Embrace God’s Will as your Own
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ June 04 – 11, 2013

Received by Julie Miller
June 04, 2013

You already comprehend well dear ones that the Faith you inhabit is the actual substance of the things you have Hoped to receive from unseen evidence. Understanding that both substance and evidence are divinely real and very tangible in your physical dimension. Faith is never physical but it is sacredly spiritual.


Embracing God’s Will as your own does not become a burden, but it does turn into a blessing. It is only a burden if you feel forced and doubtful to do something God has encouraged you to do. When God comes to you and encourages you to do something, you fill find comfort from His request, never impatience because you know deep inside of you God knows as well that you have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Divine Timing is always a major factor in fulfilling certain goals and reaching various achievements…sometimes a little patience must be added. Understand dear ones and accept that God’s Will is always going to be loving, never demanding and His Will often leaves the dear soul feeling good and divinely loved. When you follow the Will of God, you are creating a healing within yourself and discover through His Will you have also received His blessing. In His divine and mystical way, God has been preparing you to receive His Will and for His Will to be carried by each of you.


God is always with you. He does so much for you each and every day. When you find yourself applying great effort to fulfill something difficult God has directed you to carry out, you know at that moment, it is not Him achieving this task, but you. He trusts in each of you that you will follow your own Will and make certain choices that will determine where next your journey will lead you. When you become absorbed with yourself and with doing your own thing, without God in mind you become separated from God and separated from your True Self. Be quick to notice dear ones that you have gone off track and realign yourself to God’s Love and Will.


Anger, frustration, even fear are feelings and emotions that do not demonstrate God’s Will is working through you. Many dear souls are truly fearful of God’s Will. Many, who fear, find themselves thinking they have less freedom when bringing God into their lives. We encourage each of you to end the resistance and accept God’s Love and Will into your life as your own. Don’t allow your negative emotions and feelings motivate you, learn to dissolve them by activating the Inner Light that resides within the central core of your being. Don’t fear your Light, embrace this sacredness of you and let it shine and heal you from the inside out. God will be by your side each step of the way and if you ask for Him, He will gladly guide you out of every darkened situation you may find yourself in. When you learn to let go of your fears and surrender your need to control menial things and become trusting of God, you will discover freedom envelop your entire being.


God has no expectations for any of His children to learn any written word found within the sacred scriptures. He does not want you to feel forced to follow any one way or direction. When you know and understand God’s Will, through Faith you discover within yourself, you will learn you will always get what you need from God each and every time. God’s Word is always Love dear ones and through His Will, Love is understood as the only scripture needed to help bring you to victory over any battle you may face along your journey of self-discovery and life.


When you practice Faith dear ones, you come to a profound knowing that God and His Word and Will is enough. The experiences you have endured in this lifetime and from any revelations He has gifted you to learn from all direct you to learning your own personal truth and to develop further understanding of the dear people that are a part of your life regardless if they are near or far. The more you understand of your own environment and of the world, the more Faith you will have.


Many dear souls blame God for any negative outcomes. God does not cause personal harm; He does not make your choices. God will lead you to choices, but it is you as an individual that must decide which choice to take. When making choices, especially those that involve others in your household and life, it’s imperative to think wisely before making any rash decisions - as once a choice has been decided, many times there is no undoing. If you have chosen incorrectly do not look at this choice as being negative. Take this opportunity to learn and embrace the knowledge you will gain with enthusiasm. Never think of yourself passing or failing any test with God. He does create tests and lessons, but it is the human mind that says if you have passed or not. If you didn’t reach the outcome you had anticipated, that is another opportunity given to you to try again but with a different approach.


Through God’s gentle and loving encouragement He is showing you the way, the path that will lead you to His infinite Love and endless Light. By committing to God’s Will and by following His Word, He will show you through His divineness how to bring yourself into freedom of any Egoic ways and you will come home and rest in His waiting arms. If you wish to make changes within yourself, God will show you the way dear ones. Believe and have Faith and you will recognize His victory in every aspect of your life.


God’s Word has always been love dear ones. Love is often described through feelings and emotions. But true love that is felt at the level of the soul is not based on such feelings. Soul-deep love is not based on sexual attraction. It is selfless and deeply spiritual. God’s love is always selfless and He encourages each of you to receive and give love unconditionally to and from others. You meet God’s love each day dear ones through the miracle of a new day. Through God’s loving directions you are able to relearn what it is to love selflessly and begin a new rebirthing process. The more you grow in pure unconditional love, the more you will continue to receive God’s Love. When you are rooted and grounded in love, your ability to see the depth of yourself and the global neighbourhood which you live will become clearer.


The more you experience God’s Will and Love and how to respond from His love, the more you will be transformed into His image. Love is always an inevitable outcome and action. The Love you demonstrate verifies what you feel for yourself and those around you and of your commitment to God. The feelings of love that are within each of you will also be demonstrated through your kindness, goodness, gentle nature and of your self-control as you illuminate God’s Presence within you.


There are many dear souls that share you beautiful earth that truly fear soul-deep love. It is very difficult for these dear souls to overcome the barriers that they themselves have set in place. It is true these walls were constructed for protection, but what they also do is prevent the person from feeling and expressing true love. It is important for your journey to learn to let go of past hurts and disappointments. Glean all the lessons they have provided and see each experience with a positive eye. You have overcome so much and you have the strength to face more and you deserve to feel and give pure love that is felt from the heart and the soul.


The best way and sometimes the quickest way to knock down the walls that were created is through the Power of Forgiveness. During prayer, meditation or simply by being by yourself in a solitude moment ask yourself for forgiveness. Forgive yourself for any wrong doings you may have done along the way to others, and forgive those who have done any wrongs to you. When you go through the process to forgive you remove the heaviness of guilt and give room for God’s Light to shine your way to His Love and to your freedom of bitterness and resentment. God will always show you the way dear ones, if you allow Him. When you learn to move beyond your own self-centeredness and come Home to God’s Love, God instantly forgives you for your selfish actions.


With your relationship with God and your increase of Trust and Faith, you find yourself open completely to God knowing His love will always be there. God’s Love and Light will guide you to new relationships where you can demonstrate His presence through the love-filled actions you will exercise. If you need further understanding of love or how to communicate more effectively with a specific person that is friend or family member, God will show you dear ones because He loves you.


God is manifested into each of you each time you respond, speak, think, feel and act from Unconditional Love. Each of you knows God is Love and God encourages ALL His children to truly love one another instead of trying to always outdo each other. He has enough love to go around dear ones. Bask in His Glory, feel His Love and Know His Will.


I AM Ascended Master El Morya through Julie Miller

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Thank you, El Morya and Julie

When I was a child I was frightened of the whole concept of God's Will, but somewhere along my spiritual path as an adult it all turned round, and I was able to work happily with the concept.  I don't think we are meant to be fearful of it, but somehow the way it is transmitted through conventional religious teaching it can seem so.



I willingly surrender to Him everyday. 

I work very closely with Creator each and every day. 
We share many conversations and sometimes tea. 

I have many teachers that come to me occasionally for deeper development, but it is Creator who is my main teacher of my journey. I did not choose Him. He chose me. I still remember the afternoon He came to me, offering to be my teacher for my visioning skills, to fine tune what I had naturally. He gave me the option to say no, but I haven't said no to Him since. 

Thank you for your visit. 

Blessings of Divine Light and Love 


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