I am "archieving" on this site , so some of the valuable discussions guiding us further have been collected . Also the existing groups have been gathered to one html - page , to better "fathom" / "figure" how much valuable contents this site has produced by so many "Peacemakers" , as iPeace calls these contributors .

I will update this folder for materials , that I think are the source for making "New Gathering of iPeace Family " .

The discussion of beLOVEd  MOTORCYCLE HIPPIE AL , has been saved , because of it's valuable contents  :  ( It's also available as PDF and ODT ) in the same folder .

THE SCR-# will be applied in this process , and it's available on my personal page to be printed out by anybody , who want to take part in this process .


Happened previously : tell a little story of your " iPeace Family Experiences " on the left side
Obstacle : define some keyword that describes any problems , that might still be perceived on this site

Then we involve in process , that takes many days , as we process the (1) Perceptions (;) , (2) Thoughts (?) , (3) Feelings , (4) Beliefs , (5) Wonders , (6) Hopes , (7) Learning Process , and (8) Next steps .

This all integrates the GATHERING OF IPEACE FAMILY , and defines it's function , and clarifies the fundamentals of this site .

Name of Matrix : NEW START

After we have made the process , we gather our "involvement" to action , that will ultimately solve the obstacles anybody has defined . Doing this process in virtual network is piloting usage of SCR-# METHOD and PRACTICAL TOOL , and anybody involving will learn much of HOW TO PROCESS THINGS TOGETHER IN VIRTUAL SOCIAL NETWORKS INTENTIONALLY , PURPOSEFULLY AND PRACTICALLY BOTH EFFICIENTLY  ...

The details at the bottom should include your Name , Processing date ( when you did the matrix ) , and anything else that you find appropriate to sharing . 

So , print out the blank matrix ( attached ) , or otherwise do this process ( e.g. electronically by using photo manipulation programs ) , and share your blanket . You can also share it with writing the texts of the respective defined areas of the matrix :

Name of process :

Happened previously :
Obstacle :
Details : ( who evaluates )

>> >

(A1) Perceptions of the situation  ( WHAT )
(B2) Thoughts that the perceptions awoke  ( WHY'S and other CRITICAL ALLOWED )
(C3) Emotions / Feelings induced , the needs of life  ( FOR WHOM WITH LOVE )
(D4) Beliefs / believing / faith / trust related things towards others , and to one self ( GUIDE )
(E5) Wonders / Ideas / insights  / visions ... Possibilities of HOW TO ( CREATIVE PROCESS )

(F6) Common wishes for what is the perfect outcome ?
(G7) My individual process , my learning process ( REST and MEDITATION , PRAYERS  )
(H8) What I am going to do next , to make progress ( SHARE WITH OTHERS , TO MOTIVATE )
(I9) Some expression ( artistic ? , music ? , image ? ) , that gathers the process to "one image"

Name of matrix :

Details : ( when you did it )

> > >


Opportunity : ( define the solution expression , turning the obstacle to an opportunity , positive )

Details : ( when finished , and other important message )

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the may tricks...?

I've been a member here for a few years now. Since I became a member the amount of spammers and non-spiritual-light bearing people have added material that is neither light or loving. 

That is the only issue I really have...the spammers and their ads. 

Thank you for seeing to the matters on this site. 

Blessings of Divine Light and Love <3


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