Every Day is an Opportunity for Change

Message from Ascended Master, Lady Portia
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 08, 2012


As you move through your journey, building and refining the knowledge you have gained through the bounty of experiences, I notice many of you wish they had the opportunity to do things differently during certain situations, possibly offer more comfort to a passing loved one, or showing more compassion towards a troubled friend or even yourself. What “might have been” you are aware cannot be fixed because what has happened is already done. Words and actions from what was cannot be undone. But you still opportunity dear ones to redeem yourself through your own self-forgiveness and love and by demonstrating all your actions being love filled and compassionate. Any wrongs that has occurred dear ones is an opportunity dear hearts to ensure a different outcome if a similar situation develops. Look at the wrong for the positive lessons it aiming to provide you instead of the sorrow.


Each morn you awake is an opportunity to begin new projects, to learn something new, to develop your consciousness, to do more than the day before and so on. Throughout your day when you find yourself in a state of boredom, that is a window of opportunity presented to you dear ones to push away the boredom by doing something constructive and creative. As you begin your day, if you honestly look within yourself you will understand that you have woken with the momentum to get you started, to encourage you to heal yourself, to love yourself and one another, to learn, to be and to become. Each day you are greeted with many opportunities. Looking backward to yesterday will provide you with many lessons dear ones but it is the present in which you must live your life that is paving the way into a bright and new tomorrow.


Yesterday is gone, and yes some of the patterns you did yesterday become repeated, but not necessarily the exact same way. There is always going to be something different each day for you to grasp, learn and marvel in. There will be something different about what causes your distractions. Opportunity dear hearts comes in many disguises. Now is your opportunity to dear hearts to what your heart guides you through the Light of God that has never diminished over time. The perpetual now that is where all you are living is yours dear hearts to serve through the use of your life.


There are many opportunities presented to you each day. Have you noticed them dear hearts? They come to your hearts door each day to selflessly serve your community, to support and help mankind through donations, selfless service and heartfelt prayer. When you pray dear hearts do you only pray for what you are aiming for? Or are your prayers including healing and support for whole world as well? Opportunities to bring in positive change and to engage in more compassionate roles will always be available to you dear hearts. There will always be an opportunity for growth and development that will help improve your own spiritual and personal life that will propel you into divine fulfillment.


Cosmic and universal justice decrees that no soul is denied an opportunity for change or new choices when it asks for it. Many of the opportunities presented to you, you have already accepted. The dear hearts that are coming into personification is evidence of what opportunity can become when it’s acknowledged and accepted.


Recognize that there is no freedom and liberty without justice dear hearts. I urge each of you to be fair to others and protect your hearts from any untruths that may find their way to you. Understand dear hearts that any imbalance is consumed by the torch of truth; true mercy will interlace around the truth enabling it freedom for you to master and understand. Divine Justice dear hearts is the revolving point between your thoughts and feelings. Divine Justice dear hearts provides you each time with the opportunity to ensure there is balance between your feminine and masculine energies that flow within you. When you decide to invoke my presence because you have a need for my guidance during a pinnacle part of your journey, I will guide you through any bitter thoughts and actions and help you avoid these through pure and unconditional love. Opportunity is given when you ask dear hearts always, it is never denied.


Divine Justice is represented by balance, equality and justice working together in perfect harmony. The scales I hold are represented by these and it is clear when a moment in your life when these scales tip too far one side or the other that imbalance is being met. When you recognize this imbalance dear hearts, that is your divine opportunity to adjust the scales and bring harmony back into your life and savour the peace and calm that is associated with balance.


You are encouraged dear hearts to remember and understand the meaning of the scales of divine justice. It is utmost important that you weigh the problems that come your way unbiased and treat them with fairness and balance as often as possible. Realize dear hearts there will be times when maintaining balance and fairness will be difficult, it is during these times when you seek guidance, support and love from the many dear souls that are waiting for your call for help. They come as angels, masters and deities. I know the issues of the world dear hearts and I know what troubles your own precious heart. I will help you if you allow me the opportunity. This is a part of my purpose dear hearts and your mission is still unfolding. Let me help you bring you to new opportunities and to the ability to comprehend with clarity what is before you.


As I hold each of you close to my heart, I bestow my love that is always unconditional onto each of you that is as endless as time itself.


I AM Ascended Master, Lady Portia through Julie Miller 

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