Friday 02/01/09 Peace Café III مقهى السلام 3

Many doubted that Israelis and Palestinians (and Internationals) can meet in time of war.

on Friday 02/01/09 we showed we can, and now is time for people to build the change in relationship.

The Associated Press and Reuters sent a video crew who filmed our peacemakers sharing themselves and their commitment to peace. we also been honored by Marc Gopin Director of the Center on Religion, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University's Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. and Gershon Baskin Co-Director and founder of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) - a joint Israeli-Palestinian public policy think. Gershon initiated the founding of IPCRI

We feel fortunate for this coverage and hope that AP and Reuters will show our Peace Café to the world. In listening circles and tables, we discussed Gaza, how we can help, and what we can do to develop leaders for peace. We met, we cried, we laughed, we ate lunch together: pitas, humus and falafel... Our conversations were charged, emotional and respectful. At this sensitive time, we showed we care and love one another. Hiba Hamzeh and Moad Arqouv leaded the organizing event, and to Rahel, Anas and Costa for helping.

We honor all the peacemakers who overcame roadblocks, checkpoints and fears. We remember the condition on Gaza and prayed for relief.

I hope we have videos soon

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Yes, yes, yes we can....this is inspirational, thank you.
Thanks Neri for the pictures was great meeting
I think that Thanks is going to you, to open the venue of cooperation and co-creation of new future for us all.
a future that events as Gaza today not only be un-thinkable but also only historic reference of our human mistakes.
My heartfelt respects and congratulations to all involved, especially in the horrendous current context. ==PmR
What a positive step...and how encouraging! Thank you for keeping us updated. Please continue with your efforts and continue to let the world know what you are doing. Desperate times and such courage - bravo.
‘think peace’ asked me why I defined the mepeace cafe as a success, (back on the first page of this discussion).
This is my answer: You are right, a get-to-gether is not going to change anything today. mepeace cafe was useful because it may contribute to an increase in the number of Israelis who will vote for peace rather than war. The meeting was successful because people actually took the time to attend, and discuss strategies for peace.

Many here on ipeace know the people in Gaza are subjected to horrific lives, thanks to Israel’s aggression. One of the biggest atrocities is that the international community does not care enough to intervene in a meaningful manner.

In Israel, small minority political parties control the government. These parties come and go. It is the settlers who currently control the government with their parties. This could change, which is why I think it is worth having peace cafes. Hopefully, other changes will come faster.

You can never know which move will be the one that breaks the camel’s back.
You may feel that you are marginalized and on the edge of your societies but in fact you are at that still quiet place at the centre of the storm where the answers and actions to bring peace will come from. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You will remain in my prayers. I am inspired by your work and will do what I can in South Africa.
Dear Christine

The idea of Peace Cafe is to create discussion withing a big audience and avoid "my truth is better then yours condition". In this Peace cafe we had also representative of your views ... and guess what she started with claiming that our activity is another HASBARA activity and that we are all a pions of the Israeli government ... she raised her voice and got in fight with other members till I had to get between them.

it took some time but I think she learned that there are more ways to look of what we do especially when the organizers are Palestinians. at the end of the event she told me she learned something and ask from my contact information.

as you say, You can never know which move will be the one that breaks the camel’s back. to get peace we need to grew out of our "true" story and be open to listen to others. are totaly righ my dear except for the last word faster ,,here you are talking about farthur generations that may come and we are not sure if they would like to Think Peace or not,,,and now wt about those who attended the cafe sessions aren't they already Think Peace and they are here merely to share their v.p(s) i don't think that one of them whos son is armd there is capable of putting his son off duty while Isreal has supplied him all tools needed to have power over powerless people
Greetings . "which move will break the camels back " is the idea , that gives me strength to
continue . Look back through history , and watch how obviously needed changes , resisted change .

Margret Mead's comment that , there is nothing more powerful , than an idea whose time has come ,

Any action , may be that straw , but we need unity when change gains momentum , so that change
is steered towards sustainability and long term mutually beneficial practices .

Our own Human Nature , can be our worst enemy , unless others around us are alert to notice ,
an individual acting in an unsustainable way . How things turn out , in the long run , is influenced
by the many small inputs along the way . Each small input is like a straw , that adds weight to
influence things in that direction .

I am so glad to know that you are out there Christine . adding straws .
Peace , comes from the hearts of many , influencing the hearts of those , who want only for
themselves .
quel impact sur les israeliens? et quelles sont leurs reaction immediates pour stoper les hostilites sur Gaza? sont -ils largement sensibilisés pour prendre une position claire et s'opposer à leur gouvernement?
Amicalement Fatima
Dear Fatima,

Such event impact Israelis who overcome fear of the Palestinians, a friend of my was afraid to come to the event and did not come. after I told her what we had in the meeting she got excited and planed to do more for peace.

The more Israelis realize that not only the Palestinians are human like us which is trivial that also they are willing to get together and talk of what we can do for change without fear we get stronger support for change Israel from within. after all this war will not be the last one if Israel continue hold the settlements


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