I update this a litle, since it is a while since I posted it first. It´s now happening all over the world. So far 1559 events are anounced in about 100 countries at the same time 1on Monday 21st of September! What a statement and what a good way to express ourselves!

The rest you´ll find by the links…

Come on you all! Posting this from our avaaz-friends:

Dear friends,

On climate, it's now or never. We have just over 100 days left to reach a new global treaty to avert climate disaster (and unleash a new green economy) -- but we're nowhere near getting it done.

We have a choice to make: should we pull out all the stops this month to beat climate change?

Avaaz is considering a massive, network-wide push for a "global wake-up call" to world leaders on September 21st. This would be the biggest organizing effort we've ever done, aiming to bring our whole network out (peacefully!) to the streets, ringing alarms, holding massive rallies in major cities, and gathering to send wake-up messages from schools, homes, and public squares. From all these places, we would flood world leaders with phone calls, and the actual sound of these millions of voices would be recorded, condensed and presented to heads of state at the UN climate summit in New York the next day.

If we do this, Avaaz will spend the next 4 weeks almost non-stop on it, and it will take hundreds of thousands of us joining efforts to pull it together -- hosting and attending events, reaching out to our communities, using all our creativity and dedication. This is an important decision, and we need to make it together. From now until September 21 -- should we do it?

The goal of our wake-up call is a big one: to convince the world's leaders to meet at the final climate talks in Copenhagen this December and sign an ambitious, fair and binding treaty to stop catastrophic climate change.

Talks on the treaty have been building for years. Now, 100 days from Copenhagen, we're nearing a tipping point -- and a huge global roar could make the difference.

If we take this on, we won't be alone. Avaaz has been working closely with a new, massive coalition of global civil society groups, from Oxfam to WWF to Greenpeace, to multiply the world's voices for climate action. The joint campaign's name is Tck Tck Tck -- the sound of a ticking clock, as time runs short. Every group involved shares the vision of success in Copenhagen, and we can't succeed without everyone. The question is -- should Avaaz make this climate wake-up call its #1 priority through September 21?

Yes, make climate the #1 priority

No, continue on as before

It has been said that if the people lead, the leaders will follow. This is our time to lead. Politicians know as well as we do that it's time for action on climate change, but they fear the consequences of doing what's right. Let's show them they've got it backwards: the world will settle for nothing less than the right thing.

It's our decision: whether to wake up the world.

With hope,

Ben, Ricken, Taren, Iain, Alice, Paula, Graziela, and the whole Avaaz team

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Come on, people! Join and spread the word!
Over 1000 events in 88 countries are planned so far. Check out avaaz.org to find an event close to you! Several of these events are humorous Freeze Flash Mob happenings.
Over 1550 events in almost 100 countries are planned so far. Check out avaaz.org to find an event close to you!

Most of these events are humorous Freeze Flash Mob happenings, and only take 5-10 minutes.

Here´s a video that shows whar this Freeze flash happenings are like, from N.Y. Looks fun? JOIN!


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