Friday 02/01/09 Peace Café III مقهى السلام 3

Many doubted that Israelis and Palestinians (and Internationals) can meet in time of war.

on Friday 02/01/09 we showed we can, and now is time for people to build the change in relationship.

The Associated Press and Reuters sent a video crew who filmed our peacemakers sharing themselves and their commitment to peace. we also been honored by Marc Gopin Director of the Center on Religion, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University's Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. and Gershon Baskin Co-Director and founder of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) - a joint Israeli-Palestinian public policy think. Gershon initiated the founding of IPCRI

We feel fortunate for this coverage and hope that AP and Reuters will show our Peace Café to the world. In listening circles and tables, we discussed Gaza, how we can help, and what we can do to develop leaders for peace. We met, we cried, we laughed, we ate lunch together: pitas, humus and falafel... Our conversations were charged, emotional and respectful. At this sensitive time, we showed we care and love one another. Hiba Hamzeh and Moad Arqouv leaded the organizing event, and to Rahel, Anas and Costa for helping.

We honor all the peacemakers who overcame roadblocks, checkpoints and fears. We remember the condition on Gaza and prayed for relief.

I hope we have videos soon

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Thanks for the pictures and this video.

I'm so glad that these peace efforts and this particular event took place at this time.

I heard one member say "not a system of rights" and he discussed this with examples. I think having a system about rights will be key -- the right to be respected, the right to meet with peace objectives, the right to freedom to sleep without fear, and the right on individuals within the social contexts of care.

The Courage and Strength to make Peace,
Peace that brings love and beauty to life to all.

Jo Ann
Through Music Peace

When People sing,
souls lEap past race, creed, dress, and tongue,
to grAsp brother, sister, and friend,
in the multi-Coloured tones
of joy, hope, and lovE.

Shalom – insha'Allah – God willing

Magnifique quel beau spécimen!
Oui la patience
Le Chemin est au moins aussi important que le but
On va devenir forts , trés forts in light
Good surfing!
This made me cry,Im so happy and overwelmed that you all where able to do this.If we can all find it in our hearts and souls to put aside our differences we CAN work together and have a common bond.
Peace Prayer

In the gift of love that we each hold within our heart light, we share a prayer with the unseen forces of light.

We ask that you please take a few moments to offer this prayer to the Middle East, where Master Jesus once walked in the Light of the Christ Consciousness. Please join Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling in a prayer of awakening in the I AM.

A Prayer for the Middle East

From “A Reading from the Cosmic Akashic Records,” a live session with Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

Q: “As a lightworker who lives in the Holy Land, I ask if you have any message to the people of Israel and Lebanon during these cleansing times of full of violence and distress. Prayer and blessings will be met in open hearts.”

KIRAEL: I have a message for all in your land. I have a message that I hope will be vibrated by my beings of light here in this audience, and whoever may be with us this day. I will make it into a prayer of abundance. I call on the Creator I AM essence, and ask that those in Israel and Lebanon, and all the surrounding areas, be reminded that, at one time, and even in the moment, the potential of light was so great in that arena that it drew to it some of that misted energy. So brilliant was the light in Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, that it drew that which was no longer in evolution to it. So, today, my friend, I offer you this: a prayer of awaken-ness for each of you in Israel today to hear these words, to open your heart and find love.

Oh, I won’t ask you to love those who shoot upon your shores. I won’t ask you to find love in your heart for those creating the havoc, but I ask you to remember that they are particles of the same light you are. They have been dimmed, my friends, because they no longer see their future. They no longer have love in their hearts to create, so they dismantle. They are not bad hue-mans. They are lost in the murk and the mire of coalesced energy that does not find love as its guardian. These are beings who have chosen to be in your part of the world so that they may experience the last throes of this dim light. Where better to do this than where the most dynamic light exists, a place where young Master Jesus, the Prince of Peace, walked.

The only way to bring peace for those of you in Israel and Lebanon is to create your future now. Create your future in the highest vibration that you can. Recognize that you’re all vehicles of the Creator’s Force of I AM and call upon yourself to go inside and light the light of your heart. If a bullet comes from on far, and takes you from this planet, resist your return to the Creator in that moment, and enter into one of your brothers or sisters who still has an embodiment process, and grow his or her light. Continue to grow the light until your heart sings the words of love, and the human world, the world of America, the world of Germany, not just your leaders, your governments, or your religions, but the entire world listens and sings with you, with the people of Israel who can sing the loudest. Sing of a peace. Sing of a world where the dim lights are lit, not stomped out. Then one person on the side with the dim lights will look across and see the light and say, “You know what? I can feel it. I can feel it.” Throw down your weapon and he’ll walk across to the light. He'll be shot for that, but his light will rise and it will enter one of you, who has lit the light of peace and love and you’ll get brighter and the people in America and Asia, the Elven, the Angels, the worlds that you don’t even know exist, will continue to raise the light. They will let love be their guide and eventually the light will prevail because it is the only future that the great Creator I AM will allow this planet to experience.

It waits upon you, its vestige of light, to grow the strength and the courage and the wisdom to find your heart. So, my message, my friend: Take faith, not in your body, but in your hue-man. Take faith that, although there are those who will leave this light, there are those, like you, who will not leave, who have chosen to stay and do the whole of the journey, and you will let your light shine. The Creator of the I AM presence says that each of you, every particle of light who no longer lives within the hue-man, will come back and join the hue-man and peace shall prevail on this light called Earth
Bless you my friends. It is the most beautiful thing that has happened lately. There is a reason to smile...with hope.
Beautiful project. Congratulations!

I hope to see videos if possible...

Its time to end this madness!
Dear Neri Bar-On,
bravo for the meeting organized on friday 2-1-09 between Israelis and Palestinians !.. You act like Daniel Barenboïm who created an orchestra with young israelis and palestinians musicians ( I saw this orchestra in french television ; also , I saw the school of David Califa, destroyed, always in french television ). All that we can do for Peace and Justice is very important; we must be "déterminés" and work with confidence (confiance ).
Jean ( baha'i from Nice; "Baha'i World Centre" in Haïfa where you have to go and study the Holy Baha'i Writings ).
PS: I accepted the baha'i faith , in 1972, in Eritrea ( Erythrée ).
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead. Namaste, my dear friends. Yes we will in 2009. Shalom.
If you desire with all your heart friendship with every race on earth, your thought, spiritual and positive, will spread.
It will become the desire of others growing stronger and stronger, until it reaches the minds of all men. (from a book of sacred counsels)
i am an old man, i have seen in my life how good will, sincerity and genuine humility breaks down almost impossible barriers. If each one of us tries harder, sacrifies personal desire for the greater good, Peace will come. There is a repeated reference on iPeace blogs and discussion that troubles me some. i hear that among other things, religion is the cause of war. The idea that the vehicle is the cause of the accident and not the drunk driver, the impatient driver, the arrogant driver.....relates to that statement. Please my dear brothers, remember every good counsel given in the holy books of every religion and remember also that the application of these is neglected. Peace is a spiritual state, a state free of hostility, free of envy, free of hatred, free of injustice, a state where calm, benevolence and healing energies are flowing from one soul to others at all times manifesting unconditional love. Religion is not the cause of is the ignorance of the intent and meaning of some sacred verses; useful to those who seek power or privilege that is the cause of conflict; arrogance of man who see himself as the enforcer of his own understanding. This is the truth about that which is holy and good and of what men do with .divine revelation, nationalism and position in their pursuit of power and material gain. If this be not so, from where have the countless self sacrificing members of this race gotten their inspiration? Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and many more nameless souls who have lived and are living today(see the pictures above) a selfless life; preferring others to themselves. Who will thank them or shield them when the enemies of Peace attack them, call them traitors, disrespect them or threaten them and their families....i have lived in the Middle East and know the of the injustices that are often done to them. i am safe, i life in California. In Darfur, in Gaza, in Iran, in Burma, in Chile, there have my brothers and sister paid for my freedom. i will never forget them, i will work for peace here in my village, in my state and any where that i can be of influence and service. Thank you, nameless heros, whose selflessness is the salt of the earth. True faith does not coerce, it instructs, educates, elevates. Please don't confuse true faith with the false religion of those who seek control, who judge and condemn and execute those who do not agree with them.


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