fifa 14 coins xbox Barcelona experienced than temporary less than real Madrid's second

(view more) Beijing time the morning of April 11, by the sports media, Chinese official website of Barcelona and Barcelona fans site view of the ball Association hosted fans activity, in Department of thermal Cat Club as scheduled. Recently in La Liga and the European Champions League and all the way off the Court through the challenge went to the Bernabeu Stadium, Barcelona La Liga leader Real Madrid. Before the match two teams with 77 points, Barcelona experienced than temporary less than real Madrid's second. Eventually with Lionel Messi and Pedro the second half into a ball, Barca 2:0 defeated Real Madrid away from home, with a 3-point advantage in the standings ahead of rival attention to fan organizations is the basic idea of civil service network in Barcelona. Earlier this season, we had successfully hosted the national Derby parties watching events in the first round. This time Real Madrid yiyidailao, at home against Zhou Zhonggang play Barcelona in the Champions League, Liga total of who can survive the early staged battle won the Scudetto road, who will be able to seize. Reporters arrived at 3:30 A.M. thermal Cat Club, has gathered about 100The Barca fans. According to a press survey, this bar has a large rear-projection screen, view visuals of the ball is excellent. In addition, they are also equipped with professional audio, enthusiastic organizers Barça anthem was played before the game, the atmosphere was very warm sports media provides exquisite gift for the occasion, including Barcelona casual caps, small banners, pencil case, and insignia, and so on. Before the game, fans have picked up the quiz form and fill in the hands of their forecasts for this game. We watched a bit, basically all of my friends have an eye on Barca can take three points away from home. A man surnamed Wang Fan told us that he is a Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3:0. Why so confident? Because they have a Macy 's. Turned out, the soccer fans indeed very proactive on 33 minutes, Lionel Messi dribble and Harvey meet, fifa 14 coins xbox which sent the ball, Macy's stopped ball in the chest inside the restricted area over Albiol, tuishe easily scored, 1:0, it was Argentina who state 7th goal in the Derby, and also his 27th League goal of the season. Messi's goal lit the scene thoroughly warm, everyone cheered. But this is not finished, and Harvey assists in the second half to help Pedro settled. Barcelona, faced with terror, even the legendary Titans have won what?

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