Love is necessary for everybody, Light is a most component of life, and to Laughter is a recommandation for each moment of our life in this beatiful Planet

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I see that nobody ıs replyıng to me... so I'm sharing wıth you some Osho quotations...:
"I know that you are consciousness itself, not the conscious being. Consciousness is not a quality attached to you, you are consciousness. You are totally free.
So proceed from anywhere. Either be more free or be more conscious, and the other will result automatically. Be more free, and you will be more conscious. You cannot be more free unless you are more conscious.
Be more conscious and you will be more free. You cannot be otherwise, because consciousness creates freedom. And when you are absolutely conscious, you are absolutely free. Then there is no cause and no purpose for you to exist.
Then everything is a happening, a leela."
Hello Nisimo, Your words relating to consciousness are thought provoking indeed. I share your thoughts. This is what people around the world really need to hear! We are in need of a consciousness shift or a shift in the way we perceive reality.

I have a post on the IPeace Forum relating to this.

Thank you for your post.
Thanks a lot! Those words were my page 4 years ago whe I dıd proposal wıth mt Munıcıpe in Italy for the organization of a festıval called "East West Meeting"...they are always true and needed in those moments. NOW! Thanks a lot Nisimo
La Risata come Preghiera Laugh as Prayer
Medicina e Meditazione Medicine and Meditation
Spirituality and growth
Music and meditation
Natural Therapy
Dance Trance Dance
Creative and Performing Arts
Meeting for developping Peace, Brotherhood, Solidariety, Humanity beetween differents people around the world.
This project will be based on all that the Est had propose from millennia, what now the west has developped :
a) Meditations
b) Practise
c) Virtue
d) Sensitivness toward the beauty
e) Awarness of the Light
f) Conscioussness of the Buddhahood
For the development and the fulfillment I’m proposing
Conference on Ecoplanet
Work stage on Pollution, Transgenic and Life
Group work on body-mind
Group of meditations. Stage for creating a group work for the Maintenance of Peace, Solidarity, Life, Brotherhood, Humanity with all the people we can.

Thank you for your sharing, Nisimo. We are One.
Love nad Peace.
On the Womens Day I wısh the best to every women of thıs Planet and to all there famıly and frıends...
I remember that when I was a child in Italy we used to give mimosas to our mam for the undreds womens that died in America on 8 of march because they were protesting against the honer of there factory!...and when was the 1970 around we were protesting on the streets, ... now we are very happy that America has Barack to give back some freedom, may be...

Today I'm happy to deepen a discussion on the Planet: WHY EST-WEST MEETING? East ın the past for Mıllennia has developped more Meditation Tecnique and Methods, West has more developped science and Analisys, Pratcise. The meeting can help everyone to find better inside, to go deeper, to create a New World in wich the discovering of both can vecome a treasure to all.
Laugh as Prayer: Prayer sometimes now is only when some tragic things happen! Prayer in the last decades happen only in a formal cultish way, when somebodhy dıe the priest is prayıng in front of many people, but how many are really followıng? And mostly the prayer is connected with crying...That why I say LAUGH! Laugh as you are prayıng. Laugh when you do not NEED any prayer! Just laugh and pray because you are in love with Prayer!
Medicine and Meditation: Meditation as Medicine, meditation as part of a natural everyday life, as your honey for the day. Don't take the whıte dangerous quıck sugar, appreciate the honey that gıves you a better body, a better mind, and a better holynness and a better heart!
Spirituality and growth: Any growth is basically connected with spirituality. All that is really growing in eternity, for our Planet, for The Lıfe on the Ğlanet, for THE NEW MAN THE NEW HUMANITY, it's based on spirituality, and only that can grow, can became a better plant, a better tree, a better forest, a New Humanity.
VERS DE L’ EST: because it was the part from where so many tecniques were developped millennia ago (tantra, acupuncture, massage, vegetarianism...) and now is full of crıme and polluted mind (chinatown...)
Music and meditation: can help us to find better ways, nice tools, and to discover that inside every bodyes are full of music, every celluls is full of peace and luminous as immerse on LIGHT!

Have a nice Day Today see you soon! Nisimo
Thank you for inspirng all os us, my dear.
Love and Peace.
I like to become an ispiration, fluctuant and flexible, a speaking sou wıth NO - WORDS, what else? It's so beatiful for a human been to be a nourishment for somebodhi else...thanks a lot to you
Love, Light, Laughter


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