EU aid chief: Hamas 'enormously responsible' for Gaza war

Palestinian kid and his mentors.

Open your eyes, people. No one like to see dead children, but if you choose to take the war into their houses, which you boobi trapped. When you spend the whole war hiding in tunnels underneath incoent people's houses, you are coward and responsible. You nothing close to a freedom fighter.

EU aid chief: Hamas 'enormously responsible' for Gaza war

By Reuters

Hamas 'enormously responsible' for Gaza war said Michel, the humanitarian aid commissioner, as he stood in a United Nations aid compound damaged by an Israeli shelling.

He echoed Israeli criticisms that Hamas used civilians as "human shields" by fighting in populated areas and, describing Hamas rocket fire on Israel as a "provocation", he said in English: "Hamas is acting in the way of a terrorist movement."

Michel also criticized Israel for the offensive - which it launched in a bid to end daily rocket fire from Gaza on its southern communities - and appealed to Israel to allow in more aid.

Hamas said it was "shocked" at his comments.

Michel, a former Belgian foreign minister, said that, in line with EU policy, he did not meet Hamas officials, most of whom have remained out of sight since fighting ended a week ago.

The European Union is the biggest donor to the Palestinians and Michel announced a further 58 million euros in humanitarian aid for 2009, of which 32 million euros would go to Gaza.

Speaking of the Israeli bombardment, he criticized the destruction of factories and other economic infrastructure: "What I saw was abominable. It was unjustified," Michel said.

He called on Israel to open its crossing points with the Gaza Strip "massively", to let in not only food and medicines but materials required for reconstruction.

Israel denies entry to supplies such as cement and steel piping, saying that these can be used by Hamas for military ends. Israel has also defended its military tactics in Gaza, saying they were appropriate for warfare in congested areas. A Hamas official, Mushir al-Masri, criticized Michel's remarks.

"It was shocking to see a European official giving cover to massacres and terrorism committed by the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people," he said.

"Palestinian resistance is as legitimate as the resistance of European countries that fought against foreign occupiers."

Michel, who said both sides should be held accountable for breaches of international law, said: "When you kill innocents, it is not resistance. It is terrorism."

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Tatiana, Ruach and others. Did you miss this post too? Are you busy reading Chomsky? Why can't we have your comment to the subject of this post? And why did ran away from this one? Are they fabricated reports about the 'democratically elected' Hamas?
I wonder what would happen if you lived 60 years ago. How would you justify then the actions of 'democratically elected' Adolf Hitler.

Good people and blind supporters of everything Hamas. Please explain this (we must find an angle to blame Israel fo it):

UN: Hamas police seized food aid and blankets from needy Gazans

By The Associated Press

A United Nation spokesman on Wednesday accused Hamas police in Gaza Strip of seizing thousands of blankets and food parcels meant for needy residents.

Spokesman Christopher Gunness said Hamas police raided a UN warehouse in Gaza City late Tuesday, snatching 3,500 blankets and over 400 food parcels.

The aid is especially vital now because Gazans are facing hardship after Israel's three-week military offensive against Hamas, which left thousands homeless.
The Gaza Strip is ruled by Hamas Islamists, who seized control of the territory from forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2007 after winning an election the previous year.

Gunness said Wednesday this was the first time Hamas had seized UN aid, but Israeli officials have charged that the militant group routinely confiscates supplies meant for needy Gazans.

A Hamas government spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

Meanwhile, Abbas' West Bank-based government on Wednesday annnounced a $600 million reconstruction prograM, most of which would be funded by foreign donors.

Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who heads Abbas' Western-backed government, said the project would cover all houses destroyed or damaged during a 22-day Israeli military offensive.

"The amount of the project is e600 million. Most of it will come from donors," Fayyad said in a speech, adding that the details would be announced in the coming days.

Egypt is to host an international conference in coordination with Abbas's Palestinian Authority on March 2 on Gaza reconstruction, whose cost has been estimated at $2 billion. Saudi Arabia has said it would donate e1 billion.

Last week, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit urged Europe to help with fast aid for the Gaza Strip, saying the reconstruction meeting would require damage assessments and the support of the European Union, the United Nations and others.
the more speaks what the both sides does the more un rest it becomes well peace is not peace when will some one will pick up this say and that say close this just puts more in the fire talking about the past and Hamass here
I hear it and read it to bad here we could not make it better. then to dispute it.
when i use words and arguments and not weapons.face me with the same weapons.when i talk and you come kill me , that show you are university,the students syndicat comprise several secteurs, philosophies,ideologies.we face each other by words not by white weapons.when i talk and you come kill me that show you are coward.and you have no arguments to face me.simply cause i say the truth and you say nonsense.
do you think i do not know these persons? you are wrong.i follow this conflicts since many years.i have accumilation of information about it.about the conflict in general.i read about jews, before imigrating to palestine.some of them were maroccan, some were the neighbors of my grand parents and my parents when they were child, my parents and grand parents had relationship with my village their jobs were almostly trade,,making jewleries.
among my best singers are jews or moroccan Sami Almaghribi,Zahra Fassiya,Salim Hilali,Pinhass and others.
in my country Jews and muslims and Christians were living in tolerance.
Still now there are jews in morocco, i meet them in supermatkets ,they are militants who fighted beside the left movments ex Abraham Sarafati, they experienced bad experiences of jail like other miltants, for one goal is to improve the life of all people.
in Europe when the jews suffered from the persecuation of Nazis, and putted on trains to Germany from other countries,all those regime shut their mouth and their eyes to what is going with jews.i can tell you a story of a jew singer of moroccan origin.Sami Hilali, a jewish singer of moroccan orgin, was in France when Hitler invading Europe,the men of Hitler were looking for Sami to to take him to Germany, when a Fkih(religous scholar in islam) was also in France that time, heared of that, runed to a cemetry in Paris, and changed a nam of a muslim dead and wrote Sami Hilali's father nam adding some islamic name.when the Hitler men came, the Fqih told them that Sami Hilali is a muslim and not a jewish and told them about the grave of his father they saw the grave and gave up the Sami.
i have no problem with judaism.
This is a beautiful story about one human being caring for the other regardless of his belief or origin, thank you for sharing this.
If we can all be this way, looking one at the other like human beings with needs, fears and ideas - everything would have been so much better. I think this is what we, as a peace community should do here, and spread the word amongst out family and friends ...

Thanks Omar
we are not out of the post Alex just we can not take a aprt of the problem we need a global analysing of the conflict.what is Hamas? a movment,who make this movement? palestinian people,why? as alternative for Fath,why cause people are tired of negotiations with israel,why? cause Israel do violate accords.just as any country, we vote for this party for some goals,when we feel disappointed , next time we look for good party,is not this the democracy?in israel you vote for the labor, likod,kadima etc, each party has its ideology and philosophy, some leader of of an extrimist right party propose to throw atomic bomb on palestinian as solution to the conflict!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Hamas is just a translation of the well palestinians(i do not have the same ideology of Hamas, i m completely different)
israel responsible of giving the strengh to Hamas.
just as poovert give birth to a criminal and a whore.
hahahahhahahahh very funy of you Alex you just focus on Hamas never you take the stick from the middle.
you do not stop say hamas hamas hamas hamas.
just answer some question we ask you.
who make Hamas? why all people vote for it? tell me about the other palestinian movements? Hamas are not just people, Hamas is un idea, Hamas is is the kind of land that give birth to some ideology etc.just like plants,each soal and climat give birth to some plants.
i hate beleive dogmatic discours,i hate discours made for fooling people and for external comsumption.i hate hypocracy of politicians.
i hate equating between between the powerful and the weak
im not stupid to beleive what politicians say on TVs, they are hypocrites,they know the truth but they do not say it.
let's forget what cleberitis say about who is the responsable about what is going in gaza.and let's discuss the situation as any situation.and let's find a solution in the place of defending this part or other.just suggestion
Interesting analogy ...
So poverty is blamed on whom?
The person not doing enough? The government not supplying people with work?
Nevertheless, most governments will send criminals to jail to pay for their crimes, regardless of why they are criminals. So in the end, there are limits to how can one affect the others, even if his life is not turning to be as good as he expects them to be.
do not be stupid gabby.
the man is the product of his environment.
secondly the existence preceds the essence,acorrding to the the philosophs of existentialism,jean paul sartre.
thirdly i gave example to make you understand so do not take itsuperficially.
its very stupid to equate between Hamas and Hitler,no way.
you may equate between Hitler and Israel yes, cause they have common points
hamass;defend for occupied lands
israel; occuper,and invader
Hitler; is occuper and invader.
let's change the fact Alex
let's say that the palestians are in the place of israel,let's say palestian live in israel , and they occupy Gaza, where israeli live, the israelis tasted all fufferings, of blocking,no food,etc,and when israeli protest no one of the world hear them.can you tell mr Alex, what israeli gonna do in such situation?in such case, from my side im gonna say that palestians are criminals,i will not book palestianins, cause in such case plalestinians are powerful and israeli weak.
mr alex israel is the powerful, it is israel that make the rules of game.i will chgange my views when the the rules of game change.i do not defend palestinians cause im arab or muslim,im arab but not muslim.
Mr alex try to answer questions, you ignore them,you are dogmatic, im sorry to say that but it is the truth, cause you wanna us to take what you say as truth and self talk by emotions not by your accept from other just what agree with your truths and here you you feel in subjectivity.what i see is that the major israeli have high sensivity with history.
No surprises from you, Tatiana. Never. Always dodging the truth. No matter who says it.

The Hamas who brought disaster on the Palestinian people in Gaza is now stealing the aid that you are sending them.

Is the UN wrong too?

UNRWA suspends Gaza aid after Hamas steals food and supplies
By The Associated Press

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) on Friday said it is suspending humanitarian aid in Gaza until further notice, after Hamas seized control of its warehouses and stole 200 tons of food and supplies.

The agency said it made the decision after Hamas personnel seized an aid shipment on Thursday. Earlier this week, Hamas police took thousands of blankets and food parcels meant for needy residents.

In a statement, UNRWA said 10 truckloads of flour and rice that had been
delivered into Gaza on Thursday were taken away by trucks affiliated with the Hamas-run Ministry of Social Affairs. Earlier this week, Hamas police took thousands of blankets and food parcels meant for needy residents.

UNRWA said the suspension would remain in effect until the aid is returned and the agency receives credible assurances from the Hamas government that such thefts will end. There was no immediate reaction from Hamas.
to alex
do israel confess any internatioanl laws??????? why you practice the proverb that says" forbidden to you,permitted to me"
you do not have the right to talk about internationl law and internationaml organisations since your country do not confess them.
you can not entrap us,stop this stupid game.
what about sabra and shatila massacres? if im in your place i will feel ashamed to come to this website éand start say nonsenses.
do you ahve any atom of humanity?


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