Hey people, in the US its thanksgiving holiday, so everyone please donate to a soup kitchen or some such...or at least invite the poor old lady across the street who has no family! Do something, big or small, your choice, but if you have enough yourself and are able to share, by all means do so. And you vegetarians out there, enjoy your tofurkey OK?

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thisv is a good way to share peace with people is to give to those who have nothing thanks for sharing the idea here I hope others will follow this one

peace and love to you as well
We added a wagon a regular radio flyer two months ago to our collection at church for food for the food pantry that goes down the aisle pushed by a couple of kids every week it the cutest and very effective way to get more food to the poor.
The food we collect has quadrupled. We have decidied that it will be a permanent part of the collection.
The holidays are great but collections often disapear after the holidays people are hungry all year not just at thanksgiving
What a great topic thank you


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