EU aid chief: Hamas 'enormously responsible' for Gaza war

Palestinian kid and his mentors.

Open your eyes, people. No one like to see dead children, but if you choose to take the war into their houses, which you boobi trapped. When you spend the whole war hiding in tunnels underneath incoent people's houses, you are coward and responsible. You nothing close to a freedom fighter.

EU aid chief: Hamas 'enormously responsible' for Gaza war

By Reuters

Hamas 'enormously responsible' for Gaza war said Michel, the humanitarian aid commissioner, as he stood in a United Nations aid compound damaged by an Israeli shelling.

He echoed Israeli criticisms that Hamas used civilians as "human shields" by fighting in populated areas and, describing Hamas rocket fire on Israel as a "provocation", he said in English: "Hamas is acting in the way of a terrorist movement."

Michel also criticized Israel for the offensive - which it launched in a bid to end daily rocket fire from Gaza on its southern communities - and appealed to Israel to allow in more aid.

Hamas said it was "shocked" at his comments.

Michel, a former Belgian foreign minister, said that, in line with EU policy, he did not meet Hamas officials, most of whom have remained out of sight since fighting ended a week ago.

The European Union is the biggest donor to the Palestinians and Michel announced a further 58 million euros in humanitarian aid for 2009, of which 32 million euros would go to Gaza.

Speaking of the Israeli bombardment, he criticized the destruction of factories and other economic infrastructure: "What I saw was abominable. It was unjustified," Michel said.

He called on Israel to open its crossing points with the Gaza Strip "massively", to let in not only food and medicines but materials required for reconstruction.

Israel denies entry to supplies such as cement and steel piping, saying that these can be used by Hamas for military ends. Israel has also defended its military tactics in Gaza, saying they were appropriate for warfare in congested areas. A Hamas official, Mushir al-Masri, criticized Michel's remarks.

"It was shocking to see a European official giving cover to massacres and terrorism committed by the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people," he said.

"Palestinian resistance is as legitimate as the resistance of European countries that fought against foreign occupiers."

Michel, who said both sides should be held accountable for breaches of international law, said: "When you kill innocents, it is not resistance. It is terrorism."

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John Fisher: "Robert I can promise this. When the rockets stop falling and the suicide bombers stop blowing themselves up the IDF will stop,"

The facts contradict that statement.

Rockets and suicide bombs had stopped, yet the IDF attacked Palestinians.

CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First
"Rick Sanchez does the research and finds that Israel violated the terms of the ceasefire first by killing 6 Gazans on November 4."

Israel admits: "No Hamas rockets were fired during ceasefire"
The "facts" you present here are that there where rockets fired, just not "Hamas" rockets.
If you where living in Gaza in the last year, you would know that anything happening in Gaza has to have Hamas' approval (but you don't).

Also, I would what do you think of Israel attacking Iraq's nuclear facilities in 1981? Do you think Israel should have waited till the Gulf war before attacking Iraq's nuclear missiles?
The same goes for Iran's current efforts for being nuclear, with their leader stating in every interview he gives that he wants to destroy Israel - should Israel wait until he fires the first nuclear shot?

Would you?
"rockets fired, just not "Hamas" rockets. If you where living in Gaza in the last year, you would know that anything happening in Gaza has to have Hamas' approval"

Except that Israel agrees none of those rockets were fired by Hamas.
Your last you tube clip shows you to be incorrect and throughout the ceasefire Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel. Hamas never implemented the ceasefire.
As the second clip explains, Israel agrees that (most) rockets fired during the ceasefire were not from Hamas.

Based on that video, the worst i can make of it is that Hamas fired 3 rockets after the ceasefire came into effect. Israel then waited some 6 months to respond.

Also the reason Israel gives for attacking those tunnels on november 4, was not that Hamas had continued firing rockets during the ceasefire.
Israel declared the ceasefire broken after Hamas had responded to Israel's attack on those tunnels, many months after Hamas may have fired those 3 rockets.

In addition, the juni 18 ceasefire agreement included Israel lifting the blockades on Gaza, but Israel did not lift the blockades.
Israel did not respond until after Hamas said it was over and they launched over 60 rockets in one day. Then Israel responded.

Hamas is the elected leadership of Gaza. Nothing happens within Gaza without the permission of Hamas.

The attacks on the tunnels was because of the tunnels.

Yes I agree that the blockade has been detrimental, and Israel allowed supplies, medicine, and food to enter Gaza everyday. One of the last UN shipments into Gaza was battle dress uniforms, and other military equipment. At no point am I saying that Israel is innocent of all charges, but it would be nice to see someone who supports the Palestinians say that Hamas is responsible for their share of atrocities.
"Israel did not respond until after Hamas said it was over"

When was that and what did Hamas say was over?

"and they launched over 60 rockets in one day."

When was that?

Please cite sources.
hello jhon
i wanna just explain to you some thing.
1-do you get out to protest against building settellements on palestinians lands?why israel israel use bulldozers to tear trees of olive?is not that terrorism?have you heared about that american peace activist, named Rachel Corrier? stand in front of bulldozer to stop it from destroying, and israeli killed her.
even animals defend their burrow, den etcso defending is instinctive behaviour.are not these are crimes?
2-israel is not only afraid from rocket,but also can not bear criticism,and wards.The Mossad : (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations) is the national intelligence agency of Israel.have commited crimes against people defend their country by words and cartoons, and poetry these are some ones:
* Naji al-Ali was ,is a Palestinian cartoonist ,assassinated by Mossad on 22 July 1987,
* Ghassan Kanafani assassinated, July 8, 1972 in Beirut, Lebanon) was a Palestinian writer.
* Kamal Nasser assassinated ,April 10, 1973) was a Palestinian writer and poet.
i do not know really if this is not terrorism,a mean way to rub new lands.
I guess it only goes to show you that killing people for what they believe means less what there opinion, is when it goes to free speech. a person words are more sharper then any bullet.

then any one can fire to kill them. it is the truth that sticks like needle in there heart then any words of wisdom being spoken of . Edward church
Omar, you talk like you know everything for fact, why don't you read some more about the people you mention. Why is it so easy for you to blame every issue on Israel?

Here I'm doing the research work for you:
Rachel Corrie:
Naji al-Ali:
Ghassan Kanafani:
Kamal Nasser:

Thanks Tatiana :o)
And I also very much agree on Kimmy's statement, I think this should be a way of life - never give up hope for making the world a better place for ALL ...
Hamas was very much at fault just as bad as Israelis soldiers were but the problem was that the innocent people died that had nothing to do with the politics. I can say only for the innocent. terrorism vs. terrorism never wins both sides of the fence does it.


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