying to make of you. When you ask yourself, “How do I want to treat myself?” you are being honest and searching for honest answers then these answers will be found through your heart dear ones which is filled with unconditional love. The Ego cannot survive when you apply each thought, feeling, word and action with love. It is through your answer to how you want to treat yourself; you will discover as well how you will treat others.


It is your responsibility to change how you treat yourself and others, to remove yourself from feeling guilty and feeling unworthy of respect and love. When you finally are able to see precious hearts your whole truth, you then will be able to atone for your attitude and behaviour. When you are able to clearly see how your own self-destructive thoughts have caused harm and disillusion you will face the opportunity to choose to be gentler with your Self and with others. This shift of thought forms and behaviour brings you onto the path of forgiveness.


We remind you Precious Hearts, when you choose to judge and criticize another dear soul, your brother or sister of God you are treating yourself the same way. Stop criticizing yourself and others, end the self-sabotage and treat yourself with loving kindness. Relationships are filled with many important and necessary lessons that will help you to discover your whole true self.


Learn to give yourself in kindness, love and respect. Be responsible and accept any harm you may have caused, even unknowingly and forgive yourself. Forgive those that may have done you harm and heal precious hearts. When you give yourself through unconditional love to all people and things you are fulfilling a divine mission that God Himself has given you and to remember you and He are also connected. Your true Inner Power and magnificence originated from your Creation in God’s Divine image. Just like God, each of you are Love, a love that is pure and completely unconditional. And the main purpose of love is to give and through giving your true potential is revealed.


When you relate with others, you are provided with the opportunity to give of your Self. Within each of you is the capability to deliver love to others regardless of how they may think of themselves through the creation of their Ego. When you are able to see the magnificence in all others, even those that live through their Ego, you are truly remembering and being your true self that God created. The purpose of giving love cannot be fulfilled if you still hold within your mind that you are alone on your journey. Even if your home only consists of you, you are not alone precious hearts. When you greet the cashier with a smile you are fulfilling the giving of yourself as you are demonstrating Love. The simplest of caring and loving gestures are your cues, telling you how NOT alone you are.


Your true and divine self is LOVE. Love in itself is also a relationship. Without the interactions with other people you cannot discover your whole divine self, it is through love that you do. When you deny loving your brothers and sisters of God, you are also denying yourself love. It is up to you dear ones to see your relationships as productive means to strengthen your ties with God and follow the path love will lead you to the home of God’s beautiful heart. Exercise your own love through all your actions, words, thoughts and feelings and together working as ONE you will help heal the world.


I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller 

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"You are combined of polarities, light and dark, masculine and feminine."

i wish a LOT more netizens of the online New-Age movement could read this article.

well done.


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