Guidelines for using iPeace

iPeace is a community with a difference. Each of you here feel it. You are here because your choose to share in its message…

We share a single desire to spread peace, build bridges, reconcile enemies, respectfully discuss, engage and debate different points of view.

You have each joined iPeace to contribute to being the difference we all seek in today’s world.
We expect civil respect for one another’s individuality:

-    Engage without prejudice.
-    Encounter one another with respect
-    Engage in discourse not insults
-    Endeavour to celebrate diversity
-    Enter into different cultures and life perspectives with an open mind.
-    Entrust your mind and hearts to new friendships

I  -  international cyber community like no other
P – personalize your community
E – end conflict by sharing your vision
A - afford a stranger your time and attention
C -  compassion expresses your truest inner grace
E -  envelope your world and others  with magic

We are making a difference together. You are making a difference and iPeace is where you can talk, share, collaborate and engage.

Copyright : please cite sources of 3rd party material to avoid infringement lawsuits.
Healthwarning: NO! to spam, insults, inciteful and or  defamatory behaviour, ridicule threats,  any other kind of offensive content.

Make the most of your iPeace experience..



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Thanks - I like them too.

Please thank Renee Sigel, she wrote them. :)

That's a good one : "certain individuals on a facebook group complaining that their president-elect is being used for the purposes of promoting ipeace"

We use the wave of hope and optimism that was created by Obama's election to recruit more people to iPeace. We feel that people now suddenly feel that change IS possible. Something that is deeply rooted in iPeace philosophy.

However, we do not use Obama himself. That would be to political for us :)
Dear Renee,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The world is one though languages are many.


Ananya S Guha.
I'm so glad you did this:)

I'm an activist, but a caring and peacefull one, so this is perfect, I think:) Jippi!

Love and peace to you all:)
Thank you David

One Love
Thanks, I agree and I am happy to be a member !
Great guidelines-Bless!!

Thank you.

Respectful and honest.

Guidlines as should be-clear and easy to follow for ALL.
Peace to you ALL!

Heli and Anton

YES this does make a diffenrence this IPEACE.
Wonderful to be part of it.
I just absolutely adore those guidlines, they make it sound so simple......

maybe because they are???

congratulations and thanks

I like this guidelines, saves people using this space for their own purpose. A site for peace needs proper rules to encourage people who belive in peace to work for it and also encourage others to do the same.

A very good idea about the guidelines
Yep, I'm all for this as I completely agree with Michael John Smith on the need for some 'simple' underlying rules.

Having been around for 50 odd years, I have seen the banner of "peace" and "love" used to avoid tackling conflict and its root causes. I hope the iPeace community does not end up stifling reasonable debate because it is too sensetive or too political.

best wishes,
Hi David, hope you're fine

I agree with these guidelines. You can count on me.
I think respect, tolerance and compassion are essential for peaceful relations among all beings!

Love and peace for all
good guide lines but i would like to think people on this site would use them because that is how they think anyway not because they are written down


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