Every Person is Deserving of Loving Kindness
Message from Ascended Master, Serapis Bey

Received by Julie Miller
January 04, 2014



We are positive just about every dear soul that shares your earthly home has experienced negative people. These are the kind of dear souls that when engaged in conversation they are negative, they complain about nearly everything, about the people they work with, and many times about their personal life. Most negative people are cynical and often doubt their own intentions and abilities. Interacting with those that are negative can be quite an unpleasant experience.


Unfortunately dear ones you cannot avoid running into other dear souls that are negative. But there are ways to cope and to deal with these dear souls without needing to ignore them, after all they are also God’s children and are also deserving of your love and attention. If you have a negative person in your life at the moment dear ones, don’t allow their behaviour to limit your own abilities. Even while facing those dear souls that are negative there is much to learn from the experiences and from each one you are given a choice on how to react, respond and how to act through your words, actions, thoughts, and feelings.


For the most part dear ones, negative type people seem to purposely ignore positive talk about anything and they will exaggerate certain issues for attention and to make their issues worse than they actually are. We suggest to you to not engage in their negative talk. Listen to what they are saying, be supportive when it is needed by letting the dear soul know they are not alone but draw yourself an invisible line to when it’s time to disengage from their need to complain about the same issues they have spoken about many other times.


One of the best ways to disengage dear ones from the negative talk of others is by switching topics. And if the negative person continues on their negative talk and complaints allow them to continue but don’t become a part of it. Provide one word answers if the person is being negative whereas when they are being positive provide supportive and encouraging reactions and responses. Become enthusiastic when they do speak positively about anything. The more often you do this dear ones; eventually the other person will take notice and will become more aware of themselves and their conversations become easier and much more pleasurable.


It is important dear ones for you to understand that being in the company of a negative person will drain your own positive light-filled energy. If you must speak to someone that is known for being negative in their conversations, we urge you to make sure there is another dear soul there as well. This is so the negative energy that comes from the negative person is not directed just at one person, but is divided. The advantage of having another person or a group of people during the time you converse with one that is known to being negative in their demeanor and talk, is that it may bring forth a more positive side, a different side of that person because there are others listening and paying attention.


It is well understood that the dear souls that are described as being negative are also very critical, and have a tendency to slip indifferent and unkind comments that are hurtful when they are directed at a specific person. Learn to recognize that in truth the negative person does not mean to be harmful, the problem here is that they are caught up by their own negativity. Learn how to effectively deal with the critical comments. Recognize the comments that they make with objectivity instead of taking their words to heart, understand that this person is only offering an opinion. Learn to sift through the drama and ill-choice words for the message that is within and discover what you can learn that is helpful from what they said.


Many negative dear souls are only triggered by certain topics. If the dear soul that you are engaged in conversation with becomes more entrenched by their negativity, we suggest you introduce a new topic that will help lighten and brighten the mood. Speak about hobbies, happy news, friends you have in common, find out if they have a favourite movie – attempt to keep areas the person is comfortable with open to talk about.


Now we want you to think dear ones about the times you have had spent with negative people in conversation. Think about how you felt when you went your separate ways. Did you feel positive or negative after spending time with them? And apply the same question after spending time with someone who is known for being positive. Did you feel positive or negative after the time spent with them?


Determine when your feelings changed, how long did it take for the negative energy from the negative person began to affect your own? The more you spend time with someone who is negative the more your own feelings and thoughts will become negative. Whereas if you spend time with someone that is positive you will feel exuberant and happy and these feelings of joyfulness will infuse your thoughts and feelings with more positive light. We suggest you to limit the amount of time to be in the company of one who is negative. Learn to say no when they ask to be with you sometimes. Remember to be objective during any conversation you share and any time you have allowed for the interaction to take place be firm with this limit. Be thankful and gracious for the time spent and be on your way.


Understand why negative people are negative dear ones; be more empathic. They are negative because they lack love, warmth and positive influence and positive interactions. Try to comprehend that many times their negative behaviour is just a barrier they create to protect themselves. One of the most effective ways to help a dear soul that is negative is to help guide more positive light and energy into their life. Try to think of how you can help this person that is not elaborate, something that is loving and creative that is sincere that demonstrates that they are not alone and life does carry positives. There is always something you can do for others that will help Lighten their day and mood. Remember dear ones one small act of kindness on your part can easily make a huge difference to someone else.


We know you want to help every dear soul you come across that is negative, and this is a wonderful and divine quality. Yet we remind you that you also need to be in the company of positive minded people for your own growth and development. You are able to cultivate more positive energy when you associate with like-minded individuals that are friends, family members, co-workers or other dear souls you interact often with. Being in their company will be a rewarding and fruitful experience.


No matter who you turn to for advice or who you choose to help, your life is yours and it is your responsibility to decide how you want it to be. If you are in the company of negative people and they have you feeling bad about yourself, we suggest you to learn to cope with them and if possible let them go and begin creating a supportive circle of positive love-filled people that are encouraging and supportive. With you choosing the right actions that express love each time, you will create an intense difference in the outcome of any relationship you are part of. This is your life dear ones, it is up to you to choose what is the highest of good each time, and it is up to you to be aware of your choices and to fully understand how your choice can affect others, even from a distance.


And so it is…


I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

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