Global Prayer Project
Prayer, Meditation & Discussion
with James & Salle Redfield
via Live Teleconference & Webcast


Tuesday, August 25
8-9 pm Eastern/US
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If you can't join us, please hold a supportive prayer vision for the world at that time...

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grow, and how much difference we can make!

This week's prayer visualization
Renewed interest in the H1N1 swine flu epidemic is moving to the front of the headlines. Everywhere debate and worry concerning this virus creating a worldwide pandemic this flu season--as well as over the dangers of the vaccines produced to contain it --are becoming a central focus. Soon your doctor will suggest that every child 6 months and older should have a flu shot containing the mercury ingredient, Thimerosal, already removed from most childhood vaccines because of fears it causes autism. Join us as we prayerfully visualize a heathy and honest debate which covers both vaccine dangers and effectiveness and other, nutritional ways to decrease vulnerablity.

Follow-up discussion
What we know about the chances of a worldwide pandemic this winter and how to avoid it safely.


Call 212/461-5860 OR 646/519-5860
Caller ID: 6999#

The phone line will open at 7:55pm EDT. Call the number above and follow the directions. Once you are connected to the call, please say your name and where you are from, and then press *6 to mute yourself so the noise level will be kept to a minimum. Each participant will be responsible for their own long-distance phone charges.

Live Webcast @

Our twice-monthly gatherings have been making a powerful difference, both in people's individual lives and the world at large. Many of you have written us saying that the energy generated from this network of spiritually-minded participants is "indescribable," and we look forward to continuing this healing circle of focused prayer. Like all prayer experience devoted to helping others, many participants have felt the results in their own bodies and received guidance for their own lives.

Research tells us that the more people praying together, the more powerful the prayer and the greater the level of energy felt by the participants. We invite you to join the largest regular prayer network in the world. If you would like to take an active role in maintaining a circle of positive intention across the globe, while going deeper and heightening your own spirituality, join us on Tuesday, August 25.


Tuesday, August 25
8 pm New York
5 pm Los Angeles

Wednesday, August 26
10 am Sydney

Wednesday, August 26
1 am London

James Redfield
Salle Merrill Redfield

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I would love to join in but unfortunately won´t be able. I will however join with you in my prayers and blessings.


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