Guidelines for using iPeace

iPeace is a community with a difference. Each of you here feel it. You are here because your choose to share in its message…

We share a single desire to spread peace, build bridges, reconcile enemies, respectfully discuss, engage and debate different points of view.

You have each joined iPeace to contribute to being the difference we all seek in today’s world.
We expect civil respect for one another’s individuality:

-    Engage without prejudice.
-    Encounter one another with respect
-    Engage in discourse not insults
-    Endeavour to celebrate diversity
-    Enter into different cultures and life perspectives with an open mind.
-    Entrust your mind and hearts to new friendships

I  -  international cyber community like no other
P – personalize your community
E – end conflict by sharing your vision
A - afford a stranger your time and attention
C -  compassion expresses your truest inner grace
E -  envelope your world and others  with magic

We are making a difference together. You are making a difference and iPeace is where you can talk, share, collaborate and engage.

Copyright : please cite sources of 3rd party material to avoid infringement lawsuits.
Healthwarning: NO! to spam, insults, inciteful and or  defamatory behaviour, ridicule threats,  any other kind of offensive content.

Make the most of your iPeace experience..



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thank,I like them too
David muito obrigada pelo convite a participar de essa gratificante experiência.
Para os que não conhecem a paz, parecera ser uma utopia viver num mundo melhor, onde o único semelhante sejam as diferenças.
Parabéns pelo teu trabalho, que ele seja para o bem de todos os seres!
No dharma,

"And now in our time and through our efforts, we too are called to a great
vision: to think the thoughts of a world at peace infused with total love.
For until we think the thoughts of peace, peace will not be ours. We will
not end war because we hate it so much; we will end it by loving peace so
much more."
quote from Marianne Williamson- The Gift of Change.
David and all iPeace menbers..we are indeed part of The Shift however the important first step is to find the peace within us all and to BE that peace. Blessings to all, Wilma
I think these guidelines are simple, concise and point out an extremely obvious behaviour we expect from everybody. I believe people who join iPeace are people of goodwill and with good intentions, I can't imagine anyone being disrespectful, offensive or prejudiced.
Anyway I think it was a very good thing to remind us all of things that sometimes seem so obvious that we may forget them.
My compliments and thanks.
I think common sense is all we need because nobody likes being bullied, insulted or called names just because of who they are. So, I say if the guidelines are being respected by the community, mountains will be moved and thorny paths will just turn into rose petals. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

Lovely! Simple, direct and to the point. I like that:)... Great job, David.
Okay David,

Thank you for the message!

Best regards from Holland,

Hans Mertens
Thankyou to Renee! Well done!
Peace, PETRA
I'm happy I joined Ipeace...thanks to everyone for the love...Renee Fantastic piece!!
Beautiful Souls...simply Love. )O(


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