Hello!  You are invited to claim a free ebook copy of my new book LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS: Episodes of a Sentient Soul by David Sparenberg, at the OVI Book Project..  This is an important spiritual & cultural text addressing our increasing ecological & humanitarian crisis.  Please claim your free ebook copy using the following link:




There is no cost and no obligation; the book is a free gift, a real gift, and a real giving between us.  Have a read and then, if you will, please share this invitation with others—many others.


In solidarity with the Earth, yours



ps: The OVI editor is Greek and is translating the book into Greek, available in Jan. 2013—if there are any Greek speakers receiving this invitation!


early Review and Publication comments


Thanos Kalamidas – OVI Editor


You all know David; you have read his poems, his ideas. And he has managed to communicate with his words, his heart and his spirit with all of you. Now David Sparenberg is publishing a book with Ovi magazine reaching out and communicating with more hearts and souls.

Prologing David’s book I wrote: “David says that there is hope. As long we connect our spirits and open our minds, remembering the forgotten calling. Remembering that we are all fundamentally connected with Mother Earth. And it doesn’t matter how much you agree or disagree, David starts the dialogue and with your participation you are already culturally connected. The rest …we can do together.”

And David Sparenberg’s “Life In The Age Of Extinctions” is such a calling. Read his book, take a slow breathe and start the dialogue with David and yourself just like he’s calling you to do.

Professor Emanuel Papparilla, author of Europe Beyond the Euro and A New Europe in Search of its Soul


I wish to thank David Sparenberg for gifting the Ovi readership by generously sharing his visionary thoughts, and Thanos Kalamidas and all the other editors of Ovi for providing a megaphone by which David's prophetic voice, so urgently needed in our tragic times, can better be amplified.

Anybody who reads this book will not be disappointed as long as they take care that the reading is accompanied by serious reflection on Sparenberg’s aphorisms.

Since the very beginning of his welcome into the Ovi family, I have been impressed with my friend David’s holistic poetic visionary approach in describing the ecological plight of Mother Earth. I was immediately brought back to two other prophetic voices on which I have written in Ovi: Teihlard de Chardin (“Building the Earth) and Thomas Berry’s (Dream of the Earth) who went beyond rational philosophical concerns to existential concerns impinging on our very survival, and I thought to myself: this is exactly what is needed to reinforce and complement those former voices, concerns and aspirations….

David is undoubtedly an  integral part of that transcendent dimension… Now, let those who have ears, let them hear.



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