End of the Mayan Calendar-Beginning of the New Era: Celebration of All Cultures (New Website and Update)

Howdy Folks
Just to let you all know that the End of the Mayan Calendar-Beginning
of the New Era: Celebration of All Cultures for December of 2012 has
it's new website up and running for those who wish to be active parts
of the Councils for this great event. These Councils are specifically
for focusing each aspect and topic-centric:
onthepathto2012. mundomio .org
In just over 2 weeks since its' inception this project has gotten
over a thousand folks who have confirmed, or are maybe attending,
just of our Facebook Event page: End of the Mayan Calendar-Beginning
of the New Era.
Our Focalizing Council(s) on the new Website has over 180 involved
from 37 countries and every continent is represented.
All known Rainbow Webpages have gotten the invitation now, as have
hundreds of other groups world wide.
Although Rainbow is a central pillar of our networking we exclude no
group or network which is dedicated to World Peace and the Healing of
the Mother Earth, or any other positive alterative which will lead us
into a New Era on peace and harmony.
We have 3 sites around Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico, the site of the
main event, and Sister Events underway in a number of locations
globally. A new video short is being produced for announcing the event
(s) via Youtube and other sources. Poster designs are being made for
various aspects. News of this is spreading like wildfire throughout a
myriad of networks world wide and various alternative media sources
are picking it up (mainly radio at this point).
That these and other aspects have come together in under 3 weeks
speaks well for the will of the people to bring about a positive
future for all life and towards restoring the beauty of the Mother
Please feel free to forward, repost, publish and share this news by
all means.
Walk in Peace
Rainbow Hawk
onthepathto2012. mundomio. org
P.S. If problems occur trying to access the main website please use: http://www.mundomio.org/palenque2012.html

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