Dear Supporter,

As we embark upon the season of giving, your support in the fight against modern slavery can have an even bigger impact. You can make a difference in the life of a survivor this year through your support and donations to Bridge to Freedom Foundation (BTFF). BTFF is a non-profit organization that provides aid to survivors of modern slavery who now live in the US, such as former child soldiers and victims of sex trafficking and forced labor. The cornerstone of our work is personal and professional development to help them adapt to their new society and find work to support themselves.

Survivors such as Jules (age 18) who was sold as a 14-16 year old Japanese girl, Heidi (age 13) and Mia (age 8) were held in one room storage unit to be used as sex slaves here in the US. (Real survivors who?s names been changed due to confidentiality). Struggling for years now, these victims are still fighting to survive, desperate to find jobs, and often unable to find financial assistance for food, shelter and basic needs. Victims like these brave survivors are in desperate need of your contribution.

BTTF needs your urgent action to ensure we have business-appropriate clothing and accessories and health and beauty services to offer our clients. These are crucial to finding employment but are often taken for granted by most of us. We are also in great need of storage containers and clothing racks to organize and store donations.

While donations of needed items are vital, why not do something even bigger and help raise funds for additional services and projects. You can run a donation drive, host a Holiday giving event or happy hour on our behalf? Your support is vital to helping us build the bridge to freedom for survivors of modern slavery. Please give generously so we can bring an end to the cycle of abuse and injustice.

BTFF is a non-profit organization, supported solely by donors like you. BTFF is a 100% volunteer-led charitable organization that was incorporated in December 2008. For more information and to donate online, please see our website, Checks and money orders can be posted to: 8929 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax, VA 22031. You can now donate right from our Facebook page. Thank you for your support!

Cassandra Clifford
Executive Director and Founder
Bridge to Freedom Foundation

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É com um nó na garganta que fiquei ao acabara de ler a mensagem.......tem que ter um fim esse tipo de abuso, é revoltante é intoleravel......
Eu gostaria de participar de alguma forma, publiquei na minha pagina no facebook, ...........


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