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Grapes are one of the best blood-purifiers. They are a valuable general tonic. The functional activity of all the organs of the body is stimulated by eating grapes. They cause general improvement and the tone of the body.

Grapes contain citric and tartatic acids. These acids are converted into alkalis after digestion and increase the alkalinity of the blood. Citric acid helps the absorption of uric acid deposits. Grapes can be taken as a laxative in constipation. They are useful in swelling of the feet and abdomen, dysentery, diarrhea.

Grape juice is a delicious health-giving, refreshing beverage. It allays thirst in fever. It can be given in all fevers, influenza, pneumonia, malaria, typhoid fever, etc. It gives nutrition in wasting diseases like
consumption, chronic diarrhoea, etc. Of all the delicious fruits, one of the most nutritious and luscious are the grapes. They produce a keen appetite and promote digestion. They are highly beneficial for the invalids and the convalescents.

The grapes contain Vitamin B in abundance which helps physical growth and development and removes malnutrition. There is a small quantity of Vitamin A also which can remove many kinds of eye-diseases like chronic sore-eyes, night-blindness, etc. The grapes abound in Vitamin C which
acts as an anti-scorbutic.

Grapes contain several mineral salts which help to build the tissues of the body. They contain plenty of iron. Hence they are useful in anemia or poverty of blood. They are highly beneficial to women who suffer from excessive menstruation. After delivery, they can take grapes with much benefit.


The orange is rich in Vitamin B and very rich in Vitamin C. It contains a small quantity of Vitamin A. It promotes growth and prevents rickets and helps the development of bone and teeth on account of the Vitamin A. It is useful in anemia or poverty of blood, indigestion, constipation, loss of appetite, weakness and lack of vigour on account of Vitamin B. It prevents scurvy, loss of vigour, on account of its Vitamin C. The juice of the orange contains sugar, citric and mucilage and organic salts such as potassium citrate. It is refreshing and life-giving. It has a flavour. It is a food. It contains predigested food in a most delicious and attractive form, ready for immediate assimilation and absorption. It is useful in typhoid fever, pneumonia and other acute diseases. It sustains life. The juice of one or two oranges as thing in the morning or the juice of half a lemon in a glass of hot water at night will exercise the most beneficial effect on the kidneys and the eliminative functions generally.

The adding of fruit juices, preferably orange juice to the milk in infant feeding, is highly beneficial. It is the best preventative for infantile diarrhoea, scurvy and constipation.

Orange juice renders the blood alkaline. It is a blood purifier and a good appetizer. It removes constipation and kills the germs in the stomach and intestines. It is highly beneficial in diabetes, liver and heart troubles, bilious afflictions. It checks bilious diarrhoea. It can be mixed with fresh grape juice. Then it becomes a powerful tonic for those suffering from anaemia, weakness, rickets, debility, etc.


In India Mango is regarded as a valuable medicine. In bhavaprakasa*, a confection made of the juice of ripe mangoes, sugar and aromatics, is recommended as a restorative tonic. The ripe fruit is invigorating, fattening, laxative and diuretic. It is endowed with excellent health-giving properties.

* Bhavaprakasha: an important treatise on Ayurveda, counted as one of the `Laghu Trayi' or three classical texts on the subject.

Mango is a very potent source of vitamins A and C. Alphonso mango is one of the most potent known natural sources of Vitamin C. It contains comparatively greater amount of Vitamin C than lemons, oranges, grapes and apples.

Mangoes can be eaten as staple food. Many people live on mangoes in the season. Generally people take milk after they take mangoes.


Pineapple reduces enlarged spleen. It has considerable food value. It is both a medicine and food for singers and speakers. The juice has a remarkable affect on the vocal organs.


Apple supplies the higher nerve and muscle food. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is an English proverb. Apple and cream is a good combination for those who suffer from blood-pressure. Do not throw away the skin.


Bananas contain much starch and sugar. They contain very little vitamins. They are useful foods.


Prunes and figs are laxative. They are useful in constipation. Green figs are an excellent food. Tomato may be called a fruit or a vegetable. It is an ideal article of diet. It is rich in Vitamin A, B and C. Dates are rich in sugar. They are staple articles of the Arabs. They contribute very greatly to the caloric value. Tamarind is rich in mineral salts and contains Vitamin C.

Bael fruit

Bael fruit is used as a drink. The pulp is mixed with water. Sugar is added to make it tasty. It is a cooling drink, useful in chronic diarrhoea and dysentery. It is a mild laxative.


Lemon possesses anti-scorbutic properties. It is useful in bleeding gums. It is a blood purifier and restorative. It is rich in Vitamin C. It contains citric acid in abundance.


Pomegranate is highly delicious, refreshing and nutritious. The juice is useful in pneumonia, typhoid and acute diseases. It sustains life.

Sweet Oranges

  Sweet oranges (mossambis), are useful in fever.


Malta is refreshing and delicious. Chikku (Sapodilla) is a blood purifier. It is rich in sugar. Papaya contains papain. It is very useful in dyspepsia. It is a digestive.

Celery is useful in rheumatism and dyspepsia. It is a nervine tonic. Cranberries are useful in malaria, erysipelas. Blackberries are useful in fevers. Jackfruit is tasty but is difficult to digest.


Lemon Cure: Lemon juice is a home remedy. It is endowed with healing, health, building, and health-protecting powers or properties. It is one of the best blood purifiers. Although lemon juice gives an acid taste to the tongue, its effect on the system is that of an alkali. Lemon has a power to produce a state of alkalinity. As soon as it enters the alimentary canal, it becomes alkaline due to the action of the digestive process.

Lemon juice fills the body with vigour and vitality. It energizes and invigorates the system. It regulates the action of the liver and removes biliousness, sluggishness of the liver. It removes the poisons and
accumulates morbid waste products, which have clogged the organs. All the organs work more vigorously. Muscular power and brain power are augmented. It improves eyesight and hearing also. It is useful in all troubles of the stomach. It removes the worms in the bowels in children.

Lemon juice cures rheumatism, gout, piles, skin diseases, asthma, bronchitis, influenza, catarrh, anaemia or bloodlessness, cough, fevers, diabetes; eczema.

It contains plenty of Vitamin C. It also contains Vitamins A and B. It contains lime, phosphorus, potash, magnesium. It contains 7.5 percent citric acid, and 2 to 3 percent potash and phosphorus. It is an excellent thirst-quencher, anti-scorbutic, mouth wash and gargle. Adding of honey to lime juice is simply wonderful and beneficial. Lime juice is a source for alkali salts which are essential for health building. Vitamin C gives health protecting powers.

The percentage of potassium in lemon juice is greater than in either apple juice or grape juice. It is therefore useful in weakness of the heart.

It removes catarrh. Drop 2 to 3 drops of filtered juice in the eyes twice a day. It is useful in pyorrhea as a gargle. The citric acid is a very powerful disinfectant.

If lemon is habitually taken as an important article of diet in the daily dietary there will be happier homes, healthy children, robust mothers and strong adults.

In lemon cure for gout, rheumatism, skin diseases, etc. the patients begin with one lemon per day and increase the quantity daily till they arrive at fifteen. Then they reduce it daily by one. The whole course lasts for a month. Nothing should be taken besides lemons. Cold or hot water may be added to the lemon juice. Those who find it difficult to take the lemon cure for a month, can have it for a fortnight only. Clean the bowels with a clean warm water enema on the first day.

Apple Cure: Apple cure is beneficial in biliousness, dyspepsia, auto-intoxication, debility. You can take one, two or even three pounds per day for a few days. Begin with half pound and gradually increase the amount. Eat apples alone. You can drink water. Have a warm water enema on the first day. Do not remove the skin. Apples may be taken raw, or baked or stewed. You can take as much apples as you like. Fresh air, regular exercise, early rising are necessary for the success in the

Grape Cure: Grapes contain vitamins A, B, C, potash, copper, iron, tartaric acid. Grapes, counteract overweight. They are very good appetizers. They stimulate the flow of gastric juice. They, are laxative
and cooling. They purify the blood. They strengthen a feeble digestion.

Grape juice may be given in teaspoonful dose twice daily, to cure constipation in children and during teething. Grapes are useful in fevers.

Dried Raisins (munakka) are useful in constipation. Soak some raisins in a tumblerful of cold water at night. Strain the water in a cloth and drink it in the early morning. Take the raisins also. Throw away the seeds.

Take apples, half a pound, on the first day. Gradually increase the quantity to seven pounds. You can continue this cure for one, two or three months.

The grape cure is highly beneficial in gastro-intestinal catarrh, wasting diseases like pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic obstinate constipation, diseases of the heart, gout dyspepsia, obesity, sluggishness of liver, chronic diarrhoea, chronic bronchitis, enlargement of spleen, chronic cystitis scrofula.

The fruits not only cure diseases but renovate the whole system and supply abundant muscular and brain energy. They overhaul the system perfectly and keep the body in a high standard of vigour and vitality, and make the mind quite serene. If you find it difficult to undergo the full course you can take the cure even for three days or a week or fortnight.


The ripe grapes partly dried in the sun are called raisins (munakka). They contain, potash, lime, phosphorus, etc. They do not contain any acid. One pound of raisins gives 1600 calories. They are useful in thirst of fevers, coughs, catarrh, jaundice, pulmonary tuberculosis, rheumatism, constipation. It gives weight to the body by adding flesh. It is nutritious.

Take two pounds of big raisins (munakka). Wash them thoroughly in cold or hot water. Put these raisins in a vessel at night and fill the vessel with pure water. Cover the water with a thin cloth. Eat these raisins only in the morning, noon and at night and drink the water in which the raisins were soaked. Continue this for a fortnight or a month. Reject the stones or seeds. Start with a small quantity and gradually increase the quantity daily.

You can take half to one pint of milk and quarter to half pound of almonds also, if you like.

This is highly useful in asthma, chronic cough, constipation, malnutrition, debility, disorders of liver and lunge, digestive complaints. This is a nutritious diet. It will help you to put on flesh.

Eat raisins and keep fit. Be truthful to the In dweller in the raisins. He who dwells within the raisins, who is within the raisins, whom the raisins do not know: whose body it the raisins, who rules the raisins from within is Thy Atma or Self, Inner Ruler. Immortal (Antaryamin, Amritam). Trust in God. The last essential to positive health is a perfect trust in God. Develop the positive divine virtues, Daivi Sampat such as courage, faith, sympathy, love, serenity, contentment. It is these virtues that give health, happiness, prosperity and longevity. Fruit and good diet are aids to health.


Apple is an excellent food and medicine. It contains vitamins A, B, and C, copper, potash, iron, phosphorus and malic acid. It has an internal cleansing effect and eliminates toxic waste matter. It increases the flow of digestive juice and stimulates lungs, liver and kidneys. It is a tonic, mildly laxative and blood-purifier. Apple contains a large amount of phosphorus. It is a nerve and brain food.

Apple juice is very nutritious, invigorating and energising. It produces laxative effects. It acts against any tendency to acidosis. Take the juice before meals. It will remove acidity. It is more easily absorbed by the system. It is useful in gout, debility, biliousness, constipation, disorder of the kidneys and the liver, jaundice, loss of appetite, malnutrition, gastric and intestinal catarrh, sluggish liver. The juice kills germs.

Apple is very useful in functional disorders of the heart. It is a tonic. Apple and cream is a good combination for those who suffer from blood pressure. Take two or three apples at night. This will remove constipation. Do not remove the skin as it contains Vitamin C. Apple is useful in stones in the kidneys or bladder. "Eat one apple a day. It will keep the doctor away". This is the proverb. Eat more apples and be healthy.


This is a staple food in Arabia. The Hindi name is khajur. In Tamil language it is called pereechampalam. The date supplies (70%) three-fourths its weight of a natural sugar, glucose, that is ready for immediate absorption. The caloric value of dates is 984 of energy-producing power per ounce. It also contains a considerable amount of protein, lime, iron, vitamins and other essential food constituents. Dates contain more iron than meat.

It is rather low in minerals and yet definitely laxative. The form of sugar in the dates has already been predigested in the process of ripening. Date is a wholesome and valuable food. It is a good substitute
for cane sugar for supplying energy to the system. It is the best fuel for the body. Lime, iron, vitamins are not found in cane sugar. Date supplies heat and repairs waste quickly.

Dates contain 15.4 % water, 74.6 % carbohydrates, 2.1 % protein. 38% cellulose, 13% mineral and 2.8 % of extractives.

Dates should be thoroughly washed as they are dirty. Place the dates in hot water for a few minutes.

Those who suffer from constipation can take dates in abundance. Date is useful in consumption. It brings easily the phlegm and soothes the chest. It checks the growth of putrefactive and poisonous germs in the intestines and helps the growth of useful friendly germs.

Put a few dates in the milk and boil the milk. This is very nutritious and restorative. The dried dates also can be soaked in milk for some time and taken.

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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