I have had a few conversations recently with people asking - is there evidence that God is there? I feel like I have had so many deep and meaningful experiences of God answering my prayers. Please share your stories!

Many blessings,
Sr Andrea

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Hello Andrea,

I am Charlie Kirkpatrick, Lead Reporter For The Social Entrepreneurs Virtual Pod-Cast Channel. Your question is a worthy one indeed because the answer reveals the true and eternal nature of human consciousness.

We are much more than our matter based bodies. We are human consciousness, that eternal energy and data that is the essence of universal consciousness, the essence of the universe! We are one with the universe. We are the eyes, ears and consciousness of the universe! Our physical bodies are formed from the same elements that are found through out the universe. When we pray, what we are in reality doing is framing and broadcasting energy of thought throughout the limitless eternal universe!

As we are one with this same universe, if the energy of our prayers is positive energy, supported and in stable flow with the laws that govern the universe, our energy of thought or (our prayers) merge with the powerful forces of energy that power the universe! This universal power of thought then manifests as physical reality! If we pray for peace and tranquility on earth, Peace On Earth WILL Be Our Reality!

Peace Eternal,

Charlie Kirkpatrick


To me this is the most perfect and true answer. Thank you for sharing this. My life lately has been proving to me that the power of postive prayer energy is the answer to all my questions in life. Without going into great detail about my life, I will just say that I resigned myself early in my life that there was nothing I could do in my life to positively change some very terrible and oppressing and painful aspects of my life, I never prayed for change because my life view was that people had no part in shaping their own destinies, that when you are born everything in your life is preordained to happen and that if your life was a horrible and painful experience that you just had to grin and bear it, and that there was nothing that could change things. In short I was a fatalist, so my life went on and on in its painful path.

I did not believe that there was a God or omnipresent force so therefore I thought that prayer was a myth for superstitious people just to make them convince themselves that they had some control over their lives to make them feel better. I plodded on and suffered in silence and just settled for my lot and was depressed a lot and my heart was always heavy. I had very bad health all my life and was critically ill on more than one occasion which did not help. I had a near death experience nine years ago that transformed me completely and changed every thought I ever had about reasons for living and how to live and about happiness and peace. Truths were shown to me when I passed, and I also had a life review which was revealed to me to show me how I could have changed my circumstances. That experience is what made me realize that positivity and believing that things can change and that people have a right to have dreams and goals and can bring good things into their lives by believing and positivity and prayer and has made me rejoice in life now. Since being clinically dead, revived and coming back, my life has been totally transformed to one of no more physical pain, no more anguish, no more feelings of helpless. I have drawn to my life all the things and people and love that I never allowed myself to aspire to and more. Everything you said in your post is true and I have lived to believe wholeheartedly the power of positivity and power of prayer. It is true, it is real. I had to die and come back to be awakened to the truth of these truths. Peace can be a reality on earth if we pray and believe it can be so.
First of all I would like to tell you I'm happy for you that you are still alive and recovered from the trauma that you have passed and although it was a bad experience you have come out a true winner. I believe in prayer, it is very powerful. I passed through many difficult times, like many of course, it is part of life, and if it wasn't for my prayers to God, my faith in Him, I don't think I would have come out strong and with a will to live.Everytime I say a prayer I know I'm going to be heard and helped in every possible way, not always in the way I wanted it to be but I can assure you that as time passes by, I realise that His way was the best for me.
Never forget to thank Him.
Dear Marique & Carmel,

First upon wishing you both all the happiness in your lives ..every people have their own pain stories, and struggles in our lives, Life is not a problem to solve. in our life we have to respect our self and others and do all the daily works as a prayer by God grace you can achieve the joy. pray and ask for others

I am praying for you this moment
God will allow you what you really reseved
Best wishes


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