I'm writing you to ask your assistance.
My daughter has been in contact with several organizations who are trying to get as many non-combatants out of Gaza as possible. We have - in principle - the agreement of the military and political establishment to take out children under the age of 12. To our chagrin for now - we cannot get adults out of the line of fire but it is possible that we can do this with children. (Tony, your horrible photographs of the dead children were what lit the fire under my daughter and got this initiative started.) The children will be evacuated to the West Bank, either to their families there or to other organizations and families who will be willing to host them.
We have the means to transport the children from the Erez Check Point to their destination. We also have some contacts in Gaza who are checking for families who want to send their children out for the duration - but we need more.
What we need at the moment are contacts to organizations and people in Gaza who can give us lists of children whose parents want them to be evacuated. We also need contacts to organizations that will transport the children to the Erez Check Point. The army is willing to do this but we all can understand that these children are traumatized enough and they don't need the extra fear of being placed on a military vehicle driven by Israeli soldiers. Reem, maybe you have contact with the UN in Gaza and they could supply the vehicles. This request is also to Helga and Tony. Maybe either of you have contacts in Gaza.
We also would like a list of families and organizations that will be willing to host these children until they can be safely returned to their parents.
Hoping you can help us. Wrack your brains and try to think of anybody you know who can be of help.
please reply to email: ruthduek@gmail.com

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Thanks. will contct them.
i think i can help from Gaza alot .

if you want anything this is my telephone you can call me, iam very interesting in Gaza children, we have to work for this may be we can rebuild the dream agian.

majed abusalama
human rights and peace activist
I want to thank everybody who came up with practical suggestions. Now it seems that the situation is less urgent but we are still making efforts to take children out for a short time - for a rest from the destruction, to give them a breather and to give their parents time to reorganize their lives. This week 52 children from Gaza - aged 4-12 went to kibbutzim around Israel for a vacation.
Further contact should be made directly to buma.inbar@gmail.com


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