How FEAR can Serve You (by bashar)

Fear means that you believe, that a scenario that you very much do not want to happen, is very likely to happen!

So fear lets you know that you are believing in a reality that you do not prefer. So, fear can serve you, by being an "indicator", or an "alarm", that lets you know that "Hey, I'm believing in a reality that is not at all aligned with my Being!"

Once you become aware of this, you can choose to change your belief, so such frightening scenarios will no longer pop up in your reality.

#1. Get in touch with the Belief that is causing this fear.
Ask yourself: "What would I have to believe, in order to end up being afraid of this right now?"

#2. Once you get in touch with the Belief that is generating this fear, then
Acknowledge that this is your current Believe. "Own" it. (You can not change what you do not own.)

#3. Ask yourself: "What Belief would I like to REPLACE this Belief with?"

#4. Once you decide what your new preferred Belief is, accept it. Adopt it. Breath it in. TRUST that this new Belief is now active and functioning in your Being. (You don't need to "get rid of" the old Belief. You only need to replace it with your preferred Belief.)
Get into the Mind-Set of the new Belief.
Get into the Emotional-Feeling State of the new Belief.
Get into the Body-Language and Actions of the new Belief.

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Bashar is not saying here that fear is a scenario. Fear is a perspective of your own energy, one that is created, as he says by believing in something you prefer not to be true. Fear is an emotion, 'energy in motion'... only sometimes it gets 'stuck' through judgment of self and others.

Those people who create wars do so out of fear that something that they prefer not to be true is true. E.g. Iraq has nuclear weapons or 'Germany is not great and must be great' or "I am worthless and lost. I cannot feel my anger as it is too painful".
all beliefs.
I am not saying emotion is a trick or 'fake' or any such thing.

Your fear is a REAL marker that is very, very useful.

To deny your emotion is to disconnect from yourself and is the root of much war and battle.

What I am saying is that the nature of your emotion is determined by your belief system.

This does not exclude logic.

It is entirely inclusive.

If you create an emotion of fear due to, say, believing that 'John wants to kill me', you will not transform that fear and imagined situation until you feel the fear and act on it. However, that act can always be to change your belief rather than running and buying a gun.

Does john really want to kill you? Is it definite that you need to fight? Is john's behaviour in truth a reflection of your own inner state of being?

You will not be fearless until you have felt and moved all of your fear. You will recreate fear until you alter your beliefs and knowledge of self.

You could call it a trick.. or a miracle.. depending on your beliefs and knowledge.

Its all about the choice you didn't realise you had.

When you realise the effect your magnetic emotional energy has in attracting and repulsing events and realities to your experience you understand more about emotion, energy and why it is of benefit to form your state of being into one of freedom, joy, peace and excitement.

Its up to you of course!
In doing anything at all you are creating. When you are thinking 'I do not create fear only feel it' you are creating that thought and denying yourself responsibility for your own experience and energy.

fear is a feeling, it is a sensing of your own energy, yet it is in truth simply 'excitement' judged as being 'hot helpful'.

'determined' in this case means 'decided'.

From my perspective, your belief that I am insinuating something is simply a projection onto me of your own automatic belief system responses of which you are not aware as being beliefs, rather they are defined by you as 'knowledge'.

In response to your perspective that I am 'belittling' or 'judging' people's imagination, I am not at all. I am simply demonstrating that it is possible to direct one's experience in a way that is preferred. To me 'imagination' is EVERYTHING. There is nothing that is not imagination.

I MAGI NATION (A nation of magicians).

If you use your imagination as a way of creating new ideas and experiences that you prefer in place of ones that you don't prefer you will live an ecstatic and 'successful' life. Key in this is allowing yourself complete imaginative freedom without fear. Any attempt to do this will result in synchronicity delivering to you the tools and people that will assist you in doing so.

"I understand you like people to transform their fears and their imaginated situations. In the first place, this insinuate that people insinuate their situations I think.
This is so manipulated , I can't believe this no more. We create in our mind already what other people are doing and then we dare to come up with an conclution. This is very manipulative in my eyes.
In the first place, how do we know what people think and what people do inmaginate, to further draw our conclusions."

We do create our own reality, yes. This does not need to be judged or 'concluded' as being 'bad'.
a conclusion is simply the point where you stopped exploring.. ;)

You do not need to know what people think or imagine before they do it, I'm not sure I follow your thinking in why this is relevant or necessary. This is about YOU.

"So first one does create an emotion and then , he don't transform this emotion, unitil he felt the fear, and here follows the logic respons: that after that you feel fear, you will act on it,( no matter what that does insinuate.)
This sense is not based on logic thinking but based on insinuating situations.
So just at the moment you feel your fear, you will be able to transform your emotions.
Why must we transform our emotions."

Unless you completely ignore your fear it is likely that you will act in some way relative to it, even if that is to do very little at all (could be as little as move your eyes).

"Why must we transform our emotion?"

There are no 'musts' here.. You do not have to do anything, yet is it not preferable to experience joy rather than fear?

"Is there someone so proud he has so much shame of his own fear, he must transform his fear."

Of course! There is also someone so proud he has so much shame of his fear that he refuses to transform his fear through pretending it doesn't exist.

Within infinite creation all potentials and realities ALREADY exist.

"It is like changing bleu into green. It still is a trick to hide the real color."

If I paint a blue line on a piece of paper and then paint green over the top of it, which is the 'real' colour? Is it blue, green or the colour of the paper, maybe white?

What is your definition of 'real'?

"I like to keep things logic."

Ok, go right ahead!

"I don't need to act on my fear at all."

No you don't, yet we often do. And if we do not then we carry it with us and it subtly influences our thinking, behaviours and life. E.g. I might have the belief that 'dogs are scary'. This will mean that if I see a dog I will feel fear, nothing wrong in that. however, the belief that 'dogs are scary' is not in truth an accurate one. At most it is the case that 'I once was scared by a dog' or 'dogs often attack people and that scares me', the belief that 'dogs are scary' is not even truly held as truth by me and yet I might well still have that belief present within me. Do I wish to walk through life running away from dogs? If I do then I will stay the same. If I do not then i can always investigate my belief systems and update them in a way which is more in alignment with my natural self and preferred way of living.

"this sounds like brainwashing."

ok, to you it does and that is fine. yet what is brainwashing? the general definition is something like 'forcing beliefs onto another person'. Am I forcing anything onto you? no. You are choosing everything in your experience.

"You even insinuate , that the one who is afraid , that john will kill him , later goes to the shop to buy a gun to kill John."

It was a hypothetical situation to explain an idea. People do buy guns and kill people because thy are afraid that they themselves will be killed if they do not. Yes, this happens in films, it also happens in 'real' life.

"is there something in your live you are so afraid of , that you are interested in this subject?"

An excellent question, thankyou. I, like many people have been brought up and taught to believe that 'chance' is not effected by me and that I 'could' get attacked, bombed, shot or else whilst being alive. This does not feel joyful. In realising that I create my own experience, even down to the people I communicate with and interact with I have realised a great deal. In transforming my beliefs about many things I have transformed from a life of suffering to a life of joy (not 100%, I am still transforming). It is part of my joy to learn more about myself and to share this with others. So I am acting out of excitement more than fear, at least it seems to me right now. Perhaps you will help me uncover more belief systems which create fear. We shall see! :)

"What is the urge in this one to tell us anyway how to deal with fear?"

I am simply sharing what works for me because it brings me joy to do so.

"Good luck sir in your life, but I am not sure what it is you want"

Thankyou! and to you!

You are not sure that is what I want because I do not want it. I create it in every moment. :)
"Well lets say we are creating. I just don't think we should judge our creations wrong or right, but just take them for what they are. But this seems to me just respectfull to anything in life. Respect , I think is a very important aspect of life.
But respect means you can take things seriously.
In your words I see no respect tourch the things in life at all. You can even manipulate things. If this is so, why would you give people good advise how to deal with their fear?"

I am saying the same as you, there is no such thing as wrong for me, there is what is.

You can take things seriously. I prefer to take things 'sincerely'.

Respect is the allowance of all things to be as they are. Again, I am not forcing or attempting to force anyone to do or change anything. I am simply sharing the a mechanism of transformation that is effective if one wishes to transform. If you do not wish to transform then you will not and that is fine with me.

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say I can 'even manipulate things'. Are you not manipulating yourself to manipulate the computer keyboard to manipulate me when I read your words. You do not need to judge manipulation as bad, it is whatever you make it.

Why would I give people good advice? Why not! I like good advice and I like to share!!

If you wish to understand my understanding of creation then it would perhaps be best to watch my video and/or read my website:

There is more to life and more to you than the science of what is repeatable.

My knowledge comes from before science, from after science and from within science.
We are both art and science.

Feel free to ask any questions you like, there is quite a bit of reading and video material on my website to assist.

peace and much love,
People fear God and think God is angry with them.

Yes, the belief that there is a god which is outside of them and which will judge them for what they have judged against in themselves.

Now what is it that people are suppose to do?

people can allow themselves to know and realise that they themseleves are reflections of creation and thus they only need forgive themselves for judging against themselves. Denied will (anger) will then move and release experienced.

And we know it is gonna happen otherwise we felt no fear or we did know no we should be afraid of it.

You do not have to know something is definitely going to happen to be scared of the idea of it happening.

I think we must first take the consideration if it is a wise thing to do to get rid of your own conscience.

In changing your beliefs you are not 'getting rid' of anything. You are simply aligning yourself with what you prefer to be true for you. The 'conscience' you refer to is essentially a mixture of limiting beliefs and judgments (devaluations) regarding the self and certain ideas. My definition of 'conscience' is something like: "Memories of people and events who you remind you of how wrong you have decided you are/have been". You can allow yourself to know you do not need to devalue yourself by labelling yourself as 'wrong'. In no longer deciding you are 'wrong' you are even free-er and more capable than you were before to then go and give love and blessings to those people you previously believed you had wronged. Are you more likely to go and forgive someone and give them your love if you are depressed about having hurt people or if you have forgiven yourself?

This is the understanding that 'wrong' and 'right' are always a choice and what is 'right' to one person may not be 'right' to another. So when all people's perspectives are respected as being true for them then we can see that all things are BOTH wrong and right at the same time depending on your preference. You only need choose what you prefer without devaluing another choice.

I think what is behind fear is sorrow, distress and grief.

They are closely related. In raising your vibration (being joyful) you are then in a better mental position to alter your beliefs and thus your fears. The emotions you mention are themselves also the result of beliefs.

I might be scared that there is a God that is outside of me and that he/she is angry with me for something I have done, that in itself will make me sad.

Each individual is unique of course, it could be any combination of the above.

Thanks for the interesting interaction.



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